Why Are Kitchen Faucets So Tall? (Explained)

Kitchen Faucets are a part of our daily routine. When it comes to selecting a suitable kitchen faucet, the first point we need to decide on is its height and design.

Most passionate house owners like to explore facts and reasons behind kitchen hardware. If you want to know why your kitchen faucets are so tall? Then this post is for you. 

It makes it easy to decide the height of the faucet when we know its pros and benefits.

Let’s discuss why some kitchen faucets are so high in height size!

Here’s Why Kitchen Faucets Are Tall: 

High-arc facets are easy to use. The tall height of kitchen faucets improves their functionality and convenience. They are specially engineered to provide good water pressure, look and comfort during washing dishes. The tall height provides the facility to wash anything in the sink by standing straight.

Why Are Kitchen Faucets So Tall?

How Tall Should A Kitchen Faucet Be?

Home improvement stores have a variety of kitchen faucets in their collections. Most people get stuck in deciding the perfect tallness for their faucet. 

If you don’t know how tall should your kitchen faucet be? Then this section will guide you on all the important facts behind deciding suitable highness for the faucet.

Faucets are available in 8 to 16 inches in height. It’s your personal choice how tall the faucet is suitable for your kitchen use. Always remember that the more heightened provide better comfort. If you have large ports and dishes to wash, a tall faucet is better for you.

As we know, the market has a variety of kitchen faucet models which are different in size, design, cost, and quality. 

It’s easy to understand that when we have the right-sized kitchen hardware and appliances to use, it makes our work easier and less time-consuming. So the right size faucet will make your washing work easy and quick.

Generally, there are two types of faucets – Low-arc faucets and High-arc faucets. Low-arc models have a maximum of 8 inches in height, but high-arc come in 8 to 16 inches tallness. It’s your responsibility to check which arc model is suitable for your daily kitchen use.

By knowing all the above points, you will understand why some kitchen faucets are so high.

What Are Tall Faucets Called?

Tall faucets are called high-arc faucets, they have double-height as low-arc faucets. The tall size makes them more comfortable, and people of every age group can easily use them. More size is equal to more comfort.

There is no doubt that faucets are essential hardware in every kitchen. A kitchen without a working faucet is incomplete.

In our research, our team found that the most expensive and modular kitchens use high-arc faucets. The tallest faucets are best to wash dishes and every dinner set etc. High-quality models with advanced touch technologies are more expensive than common faucets.

Most tall models are made with brass and stainless steel materials. As technology improves, models of faucets also carry new changes in working.

Some models work with sensor technologies which means they work without touching them, just put your hands in front of a smart faucet and enjoy touch-free water output.

If the kitchen owner just wants to add a faucet only for washing hands then the low-arc models are best. High-arc models are popular only in washing dishes and pots etc.

The personal choice of the kitchen owner also matters when it’s time for selecting routine hardware. A person will make the best decision to pick the right faucet height after understanding their kitchen needs.

Do Kitchen Faucets Come In Different Sizes?

Our kitchen work becomes easy when we have the right-sized appliances to use. When the time comes to select kitchen faucets, we have to understand which sized faucets are suitable for us.

Kitchen faucets come in 8 inches to 16 inches sizes, which include 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, and 16 inches models. Tall faucets are called high-arc and less-height faucets like 8 inches models are called low-arc faucets. 

High-arc models are more comfortable for dishwashing and low-arc are suitable for hand wash purposes. The higher the faucets are, the better the comfort.

There is no fixed rule for selecting the height of the faucet but it’s our responsibility to check which sized faucet will make kitchen work easier. In current market trends, the home improvement industry produces a lot of different models and designs in faucets. Nowadays people have more options to buy the best-sized faucet for their kitchen and other uses.

So how can you choose the right-size faucet for your kitchen? The answer is simple: you just need to check a suitable match for your sink and your needs. If you want to add a faucet only for the hand wash then low-arc may be the right match for you, but if you want to wash large dishes and pots then high-arc may help you better.

Is a Tall Kitchen Faucet Good or Bad?

As we discussed above the more heightened the faucet is, the better the comfort. But here we also need to consider some following points before making any decision.

The size of the sink matters when it comes to selecting faucet size. Tall kitchen faucets are good for big sinks but if the kitchen sink is small then the tall faucet is not suitable for it. A tall faucet disturbs the interior look of the kitchen if it is fixed on a small sink.

If you don’t have any issue with the tall faucet with your small sink then there is no problem using it. In our research, our team found that the most expensive kitchen has a tall faucet and high-arch models are chosen by passionate chefs in their kitchens.

Sometimes we purchase things according to others’ choice, but after some time we don’t like those things anymore. Personal choice is better than a third-party recommendation, so invest before checking your favor for anything.

Favorite models will encourage you to use them for a long time. You may notice that we like to use those things which we choose from our heart. So we recommend you first check what you expect from your faucet and then choose the suitable sized model for your kitchen.

How To Choose Kitchen Faucet Height?

In most cases, some people choose things according to the looks of the products but it’s not enough to recognize the best kitchen faucet height. 

A faucet is a 2nd primary part of our dish and hand washing routine, so while purchasing it we have to check some important points like its height, design, company, material, etc.

Essential Points to Choose Kitchen Faucet Height:

  • Check the size of your kitchen sink, if the sink is small then the tall height faucet looks bad on it.
  • If you want better comfort, the tall height faucet is best for better comfort.
  • Ensure your new faucet can fit comfortably underneath.
  • Find the maximum overall height by measuring upward from the center mounting hole.
  • Ask yourself what type of faucet is needed, a high-arch model or a low-arc model?
  • If you want up to a sinewy size of faucet then low-arc is the best option.