LG Washing Machine Stuck On Load Sensing? Here’s Why

It is necessary to have a working load-sensing mechanism, so the appliance can detect the weight of the load. If your LG washing machine is stuck on load sensing, this is a hardware problem inside the sensing mechanism.

Not only you, but some LG users also reported the same issue as feedback represents. However, fixing this problem is easy if done correctly, as described in this guide.

An LG washing machine can get stuck on load sensing when the sensor located on its rotor fails to work. It is a small part made of plastic and metal. You can fix this problem by simply replacing this sensor. To access the faulty element, you have to remove the back panel, the stator, and then the rotor.

Let’s understand what you should do to fix an LG washing machine that is stuck on load sensing.

LG Washing Machine Stuck On Load Sensing?

Why is LG Washing Machine Stuck On Load Sensing?

Lg washing machines come with a technical feature called Load Sensing that allows the washer to detect the weight of the load. This technology uses a sensor that sends the load weight detection to the circuit board and the circuit board represents it on display. 

This feature is useful to avoid overload and imbalance mistakes. In case this sensor fails to work as it gets damaged due to an electrical short or for any reason, the Lg washer will get stuck on load sensing. 

Unfortunately, the washing machine won’t run until this issue gets fixed. This is a small white and black colored electrical component that we called a load-sensing sensor. It is fitted and located on the rotor that rotates the washing drum. 

You cannot see it from outside the machine as it is an internal and hidden electrical part of your washing machine. Some would tell you it is happening because of the drain or overload issue, but it is not true. 

We described this problem caused after fixing an LG washing machine that was stuck on load sensing. Generally, this appliance rotates the load containing the washing drum for 30 seconds in one direction to calculate the load weight. 

As the load weight checking sensor goes bad, your washer cannot know the load weight which results in an unworking and stuck drum. However, you don’t need to panic if this same issue is in your LG washing machine. 

Fortunately, you can fix this issue by yourself after reading, understanding, and implementing this guide and especially the Fixing section written next.

How to Fix LG Washing Machine That Stuck On Load Sensing?

You can take the help of an electrical technician or also fix it yourself. Just follow the below-described procedure carefully and intentionally. 

A new Load Sensing Sensor, Phillips screwdriver, and a monkey-type adjustable wrench are required. 

Fixing this issue can take 15 – 20 minutes. If you’re doing any electronic repair work for the first time, proceed with each step slowly, so you would not make any mistakes.

Here’re steps to fix an LG washing machine that is stuck on load sensing:

  1. Must unplug the device, so we can protect ourselves from electric shock. If necessary, don’t proceed further until the appliance is unplugged.
  2. Reach the backside of your washing machine. Pull the washer out if it is not a busy space.
  3. Have a Phillips screwdriver and open the back panel. Consider collecting all the opened screws in one place, thus they cannot be lost.
  4. Put the screwdriver inside the stator. It’s a magnetic round-shaped stator that moves with a rotor. We put a screwdriver inside it to prevent it from rotating when we open it.
  5. Grab an adjustable wrecker and open the bigger screw holding the stator. Once the screw is opened, remove the stator.
  6. Remove all the screws holding the wiring and its bracket.
  7. Now, you can see a plastic and metal-made rotor, this part is fixed on a drum with many long screws. Open and remove all the screws with a wrencher or you can use a 10mm reacher.
  8. Once the screws are open, disengage the rotor.
  9. You can find a sensor attached to the rotor, remove that sensor and fit a new sensor there.
  10. Fit the rotor again in its position and tighten the screws carefully as most components are made of plastic.
  11. Assemble the bracket back. Now, fit the magnetic stator back on the rotor and tighten it.
  12. Assemble the back panel back. Plugin the device and test it’s working. Now successfully, your LG washing machine will start running again on load sensing.

LG Top Load Washer Stuck on Load Sensing?

Whether it’s a top load or front load LG washer model, it can get stuck on load sensing due to the same reason; damaged or failed sensor. And also the fixing procedure is the same for every LG washing machine. 

You just follow the fixing steps described in this guide to fix any model and type of LG washing machine. 

LG uses the same load weight-detecting sensor in every load-sensing washing machine model. 

You don’t need to follow various approaches to fix it. However, the design of your washer may be different, but this sensor is located at the same place, behind the washing drum, and fitted on the rotor or motor.

Always try to do all the fixing steps carefully and slowly because if you rotate and tighten the screws and components hard, they can crack their plastic body.