Accidentally Put Watch in Washing Machine?

It sounds like you’ve accidentally put your watch in the washing machine. Now, you probably need to know what may happen now and what you can do. Next, we’ll describe what you should do when you accidentally put the wash in the washer.

The watch is a solid material that should not be put inside the drum of a washing machine. It can break the agitator or watch and the agitator both at the same time. So, whether the machine is impeller or front load, also prevent adding a watch into it.

Most washing machines have plastic components inside the drum, and if the watch hits those parts, it can crack or even damage it. It is recommended to not put any solid item, even if you’re adding any solid material or want to put metal in the washing machine.

Let’s dive deeper into the guide.

Accidentally Put Watch in Washing Machine

Should You Put a Watch in the Washing Machine?

Practically, It is not recommended to put a watch in the washing machine due to the potential for damage to the delicate mechanisms of the watch. Whether it is a plastic or metal watch, you should avoid washing it in your washer. 

The washing machine’s drum agitation motion can probably cause components to become dislodged. Moreover, the heat of the dryer and hot water can also warp and damage the watch. However, if you accidentally left your watch on load, It is best to remove your watch before doing laundry to avoid any potential damage.

We all know that we use water to wash out loads, and the water is not good for washing metal items. It can affect the finish of the metal of the watch, and aside from cleaning, this can make the watch dull.

Don’t think that if your plastic or rubber has no metal component then you can put it in the washing machine. No, you should not do this. Plastic, glass, and even rubber-made watches also have a potential risk of damage from drum agitation of the drum.

If the machine spins fastly, the watch will hit here and there in the drum and will affect the drum body and its material also.

Accidentally Put Apple Watch in Washing Machine?

If an Apple Watch is accidentally put in the washing machine, it can cause significant damage to the device. For example, Doing this can have severe consequences on the device’s delicate mechanisms. 

Technically, Not all Apple Watches are designed to withstand exposure to water and may not be waterproof, but water-resistant to some extent. 

We also use detergent for load washing. So, the soap used in the washing machine can also cause problems for the watch, especially if it has an aluminum finish. 

We’ve seen that detergent suds can pit the aluminum finish and cause permanent damage to the watch’s appearance. Unfortunately, there may be no way to repair the damage caused by soap exposure to the watch. Remove the watch as soon as possible to keep its appearance as it is.

Moreover, Apple also warns against getting an Apple Watch in soapy water, and it is essential to follow these instructions to prevent damage to your device. 

However, If you accidentally put your Apple Watch in the washing machine, it is crucial to take immediate action to minimize the effect. 

You should first turn off the device. Next, remove the watch from the water and dry it thoroughly with a soft cloth. 

NOTE: Do not turn on the watch until it has been given adequate time to dry completely.

What Happens If You Accidentally Put Metal in the Washing Machine?

In short, doing this can cause significant damage to both the metal item and the washing machine. However, The severity of the damage depends on the metal item’s composition, size, and shape and the washing machine’s drum’s material and construction.

This can probably damage the drum of your washing machine. Usually, washing machine drums are typically made of stainless steel or porcelain. 

large and heavy metal items can cause the drum to become dented, chipped, or scratched, leading to an uneven spin cycle and potential leaks. 

On the other hand, If the metal item is small, such as coins or keys, it can become trapped between the drum and the machine’s wall. When this occurs, it causes an annoying rattling noise during the wash cycle.

Sharp or even simple metal items can also cause damage to other clothing in the washing machine. 

For instance, the metal can create small holes or snags in delicate fabrics such as silk or wool items when moving around in the drum.

Metal items made of iron or steel are more likely to rust and corrode in the water of the drum, resulting in permanent damage to the item’s surface. 

If we talk about metal items made of Copper and brass, these items can become discolored and lose their shine.

Can an Apple Watch Survive the Washing Machine?

The survival of an Apple Watch in the washing machine depends on the extent of the damage caused by exposure to water and heat. Apple Watch can survive in the washing machine, but it can lose its finish if the model has an aluminum finish exterior. 

Apple designed its watches with water-resistant technology in mind. This technology has made a significant difference for Series 2 models and later generations.

Undoubtedly, apple watches are known and famous for their quality, capability, and features. So you should always consider following manufacturer recommendations to clean this watch.

However, If the model of your Apple Watch is only exposed to water for a short time, there is a chance that it may still work. However, prolonged exposure to water can cause a significant effect on the delicate mechanisms of the watch. 

Rinse your watch off with warm water after shallow-water activities. Avoid exposing it to soaps or detergents. Don’t use high heat to dry your watch.

Bottom Line

You should remove your watch from the washing machine when you accidentally put it in there. The soap of washing water can possibly affect the finish of the metal of the watch. However, there is always a chance of ending up with bad results. So, try to immediately take action when this happens.