Nuwave Air Fryer Error Codes? (Explained + Solutions)

Whether you’re an owner or just thinking of having this appliance, you should have to know all Nuwave air fryer error codes described in this guide, thus whenever you deal with them, fixing them will be easier for you.

No doubt, their air fryer works well, but sometimes it can show several types of errors to indicate something is unusual and needs to be fixed.

Nuwave air fryers can show error codes such as E1, E2, E3, and PRB1. However, there are several models manufactured by them, still, these errors are common in all units. These codes display when the main unit encounters any fault in the system.

All these errors have a unique solution, let’s dive into the guide to fix Nuwave air fryer error codes.

Nuwave Air Fryer Error Codes? (Explained + Solutions)

Below is the List of Nuwave Air Fryer Error Codes along with their Causes and Fix:

Error codes on Nuwave air fryers only appear when the circuit board sensors detect malfunctioning and operation issues during cooking. 

You must try to reset the unit when the error occurs for the first time. Sometimes incorrupt memory and software glitch displays errors randomly. 

To reset the unit you’ve unplugged and plug back the unit. However, if the problem exists, this means the user has to work on a solution according to the error code name. 

This can come off randomly. Most errors come during cooking.

Error CodePossible CausePossible Solution
E1Temperature Sensor Short CircuitIf the Printed Circuit Board might have a fault and Needs to be Repaired. 
If the Sensor is faulty, it needs to be replaced.
E2Temperature Sensor OpenVerify that the connector of the sensor is properly connected to the PCB.
If the Sensor is faulty, it needs to be replaced.If the issue is with the control board, it needs further service.
E3Overheat (Overheat sensed by a temperature sensor)Turn off the Nuwave air fryer and wait until the fryer cools down.
Turn on the unit, if the problem repeats it requires service.
PRB1If the user has pressed the PROBE button before connecting the probe in brioConnecting the probe to the unit will fix the error.
List of Nuwave Air Fryer Error Codees

What does E1 mean on Nuwave?

E1 codes on Nuwave mean the temperature sensor is faulty, or a short circuit happens in the temperature sensor. The unit is displaying this error to inform the user to check and fix the temperature sensor. 

However, if the temperature sensor is fine, be sure it is clean. Sometimes a dirty sensor fails to sense the temperature and the circuit board mistakenly notices that the temperature sensor is not working.


There is a temperature sensor located inside the air fryer that is connected to a printed circuit board. You might have to replace it to fix this error if the code won’t go away. 

In addition, if the temperature sensor is fine and no short circuit happens to it, check the circuit board. If the circuit board is faulty or has a broken connection with the temperature sensor or fails to operate the sensor, it needs to be repaired. 

If any component is burnt, just replace them. You can also take the help of a professional technician for helping you in fixing the electrical faults in your appliance.

What does E2 mean on Nuwave Air Fryer?

An open temperature sensor or loose connection with a printed circuit board can cause an E2 error on the Nuwave air fryer. Users have to manually check this part dissembling the cover from the main unit. 

In case the temperature sensor is not open or damaged, ensure it is properly connected to the PCB. 

This is a common error code that can be caused in most air fryers whether they’re made by number or brand in the market.


The E2 error code also represents the temperature sensor-related problem and to fix this, you might have to replace the sensor if it is open. 

Access the temperature sensor and test it. You can use a digital multimeter to test the resistance of this component. 

If it is open, replacing it will solve the problem. On the other hand, if the sensor is disconnected from the printed circuit board, consider connecting it to its position properly. 

Doing this will probably remove the E2 error code on the Nuwave air fryer.

What does E3 mean on Nuwave?

The main unit is overheating which is displaying an E3 error on Nuwave. There is a temperature sensor located inside the main unit which detects the temperature. 

If the unit is overheated, it can damage sensitive components. When the temperature sensor detects the unit is overheated, it turns off the appliance automatically to prevent electrical component loss in the appliance.


New air fryer users mostly don’t know when and how their air fryer overheats, this is why they commonly face overheated air fryer problems. 

E3 error on Nuwave air fryer representing the unit is overheated, which means users have to turn off the unit and leave it turned off until it gets cool. 

Using too much oil, overfilling the basket, and lack of ventilation are the main reasons behind an air fryer overheating, thus preventing these mistakes in the future to avoid E3 errors from displaying on your unit.

What does PRB1 mean on the Nuwave Brio Air fryer?

If your Nuwave Brio air fryer is displaying a PRB1 error code, this means the probe is not inserted yet. This occurs when the PROBE button is present but the page is not inserted in the port. 

However, this is not a common error in all Nuwave air fryers. But, new air fryer models designed with brio technology show this error code.


PRB1 error is simple to fix. Users just have to connect the probe to the unit, and the PRB1 error will go away. To do this, take the probe and insert it in the port given by the front control panel. 

Once the probe is connected, the circuit boards detect the probe is ready to use for working and immediately clear the display. 

As a user of the appliance, you must take care that you always connect the probe first then press the PROBE button.


Whatever the error code displays on the Nuwave air fryer, it can be fixed if done correctly. You must read the user manual given with the brand-new unit to know more about your unit’s functionality according to its model number. 

You can also contact the company support contact for assistance in case the error code exists after fixing.