Instant Pot Air Fryer Temperature Button Not Working? (Solution)

The button on the control panel should be responsive to the set function, temperature, and timer on the air fryer. Sometimes internal issues can cause problems with the functionality of buttons. 

If your instant pot air fryer’s buttons are unresponsive, you have to find the root cause of this issue.

The temperature button on the instant pot usually stops working due to software glitches, internal wiring problems, a damaged switch, and broken connection with the printed circuit board. If resetting the device doesn’t fix the issue, you’ve to manually check the internal components of the unit.

Let’s dive deeper into the guide to understand how to fix the instant pot air fryer temperature button that’s not working.

Instant Pot Air Fryer Temperature Button Not Working? (Solution)

Why is Instant Pot Air Fryer Temperature Button Not Working?

It is necessary to have well-working buttons on an air fryer to maintain the functionality of the appliance. In case any of the buttons stop working, this won’t allow the user to run the function. 

The temperature button is an important button that plays a worthy role whenever you use the air fryer.

Faulty buttons usually stop working. The printed circuit board controls every button and takes input, if the connection between the temperature button and PCB is broken, this will also make the temperature unresponsive. 

If the wires connected to the button are broken and damaged, this will also not set the temperature by the temp button. Sometimes the software glitch also doesn’t change any settings and does not allow the buttons to set the temperature. 

As an owner of the unit, you’ve to manually check for each probable cause to encounter the root cause and fix it.

To check the internal component working, you have to disassemble the unit. Only software glitches can be fixed without disassembling anything.

If you also have noticed a pop sound when its button stops working, this is a sign an electric short happened inside the electric components.

You may have to replace the faulty button. However, encounter the root cause first in your appliance.

Reasons Instant Pot Air Fryer Buttons Not Working?

Not only you, but some other instant pot air fryer users also reported button problems with their units as several discussions and feedback represent. If the unit is brand new, you can contact the manufacturer for a fix, but if it is out of warranty, you’ll have to fix it yourself.

Below are probable reasons behind not working instant pot air fryer:

  • Broken button switch: Every button that gets pressed has a switch behind it that sends the input to the circuit board. 

If this switch is broken and won’t respond, it will not send the input and cause the button not to work. It is located inside the machine behind the button. Some instant pot air fryers have a touchscreen. 

If yours also has a torch screen, there is no button switch inside it as the touch screen itself sends the input to the circuit board.

  • Wiring issue: every button on the instant pot air fryer panel requires power and a medium to get it. For providing power and sending input, every button has a wire connection. 

If any of the wires get damaged due to overheating and electric short, this will break the communication between the circuit board and the button. in case the burning smell is also coming, maybe the wires are short.

  • Software issue: Incorrupt memory and errors can cause software glitches in the working of an air fryer. This could happen at any time and get fixed easily. 

You just need to reset the unit to fix the software failure. However, if the software glitch is becoming a usual situation in your instant pot air fryer, you can replace the printed circuit board if you prefer as it is only a permanent solution to this issue.

  • Unresponsive Printed Circuit Board: The printed circuit board located inside the main unit has control over every output and input electronic element. 

If by chance the circuit board fails to work on the common given by the button, this will show no change in functionality. However, you can only say that the PCB is faulty after testing it with a digital multimeter.

How to Fix Unresponsive Temperature Bottom of Instant Pot Air Fryer?

Fixing a button on the air fryer is simple if done correctly. In case there is a touch screen that represents a digital button and is not working, you’ve to test the screen. If there are pressing buttons, each can be fixed.

Here’re steps to fix the unresponsive button of the Instant pot air fryer:

  1. Unplug the air fryer and let it rest for five minutes. Replug it, this will reset its functionality and software glitch. Now set the function and then the temperature. If the temperature range got set, all done. If it is still not working, proceed.
  1. Unplug the unit and place it on enough counter space. Take a screwdriver and open the top cover screws and remove the top panel.
  1. Now remove the bottom screws and remove the body cover of the air fryer. By doing this you will get access to the control panel and temperature button mechanism.
  1. Keep an eye on the wiring, if there is damage and black marks, you have to replace the burnt part. Get the same new component to replace.
  1. If the button switch is broken, get a new exact temp switch according to the model number. Remove the faulty switch and fit the new switch there.
  1. Now assemble all the open components and covers back on their positions. Be sure all the screws are tight. This will fix the not working button on the instant pot air fryer.

How to Adjust Temperature on an Instant Vortex Air Fryer?

To adjust the temperature on an instant vortex air fryer, use the temperature setting buttons on the control panel. You can only set and adjust the temperature when the cooking function is already selected. 

This unit can show the temperature in celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. You can adjust and switch settings from each degree. 

Hold the temperature timer button for a few seconds, the temperature will change from Celsius to Fahrenheit. To adjust back, follow the same steps.

Bottom Line

If the unit is brand new, reach out to the manufacturer for a fix. Probably the switch required to be replaced. Get help from a professional technician if you don’t have experience in fixing electronics.

You must try to reset the unit to check if there is a software glitch or hardware problem.