Sloshing Water Sound When Washer Is Empty? Here’s Why

A washer can make various noises during normal operation. However, users are surprised when they hear a sloshing sound of water that they have never heard before.

You can hear spraying, splashing, or sloshing noises from your washer at different times. Must know what that sound means before thinking about any fault.

Don’t worry if you heard a sloshing sound when the washer is empty. There is a balance ring attached to the washing drum at its bottom internal side that contains saltwater and causes a sloshing sound when the basket spins. If the washer runs with load, you may not hear this sound, but it is audible when the drum agitates empty.

Let’s understand what you should know when no water is in the washing basket but the sloshing water sound is audible.

Sloshing Water Sound When Washer Is Empty?

Why Does Sloshing Water Sound When the Washer is Empty?

A washer has a proper mechanism to prevent unbalanced spins. As the manufacturers recommend washing clothes underload recommendations, they also add some features inside the system. 

This is normal to hear a sloshing water sound when the washer is filled with water, but it is also normal when it makes a sloshing water sound when it is empty. 

This is because almost all washer companies add a balance ring at the bottom of the drum. You cannot see this balance ring from the outside as it is fit inside the machine down to the drum. 

It is made of plastic and looks like a container. It contains saltwater inside it. This water flows when the machine drum rotates and creates a sloshing sound. 

The balance ring prevents unbalanced situations in the washer when the machine spins. For example, if the washing machine has only one duvet cover inside it but is heavier and placed on one side of the drum, it may create an unbalanced spin. 

But, the balance ring put weight on the empty side making equal balance in the drum on all sides. Balance spin is necessary for the washing machine to work well. 

If you run some unbalanced loads, it might create an error and can stop the machine from working. 

You will not hear a sloshing sound when the washing machine drum is not rotating, it is only audible when the basket is in a rotating motion. 

Don’t remove that balance ring from your washer if you don’t like this sound, because it will create unbalanced loads. An unbalanced load can affect and damage the motor by overheating. 

When the motor has to spin heavy and unbalanced loads, it has to run fastly to accurate RPMs. If the machine gets overheated it might damage.

Why Does My Washer Sound Like It has Water in It?

As we discussed above, the balance ring is the only reason your washer sounds like it has water in it. Don’t think that some water is stuck inside the impeller or agitator parts. 

And also the sound is not coming from the drain pump or another part. This is a saltwater sound that is in the balance ring. You may wonder why the balance ring contains saltwater. 

If yes, then there is an answer; salt water solution doesn’t create an odor inside the container and also is heavier than normal water. 

This solution has more density than normal water. However, it doesn’t react with water. If the washer has a balance ring inside the washing drum, it creates a water sound when you rotate the drum with your hands even if it has no water in it. 

The balance ring is an enclosed plastic container. Two rings are connected and properly sealed together making a single balance ring. 

Water solution inside it cannot come out from it as it has seals that can handle heavy and fast spin rotations.

Is it Normal to Hear a Water Sound When the Washer is Empty?

Yes, it is normal to hear a water sound when the washer is empty. This means your washer has a balance ring. However, you may think this is an issue because maybe you have not heard it before in other washers. 

Not all washing machines have a balance ring. This technology is findable in modern washing machines. But if you recently left using an old washing machine, you may not hear a water sound from it. 

It depends on the washer model when it comes to seeing various features.

If the water sound is not coming from an inner drum, this may be created by some left water in the drain lines.

In case you also noticed some odor from your washer, this is not normal. Stuck and left dirt can cause odor from the washer drum. If recently washed clothes are too dirty, intentionally see whether the dirt is fully friend or not. 

If the washer is empty but still has some dirt in it, you should clean it manually or run a drain cycle.

What Should You Do When There is Sloshing Water Sound When the Washer is Empty?

You don’t have to do anything when there is a sloshing water sound when the washer is empty. However, you should make sure that your washing load is not unbalanced too much. 

Although This balancing ring can prevent unbalanced load issues, don’t place washing clothes incorrectly in the machine. 

In case the balance ring fails to maintain the load of the washing drum, it can affect the tumbler and motor working.

Some people think they have to open the drum so they can remove water from the machine. But in fact. You don’t have to do anything with it. It doesn’t need any repair when any sound you hear is like this.