Gourmia Air Fryer Making Noise? Here’s Why + Fixes

No doubt, Air fryer use makes cooking food easier and more enjoyable. However, even if the Gourmia air fryer is working but making noise, it becomes difficult to use it and pulls many questions into mind.

The fact is, if it is too noisy and rattling, this is abnormal. Thus, users have to encounter the root cause and fix it as this loud sound is a sign of malfunctioning.

Loose fan blades, stuck dust on the fan, overheating, debris within the base, and lack of cleaning are reasons why your Gourmia air fryer is making noise. However, fixing the loose parts and maintaining the appliance can stop the sounds.

Let’s dive deeper into the guide to understand the causes of noisy Gourmia air fryers along with their fixes.

Gourmia Air Fryer Making Noise? Here’s Why + Fixes

Why is Gourmia Air Fryer Making Loud Noise?

There is not a single probable cause of getting unusual noise from a Gourmia air fryer. There Are several reasons behind it. In this section, we’ve described all probable causes of ratting, clicking, and loud noise from Gourmia air fryers. 

Understand each cause and try to find it in your appliance, so you can know the root cause and fix it asap.

Below are reasons why your Gourmia air fryer making noise:

Loose Fan Blades

The air fryer has a proper collection of unique components that helps them to produce hot air inside. 

It also includes a fan blade which should be tight perfectly, so it cannot shake when the fan rotates. Fan blades are tightly connected with the help of screws. 

If any fan blade screws is loose, this can cause noise, even a clicking noise whenever the air fryer runs. You can access the fan blade by removing the food basket.

Stuck dust/reside on Fan

Some people rarely clean their appliances due to busy schedules. But, it is necessary to clean the air fryer after each use. 

If you don’t clean it after two or three uses, the oil and food particles start to stick on the fan and other sides as well. 

You’ve to maintain the appliance condition daily, so a lack of cleaning will not cause it. Once the dust or oil sticks on the fan, the fan will become heavier and put a load on the fan motor. 

All the rotating components have specific limits to handle the pressure, if the weight is extra, it creates a burden and leads the motor to make noise.

Lack of Cleaning

As we discussed before, cleaning the air fryer is important as it provides power to run. If the user doesn’t clean the drawer and other parts, this makes the device dirty as the left particles make the appliance condition worse over the period. 

Even if you own a high-quality air fryer, cleaning it after each use is necessary. Dust used oil, and food residue can cause the smell and noise-type problems. 

So better is to make a schedule to clean it when possible and needed.


Overfilling and lack of ventilation is the main cause of air fryer overheating. It can affect the performance of your appliance and make it work worse over time. 

Electrical components such as fan motors typically start to slow down and make noise when they get overheated for a long time. 

So don’t overfill the appliance and make sure it is placed in a place where ventilation is not the problem.

Gourmia Air Fryer Fan Making Noise?

The Gourmia air fryer has a fan located on the top side which circulates the hot air in the appliance. It can also be noisy when its blades are loose and oil/dust stuck on it. 

If the device makes a clicking noise when you open the drawer, this is a sign of loose fan blades. 

The fan blades are held with the help of a few screws. In case the screws were not tight from the factory, the blades will shake and make noise when the device runs.

On the other hand, if you use too much oil and rarely clean out the unit, this can make the fan of your air fryer dirty. 

Once the fan is dirty, it causes unusual sounds when the fan rotates at high speed. The fan should be clean to keep it silent when it runs. 

However, hearing a little bit of noise is normal. You only address the cause because she feels there is something wrong with the device’s components.

Remove the drawer and take a closer look at the condition fan blades. If found dirty, consider cleaning them. And if the blade screws are loose, consider to immediately tightening them, so they can’t cause another issue.

How to Stop Gourmia Air Fryers from Making Noise?

Whether the Gourmia air fryer makes a loud noise, clicking noise, or rattling sound, it is possible to silence the appliance. You just have to encounter the root cause and apply the fixing practices.

  • Tools required: A screwdriver and a clean cloth.
  • Time required: 5 to 10 minutes.

Follow the below steps to make your Gourmia air fryer silent:

  1. Unplug the appliance from the outlet. (it is necessary to step, don’t skip)
  1. Place the device on enough counter space, so the place will be a continent for repairing work.
  1. Open the drawer and take a close look at all sides of the air fryer, and check the fan condition.
  1. If the fan blades are loose, take a screwdriver to tighten them.
  1. If the fan blades are dirty, take a clean piece of cloth and wipe it on the blades. In case accessing the fan is difficult, you can disengage the heating coil and refit it when cleaning is done.
  1. Must clean all the parts of the air fryer and wash the basket with warm water for best results.
  1. Now the appliance is noise free. All done.

Does Gourmia Air Fryer Make Noise? Is It Normal?

Hearing some noise from the Gourmia air fryer is normal, no need to worry. As it has a fan and regulates Air to cook food, some sound is audible. However, if the noise is loud and unusual, this is not normal. 

Try to spot what is causing the sound. If you do not fix the loud noise, it can become worse over time. 

Regular cleaning of the unit is a proven way to maintain the conditions and working of the appliance. Thus, whenever you see a device that needs cleaning, don’t ignore it. 

No doubt this appliance is helpful in cooking tasks, still, it can show you faults over time when there is a lack of maintenance. In case you just bought a new unit, it is abnormal to hear the noise from it. 

In this case, you must contact the manufacturer to get a free fix. If the fault is from the manufacturer’s side, they might replace the unit. 

You must get help from any professional technician when there is an electrical issue in the unit.