Can You Use Oven Cleaner On Toaster Ovens? (Solved)

When it comes to cleaning a toaster oven, we have to choose the correct cleaning agent and method. If someone uses an unsuitable cleaner, it might cause a fault to the appliance.

If you want to use oven cleaner on a toaster oven, you have to know if you can use it or not.

Oven cleaners can’t be used on toaster ovens. These commercial cleaners contain aerosol and chemical scents that can be harsh on the parts. Whether it is liquid or spray form, prevent it from being used. Moreover, you must read the manual instructions before using any cleaning agent. 

In this article, we’ve described everything you need to know before using an oven cleaner on a toaster oven. Let’s dive into the guide!

Can You Use Oven Cleaner on Toaster Ovens?

Using Oven Cleaner on the Toaster Oven?

No doubt oven cleaners effectively clean baked-on, residues, crumbs, food grease, etc. If your toaster oven is dirty and has not been cleaned for many days, it indicates you also require a cleaning agent to clean it. 

But the actual thing is that you cannot use an oven cleaner on your toaster oven. The plurality of manufacturers clearly mentioned “don’t use oven cleaner” in their product manuals. 

They don’t recommend commercial cleaners because these artificial cleaners have the capacity to turn toaster body color into flakes. 

Once color turns into flakes, there’s always a chance that color can slowly fall from the device’s body. 

In simple words, cleaning agents used for ovens are harsh for toaster ovens. Basically, an oven’s body is made of multiple materials and most ovens have hard plastic, galvanized, and metal body. 

However, both devices typically come in stainless steel material. But still, you must read the instructions. 

The thickness of the stainless steel body creates a difference between both. 

Usually, toaster ovens have less thickness than other ovens. If by chance you use a commercial oven cleaner on the toaster oven’s elements and scrubs it hard, its strong effect may leave stains and can cause unworking. 

However, it is mentioned in the manual that you can use commercial clear, go for it.

Can You Clean a Toaster Oven with Easy Off?

Easy off is a commercial and chemical-based oven cleaner. It usually contains aerosol chemicals and artificial scents. It is the best cleaner for regular ovens but not good for toaster ovens. 

Its application will be harsh for elements. Moreover, commercial cleaners’ residue can easily be left on the parts which make the device toxic. Instead, use homemade natural cleaner. 

Aerosol and other solvents of a commercial clear might cause a reaction in the elements. And when you can reuse the device after cleaning with ease off, the residue might be a problem in the form of toxins. 

Whatever the commercial clear will be, it usually contains chemicals. Of course, these cleaners are easy to use, and operate, and can save time. 

But as a chemical solution, they also have another disadvantageous side.

Easy off comes in spray form and as a spray solution, it can be stuck inside the corner of the interior. 

However, the more you clean it, the cleaner it gets. Be active during the cleaning producer. 

Activeness is very important to not give a chance to residue remain on the device. Cleaning it away is our primary goal behind cleaning.

To summarize:

You should not use Easy Off on your toaster oven as it can harsh the elements.

What to Use to Clean the Toaster Oven?

The market has a variety of cleaning agents for appliances. But the fact is that we can’t use all of them for our precious devices. 

As we discussed earlier, commercial cleaners are not recommended by many oven toaster manufacturers. So we don’t pay much attention to any artificially cleaner regarding toaster oven cleaning. 

Not only a cleaning agent is necessary to clean away this appliance, but a rag, sponge, cloth, brush, and warm water are also must-have things.

Homemade cleaning agents are best for use to clean the toaster oven. As they’re harsh-free, naturality makes them toxic-free. 

You can use each substance from salt, vinegar+sugar, baking soda+washing soda, or soap. Mix a substance in warm water and apply with a cloth or sponge.

Be sure not to use any sort of cleaner on elements. Scrubbing too hard is not recommended as it can manipulate the working of parts. 

If the residue or food-burned spots are hard to remove, use a toothbrush with baking soda paste. You can also use a damp rag, if available.

Sometimes, we clean this device after a long time, and crumbs, stains, baked-on, and residues are stuck on the element and body. 

Cleaning after a long time requires more effort as compared to cleaning often.

If you’re maintaining the cleaning of your toaster after each use, you will not require a brush. 

The brush will be for stuck old residues. Daily cleaning prevents residue from being stuck.

How to Clean a Toaster Oven?

Cleaning a toaster oven after a few uses is necessary and good for its maintenance. Some parts such as the tray can be dishwasher safe and you can let your dishwasher do work. Must read care instructions on manual.

Here’s how to clean a toaster oven:

  1. Unplug or power off the device: Whether the toaster oven is placed in a pantry, cabinet, or counter space, always turn off the power before touching any side of the device.
  1. Let the elements cool: Don’t touch the appliance directly after turning it off. As it has quick heating elements, let those elements dry. Always touch it when it gets cool whether it takes 5 minutes or 1 hour.
  1. Take out all the trays: These ovens usually have one regular tray and a crumb tray at the bottom. Don’t apply force if it’s headers to take out any tray.
  1. Clean all parts with a dry cloth: Before applying any cleaning solution, wipe a rag or cloth over every space of the device. But make sure you don’t scrub too hard on any element.
  1. Make a homemade cleaner: Use any natural substance, such as salt, baking soda, vinegar+sugar, and soap, and mix it in warm water.
  1. Apply the cleaner to parts: Dip a rag, cloth, or sponge into the homemade cleaner, and apply it to all the parts. Prevent cleaner on the heating element. Use baking soda paste and softly clean the heating element. Use a brush for stuck hard stains or residues.
  1. Wipe with a clean cloth: After applying the cleaning agent, wipe over the appliance and consider removing all the residue.
  1. Let the device dry: Do not use the appliance immediately after cleaning. Let it dry for a few houses. Once it gets dry, plug it and it’s ready for use.

To Summarize

First, read what instructions are listed on the device manual, and look for cleaning and care techniques. Based on the toaster oven manufacturer’s recommendations, you should not use an oven cleaner for this appliance. Instead, use a homemade chemical-free natural cleaning agent. You just need to have a sponge, warm water, and homemade cleaner.