Will Whirlpool Pedestal Fit LG? (Explained)

When it comes to using the Whirlpool pedestal for the LG washer, the user needs to consider some important points. 

First of all, they should know whether the Whirlpool pedestal fits LG washer or not. In this guide, we are going to show whether the Whirlpool pedestal will fit LG or not.

Technically, A Whirlpool pedestal doesn’t fit an LG washer or dryer, this is because both brands engineered their products in different dimensions and designs. You will need to get a compatible pedestal for your specific models as sometimes old accessories don’t fit new models.

Will Whirlpool Pedestal Fit LG?

Let’s dive into the guide, so you can know about the topic; can you use a Whirlpool pedestal for LG, or what pedestal fits LG models?

Can you use a Whirlpool Pedestal with an LG Washer?

If you’re planning to use your Whirlpool pedestal with an LG washer, Sadly, this is not possible. Whirlpool pedestals have a dimension of Width: 27. Height: of 15.50. Depth: of 27.31, which is not compatible with any LG washer or dryer.

However, sometimes LG pedestals and Whirlpool pedestals look similar, but typically their washers’ feet make a difference between them. 

For example, every washer and dryer has feet in the bottom, either an LG or Whirlpool washer. The design and dimensions of feet could be different in both brands’ appliances.

In simple words, You cannot use a Whirlpool pedestal with an LG washer, both have different specifications and their brands made them for specific models. 

In addition, it can damage the appliance feet or rough the pedestal if you forcibly try to put the LG washer on the Whirlpool pedestal.

So, this is advisable to first check the compatibility before directly putting one brand washer on another brand’s pedestal.

Why does Whirlpool Pedestal Not Fit LG?

Sometimes two brands’ pedestals look similar and we think we can use them for each brand’s appliance. While putting the appliance of LG on the Whirlpool pedestal, we find that the LG washer or dryer is not getting fit. This happens because we left to check the dimensions, designs, and feet of the appliance.

Whirlpool and LG are two different brands, and some of their appliances may look similar in appearance. Practically, their units are not similar in designs, and dimensions and don’t work with another brand’s accessories.

LG typically design the feet of their washer and dryer in rectangular and round shape, but Whirlpool washers’ and dryers’ feet mostly come in a circle shape. These feet are called leveling legs. Pedestals have a catcher shape made for fitting leveling legs of appliances in them. 

If there is rectangular catcher space for inserting the feet of the washer in the Whirlpool pedestal, but the LG washer has circle-shaped feet, then it will not fit there. That’s why using one brand accessory for another brand is a tricky task, which looks simple but becomes harder when done.

What Pedestal Fits a Whirlpool Washer?

Whether you want to increase the height of your Whirlpool washer or want to make it easier to load and unload it, using a pedestal for it is the solution.

If you think what pedestal will fit your Whirlpool washer, you should read the model of your unit, and also read the user manual + product specifications. By doing this you will know what pedestal will be compatible with your Whirlpool washer.

There are specific pedestals that fit your Whirlpool washer, and to get them first you need to know the model, weight, and size of your washer.

Typically, the model number of your washer is written on one side. You can find a sticker or plate on the back or left or right side to know about the specifications of your unit.

Sometimes the size of the weight is not written on that sticker or plate, and to determine that you can search the model of your Whirlpool washer online or measure them manually.

Note: If you don’t have access to the specifications and manuals of your washer, you can visit the Whirlpool website or contact their customer service department for assistance in selecting the correct pedestal.

Are Pedestals Universal for Washers?

People new to getting a new pedestal for their washers commonly have a question of whether washer pedestals are universal or not. The answer to this question is NO! 

Technically, There is nothing like Universal Pedestals for washers. As some pedestals may work with multiple washer brands or models, but not all models of washers.  

To choose the right one, it is necessary to check the specifications of both the washer and the pedestal to ensure compatibility.

Nowadays we can find many companies producing different models of washers. Their method and engineering to build a washer don’t match their competitors in the market. 

So they produce pedestals for their specific models that are unique and can only work with their manufactured units.

Whirlpool and LG appliances are made for the same purpose, but there is typically a difference in design, price, specification, dimensions, and features. So, using Whirlpool units for LG is not possible due to no compatibility. 

However, if by chance you succeed in using Whirlpool products for LG, this doesn’t mean you can use all their products for LG.

How Do You Put An LG Washer On A Pedestal?

Once you have a perfect pedestal for your Lg washer, it’s time to put the appliance on it. Although it’s simple and easy to do this task, still you need to know how to do this when doing it for the first time.

Tools required: Twelve screws, Guide covers, Two right and Two left leg brackets, and a Phillips’s head flat screwdriver. 

Time required: 15 to 20 minutes maximum.

Here’re Steps to Put an LG washer on a Pedestal:

  1. Choose an area in the laundry room where you want to place the pedestals, and make that area clean.
  1. After cleaning the place, Install the pedestals where you want to take your washer or dryer.
  1. The correct level is necessary to stand the washer or dryer on the pedestal properly. Take a tool called a leveler to measure the floor. Once you find a level place, install the pedestal there.
  1. Now, it’s time to put the washer on the pedestal. Prepare your washer and dryer to place on the pedestal(clean it, remove the load from it, and be sure the drum is empty. Adjust the feet ‘stand parts, then move the feet of the washer and dryer onto the pedestal. The footrest is properly in the clamps of the pedestal, for the dryer place the feet inside the inner circle of the pedestal safe landing groves, for the washer, you will use the outer circle.
  1. Once in position, Check the lineup for both appliances from the side and back. Make sure the appliance is not shaking and is standing properly.
  1. Take leg brackets and attach the leg bracket to each foot of the appliance. Take a screwdriver and use screws right and left in place to fix the leg bracket.
  1. Attach a guide cover to each corner of the pedestal. All done, take a check-up of all the sides to analyze fitting. Once you’re sure the washer and dryer properly fit on the pedestals, you can use them.


Sadly, the whirlpool pedestal will not fit LG whether it’s a washer or dryer. You should use an LG pedestal for your Lg washer and dryer which is compatible with the model. First, know the model number of your unit, and if available, read its specification to get a compatible pedestal for it.

Consider checking dimensions, design, capabilities, storage availability, and compatibility to choose a perfect pedestal for your LG washer and Dryer.