Amana Washer Rinse Light Flashing? Why + Fix

Amana washers have a light for each program on the front control panel. All these lights flash up when the washer has an error or goes through any cycle. 

If your Amana washer rinse light is flashing, but you don’t know what that means, this guide is for you. However, fixing this issue is easy and doesn’t require replacing any appliance component system.

If the Amana washer is dealing with an exhaust or inlet hose problem, it flashes a rinse-light to indicate the fault to the user. Also, it could be a motherboard-related problem if the cycle gets stuck in the middle for no reason.

Let’s understand what you should do when your Amana washer rinse light is flashing to fix it.

Amana Washer Rinse Light Flashing? Why + Fix

Why Does Amana Washer Rinse Light Flashing?

As you’re using a washing machine, you might know what a Rinse Cycle means. If not, let us explain; the rinse cycle works when soap and dirty water are drained, the washing machine is refilled, and clothes are “rewashed” in clean water. 

If the rinse cycles succeed, you will not see any rinse light flashing, but when the machine has any hardware-related issue with completing the rinse cycle, the green rinse light will blink.

There’re probability three different possible causes that may flash rinse light on your Amana washer; less or no water inlet supply, water not draining, or the control board failure to detect water changes.

Let’s understand each cause in depth:

Inlet water supply issue:

As we all know, every washer requires a clean water supply when it drains dirty or soap water. In case there is no and insufficient clean water in the washing drum, the machine can continuously flash the rinse light to show fault.

The rinse light flashing is not the actual fault, the blinking light is just an indicator of a fault in the washer hardware. Sometimes we forget to open the inlet faucets and sometimes faucets are closed or half-open. 

But to supply water inside the washing machine, inlet hoses should have enough water availability and faucets should be opened fully. Make sure both hot and cold water inlet water taps are open for supplying water through inlet hoses. 

A clogged inlet hose can also prevent the water to go into the washing machine. A hose can clog when get used for a long time and was not cleaned for the entire time. 

Clean hoses are very important for a washing machine whether it’s an inlet or drain hose. You can also find a filter in the inlet hose joint where they are connected to the washing machine. 

This filter can also clog as it filters water and prevents particles to go into the appliance. Once this filter is clogged, it also stops water to go into the drum. Be sure it is clean. Less availability of water in the drum can stop the rinse cycle. 

Washer fails to drain entire dirty and soap water: 

A drain pump and drain hose should be working well to drain the waste from the washing drum. If this light is flashing and intel water is coming well, draining could be the reason. 

A clogged drain hose cannot allow wastewater to go out from the washing machine into the drain. It means the clogged drain is a problem. 

To be clear, replacing a drain pump will not fix this problem, we have done this, but the results were the same. Moreover, the wrong position of the drain hose also affects the draining performance of a washing machine. 

If the drain pipe is too far into the drain and not in recommend position, this also fails to drain all dirty and soap water. In the next section, we’ve described how you can check and fix a drain hose that is clogged. 

Our research shows us that drain hoses mostly and fast get clogged in comparison to inlet hoses. This is because dirty water flows into it. 

When the dirty water is in the washer, the washier will not proceed rinse cycle because clean water will be dirty if mixed with dirt, soap, or foam.

Motherboard Fault:

Maybe some components on the circuit board are burnt or faulty. If you don’t know about this part. 

Let us explain; it is a green-colored board that has small electric elements on it. It is the central controller that operates every working part

How to Reset Amana Washer Rinse Light Flashing?

Amana washers have a superior feature that can reset itself with self-diagnostic mode. But this issue could be caused by several components-related problems. To fix a rinse light flashing we will proceed with three various methods one by one. You should not require any tool to fix it. Be sure you don’t skip any step.

1# Method: Check and Fix Inlet Water Supply.

  1. Keep an eye on inlet faucets and if these are closed or half open, fully open them. Test if the light is stopped or not. If not follow the next steps.
  2. Disconnect and remove inlet hoses from both sides, form washer and faucets.
  3. Check if the hoses are clogged. Insert a thin metal wire and pass it through the hose if there is a clog, this will unclog it by removing stuck particles.
  4. Keep an eye on the inlet filter. If it is clogged or filled with dirt particles, clean it and refix there.
  5. Connect intel hoses back to the washer and water supply faucets.
  6. Unplug the appliance. Wait for a minute and replug in it. It will fix the flashing rinse light if the issue was related to the inlet water supply. If the light still flashing, follow the next methods.

2# Method: Check Drain Hose.

  1. Disconnect the drain pipe from the washer.
  2. Check if the hoses are clogged. Insert a thin metal wire and pass it through the hose if there is a clog, this will unclog it by removing stuck particles.
  3. Once the drain hose is clog-free, connect it back to the washer.
  4. Be sure the drain pipe is not too far inside the drain line. Take it one 2 – 3 inches inside the drain system. Position it as the manual recommends.

3# Method: Run Self Diagnostic mode.

  1. Unplug the washer and then plug it back in.
  2. Spin the dial around one time and stop on normal. (straight up)
  3. Sequence: one click left, then one right, another right, another right, left then finally a right.
  4. When flash does 2 two more clicks counterclockwise then press start.
  5. Let the washer run until it’s done it takes about 5 mins.