Why Are Kitchen End Panels So Expensive? (Reasons)

Kitchen end panels are great items to hide exposed areas on kitchen cabinets, but most homeowners are surprised why kitchen end panels are so expensive. 

Most people have this question in their mind because they think it is a small piece of the board but there are several reasons to understand why you’re paying high for kitchen end panels.

As we know, we use end panels to hide exposed ends of our kitchen cabinets and it allows us to make our cabinetry more beautiful.

Let’s discuss every important point of the kitchen end panel’s expensiveness!

Here’s Why Kitchen End Panels Are Expensive:

High-Quality materials, Reputational Brand, Size, and Quality of kitchen end panels make them so expensive. Labor, Packaging, Market Reputational of the company, and Suppliers are some points behind the high cost of Branded end panels. It’s normal to see the high prices of High-quality kitchen hardware with a durability guarantee.

why are kitchen end panels so expensive

What Makes Kitchens End Panels Expensive?

Sometimes the price of some small and simple things surprises us, you may also wonder why a simple cabinet end panel is overpriced, and maybe you are also looking for a cheap option. 

High demand in the kitchen innovation industry is also a reasonable point behind the high cost of kitchen end panels. It’s simple to understand when the demand increases but supply decreases then the cost of that product also rises.

In our research, we found that kitchen hardware companies use high-quality wood and steel materials to manufacture end panels and they also have professional staff to do the manufacturing process.

The most expensive kitchen end panels on the market are handmade. Professional carpenters cut the big pieces of wood by hand and turn the piece into many end panels. 

Some end panels have a great finish which also contains special designs like cabinets and some contain a high-priced sunmica finish. Most expensive kitchen end panels are made with sustainable wood.

Some reputational manufacturers also provide services like “available in made to measure sizes”, which makes their offer premium.

Do You Need Kitchen End Panels?

New kitchen owners are excited to know when and why they need kitchen end panels, if you also want to know the answer then this section is for you.

Before using kitchen end panels, You need to know when you need them? The purpose of kitchen end panels, what are the benefits of having kitchen end panels.

People use kitchen end panels in their kitchen when they want to hide exposed ends of cabinets. End panels also protect our cabinetry ends from scratches and damage by covering them. Some kitchen owners use them below to worktops to divide the space to store things separately.

Not every kitchen owner has floor cabinets, simple kitchens with budgets are built without cabinetry. 

If your kitchen has a self-worktop attached to the wall but has space below the self, you can use the end panel to divide the space for different tasks. For example, you can use separate storage places to store gas cylinders, appliances, sets, etc.

It’s a great product to hide the ends of cabinets, it is easy to fit a kitchen end panel on the cabinet which means you can fit it yourself with help of anyone else.

Are Expensive Kitchen End Panels A Good Idea?

We can’t make a good purchase decision without knowing the actual benefits of the item. A good investor always checks the benefits and disadvantages of every item before investing in that item.

If you want to know “Are expensive kitchen end panels a good idea?” then ask yourself do you want to hide those exposed ends of cabinets without disturbing the look of cabinetry? If the answer is yes! Then investing in expensive kitchen end panels is a good idea to get great value for your investment.

Investing in something which provides great value for money is not a bad idea. On the other hand, it becomes a part of cabinetry after fitting on the cabinet end. Every Modular kitchen contains these end panels in different areas.

It’s a product for creativity, covering, and completeness and it makes the kitchen look complete. The majority of people don’t know about kitchen end panels before experiencing a modular kitchen.

Personal choice also matters when we think of something for ourselves. Day by day the trend of using end panels is growing slightly in modern cabinets. As there are many end panels in the market, you can choose your favorite one from them.

Is It Important to Have Kitchen End Panels?

Maybe you’re new to kitchen end panels or a passionate kitchen owner who wants to add them into cabinetry. In this section, you’re going to know the benefits of kitchen end panels and their importance.

Kitchen end panels are not important to have in every kitchen, but if you want to hide the cabinet’s exposed ends then it’s essential to have a kitchen end panel to hide the exposed end cabinets. 

It’s a piece of wood that matches your cabinet color and design, it doesn’t make any cabinet end look ugly. It makes cabinets look fantastic, so if you need it then use it without doubt freely.

Our personal needs decide what is important to us and what we need to make our kitchen look fantastic. End panels are a part of decor and DIY, and they also protect the end of the cabinet.

If your current kitchen cabinet doesn’t have a divided storage organization interior, you can also use it inside the cabinet for dividing space organization. As we know we pronounce it “end panel”. Generally, we use it on the ends, not inside the cabinet.

Every passionate kitchen owner tries a lot of design things to make the kitchen environment better. If you’re a passionate kitchen owner, you need to take a look at the ends of your kitchen cabinets.

Cheap Kitchen End Panels Vs. Expensive End Panels:

Every kitchen hardware has its two qualities, which include their variety, quality, the price difference in every piece, etc. before selecting a single one, we need to check the advantages and disadvantages to make a better decision.

There are quality, durability, size and brand, etc differences between cheap kitchen end panels and expensive ones. The quality of the finish creates a big gap between their price. We generally notice that as end panels are part of kitchen hardware they are usually expensive.

There are few cheap options available in the market, which are simple and non-branded. Which end panels are made with sunmica sheets are more expensive because they carry a great finish. On the other hand, Cheap ones have no sunmica on their outer surface.

A branded product is more valuable than a non-branded item. Kitchen ends that are expensive are made by recognized and well reputational companies and it directly affects the cost. Cheap end panels have no guarantee of durability but expensive ones have.

Are Expensive Kitchen End Panels Worth it?

An expensive price is not a sign of quality things, but we can use it as a clue of a branded product. When we talk about the worth of anything, first we need to identify that “is X thing worth to us?” if we think the answer is yes then that thing is worth it to invest.

Expensive kitchen end panels are worth it to invest, they are valuable money. Kitchen end panels provide two benefits at the same time which are Hiding exposed cabinet ends and improving the outer look of the cabinetry.

If you’re doing kitchen innovation and have a budget limit, making a budget plan is a great idea to invest in end panels. But in the end, your personal choice matters most.