Oven Made Popping Sound And Quit Working? (Solved)

Ovens can face different issues with their components. Sometimes they fail to complete the operation when something goes bad in the electrical component. However, fixing an oven’s unworking parts is simple if done correctly.

If an oven makes a popping sound and stops working, one or more electrical components have burned out. Pop noise is produced when there is an electrical short circuit in the element. Look inside the oven and check the heating element, if it looks fine, remove the back panel to locate the burnt part.

Your oven will start working again once you will detect and fix the malfunctioned component. Let’s dive into the guide.

Oven Made Popping Sound and Quit Working? (Solved)

Why is Oven Made Popping Sound and Quit Working?

Although the oven is a heat-generating appliance, it can stop working when its internal parts get overheated and burnt. Sometimes the overheating breaks electrical components, or sometimes an electric short circuit can burn out the oven elements.

So what does it mean when your oven makes a humming sound? The answer is an electrical short circuit that burns the elements.

An oven has many electrical components, such as a circuit board, thermostat, heating elements, knobs, etc. 

In case an electric short circuit happens on the circuit board, thermostat, and heating elements, it creates a  popping sound. And as the components are burnt out, the device fails to run operation and immediately stops.

When the current finds a way to pass into any component where there is no resistance, an electric short circuit happens. 

In simple words, when any hot wire carrying live current gets in contact with the neutral wire, it causes an electric shot. An electric short circuit can cause fire, electrical component burn, and malfunction in wires.

If the same situation occurred in your oven, you have to repair it. If any component on the circuit board is burnt out, you only have to replace that component instead of replacing the entire circuit board.

You can see the heating element by opening the door. Check if there is a hole and black marks on the heating coils. 

If there is no broken side, no black marks, and no holes, the heating element is fine. Now you have to remove the back panel of the oven to locate the burnt part.

How to fix the Oven that made Popping Sound and Stopped Working?

A popping sound is not an error code indicating that can be fixed by resetting the appliance. Thus, the user has to manually repair the oven to fix this problem. 

As the popping sound comes when an electrical element gets burnt out, it’s necessary to find the burnt component. 

If you want to fix the oven by yourself, you must take care of your safety. Wear gloves and make sure no electric power is available to the appliance.

Here’re steps to fix an oven that stopped working after making a popping sound:

  1. You must unplug the device. It is a necessary step that you must take before going to repair the oven. Don’t just turn off the device as some current still flows in the appliance when they are turned off.
  1. Open the oven door and take a look at the heating element. It is a coil rod that generates heat inside the oven. See if it is broken, has black marks and a hole in it. If there is some damage to the heating element, you have to replace it. If it seems okay, move ahead.
  1. Now you have to access the backside of the oven to remove its back panel. Have a screwdriver and open all the screws holding back the cover. Consider collecting all the screws in one container, so they can’t be lost.
  1. Keep an eye on all internal electrical parts and try to find burnt-out components. If nothing is found, access the printed circuit board.
  1. Remove all the wiring from the printed circuit board and find burnt components. If any component causes a burning smell and locks black, it is burnt out.
  1. Now you have two options; change the circuit board or replace the burnt component only. Changing the component is simple, you just have to fit a new board there and fit all the opened wiring back into it. However, circuit board replacement is more costly than replacing only burnt-out parts.
  1. If you want to replace only burnt components, use a desoldering station tool to remove the burnt component from the circuit board. Use a desoldering tool where the burnt component is connected to the circuit board.
  1. Now, get the same new specification having elements that you need to replace. Connect new components on the circuit board with the help of a soldering tool. Fit all the wiring back on the circuit board and fit it in its position.
  1. Assemble the back panel of the oven and plugin it. This will start your oven again after it stopped working after making a popping sound.

Final Thought!

You can replace the circuit board if you don’t want to replace the burnt component on it and no soldering and soldering tools are available. getting help from an electrical technician would be beneficial if you’ve no experience in this work. Otherwise, just follow this guide intentionally.