Asko Dishwasher D5424 Door Won’t Open? Here’s Solution

If your Asko dishwasher is stuck shut, you could only use it once its door gets opened. Unfortunately, you have to fix it as soon as possible, thus you can reuse it.

If the door of your Asko dishwasher D5424 does not open, the latch is broken. You have to change it. Separate the cover from the door panel to access the faulty component. and disconnect the wiring, then remove the broken latch and fit a new one there.

We’ve gathered important information that will help you to fix your Asko dishwasher door which is not opening. Let’s dive in.

Asko Dishwasher D5424 Door Won't Open? Here’s Solution

What Causes Asko Dishwasher D5424 Door to Not Open?

If the door of the Asko dishwasher is not opening, its latch is broken. The door latch is an important component that allows the control board to send voltage and signal to the inlet solenoid which opens the valve and fills the dishwasher. 

If the unit is old, the probability is its latch is weak. Typically dishwasher door latches are made of plastic and metal. But if the latch is cracked, or faces hard opening and closing, it can break it. 

When the latch is broken, it doesn’t allow the door to open. Broken parts can get stuck in the area where the latch gets locked. You have to open the door with a different method with the use of some tools. 

The door can move a little bit but won’t not open if its lock is broken and its broken parts are stuck. In addition, the user becomes unable to use the dishwasher until the door latch gets replaced. 

You can also hear some sounds when you try to open a stuck door. The sound will only come when the internal door components are broken. 

However,  you can fix the stuck Asko dishwasher door. As the door latch also has wiring that contains a switch, if any electric shock happens inside the latch door assembly, it can also create a malfunction in the latch, and the dishwasher ends up stuck.

Don’t assume that there is something wrong with the control board when a dishwasher door won’t open.

How to fix Asko Dishwasher D5424 Door that Won’t Open?

If you decide to fix your dishwasher by yourself, you must do all the steps intentionally, so you cannot end up creating another issue. Otherwise, you can fix it. 

A screwdriver and a new door latch are required to fix the Asko dishwasher door that is not opening. It takes 10 – 15 minutes to fix this issue.

Here’re steps to fix a dishwasher door that won’t open:

  1. You have to get a new door latch for the dishwasher first. Be sure the new latch door matches your dishwasher model. You can check the serial number given on the latch packaging and if it is compatible or not. So get a new door latch first.
  2. Before we start the fixing procedure, you must unplug your dishwasher first.
  3. Have a small screwdriver and put it inside the latch area, from where you open the door.  Pull in the screwdriver hard and apply some force forward to the latch. This will open the stuck dishwasher door.
  4. Once the door is open, now we go for latch replacement. Fully open the door. This door has a cover that contains a latch mechanism inside it.
  5. Open all the screws of the door cover. Consider collecting all the screws in one place, thus they can’t be lost when we need them next.
  6. Place the opened cover slowly in a secure place. You will see the latch assembly there on top of the door.
  7. Open all screws on the latch and remove it. You have to disconnect the connected wires to the latch assembly.
  8. Fix a new latch there and connect all the wires to its connections. Fit all the screws back and be sure now the latch is fully tight in its position.
  9.  Assemble the door cover back and tighten its screws as well.
  10. Now close the door and turn on the dishwasher. Now the door is fixed.

Asko Dishwasher Door Won’t Open fully?

If your Asko dishwasher door is not opening fully, there is an issue with it hinges. There could be one or more reasons behind this issue. Thus, you have to manually check what is causing it in your dishwasher.

You must check if there is something stuck inside the hinges, or if Hughes needs to be lubricated. Whatever the issue will be, you must clean out the hinges first.

Sometimes small waste particles get stuck inside the hinges. If some particles are stuck, try to remove them from the hinges. You can use a small wire or clean cloth to remove stuck particles.

If you think there is a lack of lubricant on the hinges and the door also squeaks when it gets opened or closed, you have to lubricate the hinges.

Here’s how you can lubricate dishwasher door hinges:

 Maybe your dishwasher door is connected with hinges with the help of screws or a lock. If there are screws open them, and if there are hinge locks, you have to unlock the door from them.

Grab the door and pull it forward yourself. This will disassemble your dishwasher door. Now clean the hinges and the area where doors get locked with hinges. 

Use a non-flammable silicone spray to lubricate the hinges. Assemble back the door on hinges, to do this, just follow the procedure reverse. 

Lock the door on hinges and now close the door. Now open the door. Probably the dishwasher door will start to open fully.


You have to manually fix the door latch of your Asko dishwasher. The replacement is the only way if the latch is broken. In case the door gets open but not properly, you should try to lubricate the hinges.