Why Does My Washing Machine Have Two Drain Hoses?

If you recently moved to a washing machine with two drain hoses, it is an old technology model called sud saver.

These machine models were popular in 1966 and onwards. Moreover, this technology saves gallons of water. Let’s know-how! 

The washing machine with two drain hoses follows sud saver technology. One drain goes down to the drain and another one goes into the sud saver tub. During the drain cycle, half water gets saved and pumped back during the second cycle with clean water. 

You have to understand the working of those two drain hoses to use your washer correctly. Let’s dive into the guide!

Why Does My Washing Machine Have Two Drain Hoses?

Reasons a Washer has Two Drain Hoses:

Maytag is a washer company that produced two drain hoses and washer models. But in their new models, they are providing one drain hose only. So why were they providing 2 drain pipes? The following points are answers to this question:

These types of washers are called sud savers. In earlier days, it was hard to save gallons of water during laundry. 

Machines before 1960 were wasting water for washing a single load. In those days, Maytag introduced new technology for saving laundry water.

The machine you see with two drain hoses is not using both drain pipes for drawing waste down to the gutter. This washer saves half the drain water to use again. This process is very simple. One drain hose goes into a tub called a sud saver, and then the second drain hose goes down the drain.

Let’s learn the mechanism of sud saver washers!

When a user puts their clothes in the washer and runs the drain cycle, the machine saves half the water and that water gets pumped back into the washing tub with clean water. 

During the first cycle, the user should have to wash only normal dirty clothes because if the clothes have trapped much dust, half the saved water will be dusty for the next load. 

Users can put on dirty clothes in the second cycle because in this cycle. The machine will use halved saved water from the sud saver tub.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get the user manual of these machines as it’s an early invention

Note: Make sure, you don’t understand water supply hoses as drain pipes. Some people make the mistake of identifying the drain hoses when they just move to new models. 

Washing machines also have two hoses for water supply, and those are input hoses, not drained. You will find these two hoses in the backside at the top position. 

Drain hoses are always located at the bottom of the device, so don’t misunderstand the actual drain pipes.

Do Washing Machines have 2 Hoses?

Yes, most washing machines have 2 hoses for water supply, one for hot water and another for cold water. These hoses are also known as input or inlet hoses and are located in the backside at the top. However, some washers also have two drain hoses for saving drain water.

Technology in new generation washer models is providing every solution for making laundry easier. In some regular models of washing machines, the user has to put water manually.

In some advanced technology models, this hustle is over, machines automatically fill and drain water when required. 

Two pipelines of water connected backside of the washing machine hoses provide hot and cloth water access to the machine. 

When the machine is set to a temperature at cold, one hose starts filling cold water into the drum. If there’s a need for hot water, the machine starts taking hot water through another hose.

Connecting inlet hoses correctly is necessary to use cold and hot water features. These two inlet pipes come from your house’s water line to the washer.

If you own a sud saver washer, you will see two drain hoses instead of one. You can use those hoses by following our described points in this article.

How many Hoses does a Washing Machine have?

It depends on the model of the washer and how many hoses it has. Washing machines typically have two types of hose; drain and inlet. Drain once for draining waste down the rain and inlet once for water input. 

New technology models come with three hoses; one drain and two inlets, in total three. 

When you set a cycle on hot temperature, the machine fills hot or warm water in the tub to wash the load. If you’re washing some sensitive fabrics like wool and silk, you can use cold water in the machine with the help of a cold water supply.

In Maytag’s old washing machine models, they provide 4 hoses, two for water supply and another two for draining and saving water.

How do you Hook up Two Washer Drain Hoses?

Sometimes we have to use an extension to extend the drain hose. It is very simple to hook up two washer drain hoses. You need another hose, a clamp, and a connector. Let’s see how!

Here’s how to hook up two washer drain hoses:

  1. Use a towel and put it on the floor where the drain hose is connected.
  2. Check if there’s water inside the hose or not. If there is, drain the water.
  3. Detach the drain hose and carry it in your hands.
  4. Put the ¾ connecter inside the end of the hose.
  5. Fix a clamp over the end of the hose on the connector.
  6. Hook another hose on the connector.
  7. Tight the clamp to tighten the hoses together.
  8. Reattach the hose to the washer.
  9. Test leakage. All done!

Note: If water is leaking at the connector point, tighten the clamp. It will fix the leakage.

To Summarize

Two drain hoses in a washing machine work differently. One drain pipe is used for drawing wastewater and another one for saving half drain water in a sud saver tub. Sud saver tub drain pumped back water inside the washing drum for the second cycle with a clear water supply.