Gourmia Air Fryer Leaking? (Reasons + Solutions)

It could make you wonder when randomly the basket of an air fryer starts leaking grease, water, and oil. However, you have to encounter the root cause of this issue if your Gourmia air fryer is leaking. 

It could happen due to several faults, thus manually checking for each is the better way to get rid of it.

Broken basket base, overfilling it, and using too much oil are the main reasons your Gourmia air fryer is leaking. If the unit is brand new, contact the support for a replacement. In addition, you must see if the drawer is inserted correctly or not.

Let’s understand what you should do to fix a leaking Gourmia air fryer.

Gourmia Air Fryer Leaking?

Why is Gourmia Air Fryer Leaking?

Using oil and water at a low limit is fine, but if this little amount leaks from the basket, the results won’t be great as they should be. As there could be several reasons behind an air fryer leaking, you’ve to investigate each in your unit.

Below are the causes of a leaking Gourmia air fryer:

Broken Basket

Air fryer baskets are made of plastic material. No doubt, these baskets are strong and can’t break easily. However, if someone mistakenly drops it on the floor, this can damage it. 

It can also break when something heavier hits hard on it. For example, some people wash air fryer baskets in dishwashers, as there are other dishes also placed on racks, any dishes can hit the basket and break it. 

So always wash the basket safely. Check all the sides of your air fryer basket, if it is broken from any side, you have to replace it. If it is fine and has no breakage, proceed.


Most new air fryer users make cooking mistakes when they fill the basket. Opening and closing the basket is easy, but inserting food properly into it is attention-taking work. 

Make sure whenever you fill the food in the basket, it doesn’t seem overfilled. If you have a lot to cook, you should always cook the food in batches. 

You can also cut the food in splices to well organize the food into the basket. Overfilling can also overheat the appliance and cause the oil and grease to get leaked through gaps.

Improper Inserted Drawer

Make sure the cooking drawer is properly inserted in the main unit. If it is a little bit out from the main unit, the airflow can disperse the oil and remove some oil from the basket. 

Some individuals prefer to shake the basket while cooking food. They do this because it prevents food from sticking to the basket. And doing this can also disperse the oil and water out of the unit. 

So whenever you do this, do it correctly. However, you must consider inserting the drawer properly.

Using too much Oil

An air fryer is a type of device that provides you the opportunity to cook food without any oil. However, if you prefer to use water and oil, you can use them. 

The quantity of water and oil should be very low whenever you use it in the air fryer basket. In case you use a lot of oil, this can also leak the air fryer. 

Moreover, using too much can overheat the appliance and also build up on the heating coil surroundings. Make sure the recipe you want to prepare describes the oil requirement when cooking with the help of an air fryer.

Manufacturing flaw

If the unit is brand new and you’re not overfilling, but still leaks, this might be because of a manufacturing flaw. 

Any side of the basket is cracked or has no seal to stop the oil from leaking. If this is the case, you can contact manufacturer support for assistance. 

Sometimes items crack during shipment and when we use them the leakage comes off. There is no need to worry, just explain the issue to manufacturer support and ask them for the fix.

How to Stop Gourmia Air Fryer from Leaking?

The leaking air fryer dirty the surface, so it should be fixed asap. Fixing it is easy and doesn’t require disassembling the device. Moreover, you cannot require any tool to fix a leaking air fryer, but you must know the solution.

Below are steps to fix a Gourmia air fryer that’s leaking:

  • Unplug the device from the outlet. If the unit is hot and was just turned off, wait till it gets cool.
  • Remove the cooking basket from the air fryer. If it is overfilled, check if the oil is dispersed on the top sides. 
  • If there is oil on the heating coil and the top side of the basket, overfilling is a problem. So next time don’t overfill it. The best is to cook food in batches. If overfilling is not the problem, proceed.
  • Remove the food from the basket. Once it is empty, check if there is any damage to the basket or not. Cracks on the material can also cause leakage. If the basket is broken, you have to replace it. 
  • There is no permanent fix for the broken basket base, so the best is to get a new one. Must consider checking the model number of your Instant pot air fryer for getting a new accessory for it. 
  • If you mistakenly purchase the wrong basket, this will be another issue. Because if the model and design of the basket don’t match the appliance, it will not close.
  • If the basket is not broken, insert it back and test if it is leaking or not. If it still leaks a professional or manufacturer for assistance.

How to Clean Grease from the Gourmia Air Fryer?

If the grease sticks and leaks in the air fryer basket, cleaning it is necessary. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning the air fryer after each use. If the appliance is clean, it maintains its performance.

Here’s how to clean grease from the Gourmia air fryer: washing the basket is the best way to cut the grease. A soft sponge, dish cleaner, a soft bristle brush, and warm water are required. It will take 5 – 10 minutes to clean it out.

First, remove the basket from the main unit. Use a soft cloth and rub it on the stuck grease. 

Remove the tray from the basket. Put some dish cleaner inside the basket. Rub a soft bristle brush in the basket where the grease is stuck. Clean out the basket. 

Now, it’s time to clean the tray. Use toothpicks and remove the stuck food from the tray holes. Wash the tray with cleaner and water. 

The main unit can’t be washed. Once the accessory is dry, put it back into the unit.

The Gourmia Air Fryer Does it Need Oil?

Air fryers are gaining popularity as they don’t require oil to cook food. However, if you want to put some water and oil in the Gourmia air fryer, it is fine. Don’t overuse it as it can overheat the appliance and cause smoke. The best is to learn how to use the appliance in the correct way to get better results.