Maytag Washer Lid Locks Then Unlocks? (Solved)

Some Maytag washer users have seen problems related to lids in their units. If your Maytag washer lid locks then unlock, there is a hardware-related issue in your unit mechanism. 

Furthermore, when the door unlocks randomly and automatically, the washer stops working immediately. This prevents the users from washing out loads. However, it can be fixed if done correctly.

Technically, when the Maytag washer lid lock switch door latch assembly fails to work or the motherboard is damaged, the lid will lock and then unlock. The user must manually check the faulty part inside the appliance to know the actual cause and correct it.

We’ve gathered important information regarding the Maytag washer lid that locks and then unlocks that you should know to fix the issue. Let’s dive into the guide.

Maytag Washer Lid Locks Then Unlocks?

Why Does a Maytag Washer Door Lock and then Unlock?

It can also stop your appliance from running and washing clothes when its door locks and unlocks automatically. 

Your washer stops when the lid is unlocked because when the door is unlocked, it cannot wash clothes. The door must be closed, so clothes and water will not get out from the drum.

Every washer has A lid lock switch door latch assembly. This assembly locks the door and sends a command to the control panel that the door is closed. 

In case the lid lock switch door latch assembly fails to work this can close the door but its door lock won’t stay locked. 

Eventually, the lid will automatically unlock when the door lock assembly has an issue. It is not a wiring problem, it is a hardware problem. It means any component in the load lock assembly is not working correctly. 

These components can stop working when faced with an electric shot or their material breaks. 

In fact, you can see only some part of the door lock when you open the door, but the entire door lock assembly can be only seen after disassembling the upper cover that locates around the drum.

Assuming that the lid lock switch door latch assembly is working fine, the problem might be in the control board. 

As the control board(motherboard) mainly sends commands to lock and open the door to lid lock switch door latch assembly, maybe the motherboard is unlocking the door randomly. But, the probability is the faulty door lock assembly.

How to Fix Maytag Washer Lid That Locks the Unlocks?

You can take the help of an electrical technician or you just follow the fix procedure intentionally and carefully. 

You have to disassemble some parts of your washing machine to access the lid lock switch door latch assembly and motherboard. 

You have only to check the motherboard when the door lock switch assembly is fine. 

Tools required are a screwdriver, and replacement component(only determined after detecting the cause). Fixing this problem would take 20 – 40 minutes, based on your skills and experience.

Here’re steps to fix a Maytag door lid lock:

  1. Must unplug the appliance before proceeding for fixing any issue.
  2. Have a screwdriver and open the top back cover which is hiding the wiring of ideals. Disassembling this will provide you access to lid lock wiring. Now identify which wiring is of the lid lock assembly. For instance, there will be three white blue, and red wires in one group that are connected to the dial cover from where you operate the door lock.
  3. Disconnect the wiring of the lid lock assembly from the front dial panel.
  4. Now, with the use of a screwdriver, open the lid where you see the washing drum.
  5. Open the top cover where the lid lock is visible. This cover is located on top of the washing drum.
  6. Once that cover is opened, you can see the lid lock switch door latch assembly inside that last open cover. See If a burning smell is common or the assembly looks faulty, you have to replace it. Get a new lid lock switch assembly that is compatible with your washing machine model. You can find it online and offline from electronic repair stores or electronic spare parts stores.
  7. Just remove the faulted lid lock switch assembly with a screwdriver and fit the new one there. Connect all the wiring back on the front control panel. Just follow the steps in reverse.
  8. Now assemble the cover back where the lid lock switch door latch assembly is connected.
  9. To test if the lid lock is now working, plug in it. Be careful as one cover is not assembled.
  10. If now the door locks and then doesn’t unlock, the problem is solved. If not proceed further, as we are going to check the motherboard.

Here’s how to fix the motherboard of the Maytag washer if it is responsible behind its lid locks then unlocks:

  1. Must unplug the appliance first.
  2. Have a screwdriver and open the backside cover of your washing machine. Consider collecting all the screws in one place so you cannot lose them.
  3. Access the printed circuit board that looks like a giant green chip. We also called it the motherboard.
  4. Disconnect all the wiring from the board. Be sure you first take a picture so you can use the photo in the future for remembering where to connect which wire.
  5. Remove the circuit board.
  6. Keep an eye on all the components situated on the circuit board. If any component looks faulty such as a capacitor, transmitter, resistor, etc, you have to replace it. Use a desoldering station to remove the faulty component from the circuit board.
  7. Get a new exact component and connect it to the board with the use of a soldering tool. Make sure you connect the component as should.
  8. Assemble the circuit board back in the washer. Connect all the wiring back to the board. Just follow the steps in reverse.
  9. Assemble the back cover of the machine and plugin.
  10. Test the machine. Hope it is now working.

Maytag bravos xl Washer Lid Lock Problems:

We’ve seen many inquiries from Maytag users. Some have queries like the Maytag Neptune washer door locks then unlock or Maytag commercial technology washer lid won’t lock, etc. further, the main problem was with the Lid lock.

Here’re common Maytag bravos xl washer lid lock problems:

  • Lid locks then unlock: it’s a common issue that can be seen in other Maytag washer models.
  • Lid lock stuck: it means the washing machine lid will not open when the lid lock switch door latch assembly fails.
  • The lid lock doesn’t work: the door is not locking and the washer won’t start.

However, all these lid problems can be fixed with the help of an electrical technician or you can do it yourself.