Why Do Kitchen Cabinets Have Toe Kicks? (Explained)

You may also be wondering why there is space under your cabinet. It is essential to know everything about kitchen products. If you also want to know why kitchen cabinets have toe kicks, then you are at the right place.

You will find all the essential information about toe kicks in this article. This thing is also findable in the bathroom cabinets.

Let’s discuss the advantages of toe kicks!

Here’s What is Purpose of Cabinets Toe Kicks:

Cabinets have toe kicks for providing space to stand perfectly near cabinets, and a person can put the foot finger in toe kicks and stand comfortably under a small section of the cabinet. Toe kicks also create a unique design structure in the kitchen. You can also find toe kicks in beds and bathroom cabins.

Why Do Kitchen Cabinets Have Toe Kicks?
Why Do Kitchen Cabinets Have Toe Kicks?

Do you need a toe kick for cabinets?

Toe kick for cabinets is a personal choice. As we discussed, its purpose is only to provide space for your feet to rest in the cabinet section. It’s all about your comfort. Having toe kicks for kitchen and bathroom cabinets is a great thing.

When you don’t have this space for cabinets, then directly, you need to make a little bit of distance from cabinets to stand appropriately. It helps us to stand entirely and carefully while storing things in cabinets.

It also varies depending on the model of your kitchen cabinets. If you want to buy a new one and are confused about dimensions, don’t worry; in the next section, we will show you the best and perfect length dimension for the best experience.

If you want a toe kick for cabinets, go for it. There are no cons to its usage. It’s a slight advantage for your comfort.

What is The Best Toe Kick Dimension?

The best toe kick dimension is usually standardized at 3 1/2 to 4 inches in height and 3 inches deep. There is no need to have 4 inches more dimension height, 4 inches height is maxim good height for feet and design, and there is rarely any reason to alter this.

Carpenter who builds cabinets knows which dimension will suit your kitchen or bathroom cabinet. If you plan to build a custom cabinet on order, you can select your preferred height dimension to have. Ask your expectation for cabinet design to your cabinet providing seller. They will show the possibilities to you, like what they can do to build a great custom cabinet.

On the other hand, if you don’t want Toe Kicks for your kitchen cabinets, ask your seller. It is because sometimes we want to remodel the kitchen and have up-to-date design cabinets. Long story short, you can select the dimension of cabinets based on kitchen remodeling design.

We live in the modern world, and it means there are a lot of professionals for kitchen structure. You can also take advice from them by asking about your needs for a cabinet. Visiting nearby home improvement showrooms is also a great option. By going there, you can find many different designs that help you a lot (this is a pro tip).

Do All Cabinets Have Toe Kicks?

Not all cabinets have toe kicks, and it varies on the model of the cabinet. If you’re going to build a custom one, adding toe kicks is your favor. The cabinet makers put a toe kick. The market has many options and additions, so customers have many options to choose what they want to have in their cabinet.

Not having a toe kick is not an issue, but it only affects the comfort of your standing near the cabinet while storing things. Experts say that cabinets with toe kicks look more professional. You can find many pictures and additions of cabinets without toe kicks. Cabinets without toe kicks also look great.

Home improvement showrooms are also an excellent option for testing different kitchen cabinets models. Visit nearby home improvement showrooms and find which type of cabinets have toe kicks and which models don’t have.

Sometimes we don’t like toe kicks because we want the different designs in the cabinet. It generates more expectations to change the cabinets because we don’t know how to remove toe kicks. Don’t worry; if you think the same as we described, the next section is for you.

Can you remove the kitchen cabinet toe kick?

You can remove the kitchen cabinet Toe Kick yourself. Also, you need to have a claw hammer and a pry bar to complete;y remove it. Just follow simple steps for removing kitchen cabinets toe kicks. It becomes to remove toe kicks when we remodel cabinets base or remodeling flooring.

If you want to remove it yourself with no problem, read and follow the simple steps below. It will also save your labor fee by completing this work yourself.

Here Steps To Remove The Kitchen Cabinet Toe Kick:

  1. Firstly, protect the floor, use a tarp or blanket.
  2. Place a tarp or blanket to save the floor from scratches because it prevents scratches on the floor with the tools or the board.
  3. Now Remove the Quarter Round Molding by using a pry bar and hammer.
  4. Tap the quarter round and toe kickboard with a hammer by striking the end of the pry bar between them. Then pull the pry bar toward you to pop off the quarter round.
  5. It’s time to remove the toe kick board with the same method.
  6. Use the curved end of the pry bar to pull the board away.
  7. All Done!

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