Breville Toaster Oven Light Stays On? (Explained)

The Breville toaster oven has two types of lighting, one on the LCD and the other around the start and off buttons. Sometimes new users of this appliance do not know why the Breville Toaster Oven light stays on(that is normal).

If you have been using a Breville toaster oven for a long time and notice that your oven light stays on for an unusually long time, this could be a problem.

The Breville toaster oven LCD light usually doesn’t turn off within 10-15 minutes after food preparation. It’s normal to see the device light up for a few minutes when you leave it alone after using it. However, if the light display lasts for more than one hour there will be an internal fault.

We’ve described everything you should know about why the Breville toaster oven light stays on. Let’s dive in.

Breville Toaster Oven Light Stays On? (Explained)

Why Does Breville Toaster Oven Panel Light Stay On?

Breville toaster ovens work on a technology basis. They also have a stand-by mode feature, that takes their LCD light stay on for a few minutes. 

However, you will see this feature in old technology toaster ovens by Breville. If you have a new smart functionality “Breville smart convection toaster oven” Model, you will see the same feature. 

This item has a round-shaped red light around the start/off power button. This red light stays on when the power is On. The second light is not direct, this light is the brightness from the LCD of the device. 

This LCD illuminates light for some minutes after you switch off the toaster oven. However, it is normal to see if the Breville toaster oven panel light stays on. 

But if it is taking longer to turn off(more than an hour) or won’t turn off, there is a control issue. It means the control board is not controlling the display light properly. If the classifier is not working on the circuit board, the light will stay on.

Here’s why the Breville toaster oven light stays on:

  • To indicate that the appliance is running: you will see a red light around the power button of the Breville toaster oven. This light always stays on when the device is working and the power is on. 

However, this turns off, once you turn off the appliance. It is an indicator light. It helps the owner to know that their device is still using electric energy. 

If the user forgets to turn off the Breville toaster oven after cooking something, this light informs them to turn off the appliance. Many new users usually don’t know about the working of this oven. 

However, if you have turned off the toaster oven, but the red light is still on for longer, something is causing a problem with the light, and the power to the light is still available. In this case, you have to repair the oven.

  • Normal LCD brightness feature: It is normal to see that the LCD of the Breville toaster oven illuminates for a few minutes after turning off the cycle. 

Once you have done the cooking in it, its LCD takes longer to turn off. You will see blue lighting on the LCD where you see all the settings you made. 

If it stays on for 5 to 20 minutes, nothing is wrong with the device. No need to repair anything, it’s software that sometimes also has bugs. If the light stays on for more than half an hour, something is not on point in the oven. 

How to Fix the Light of Breville Toaster Oven?

Most Breville toaster oven users prefer to go with the company repair service to fix their devices. If you don’t want to reach out for support, you should try to fix it yourself. 

To fix the light of the Breville toaster oven, you will need to disassemble the device. When the light stays on for longer, it doesn’t mean there is an issue with the light or LCD. 

The problem is with the control board. Look at the control board and see if there are any burnet marks or broken connections between elements. Test it with a voltage tester. 

Be sure the toaster oven is unplugged. Don’t disassemble if the device is powered on and plugged in. In case you found the malfunctioning board, replace it. 

Reassemble the appliance once it gets fixed. Do the repair work carefully, and be sure nothing can break. As we discussed before, LCD lighting can stay on for 5 to 20 minutes. 

Don’t replace the control board before confirming whether the LCD stays on for an hour or not. You have to test it out for some time, so you can ensure that there is an issue with the device. 

If you have not done any electrical work before, you can take the help of a local electrician who has experience in appliance repair. 

If you think the red light from the start/off button stays on when you run the device, it is normal. 

It’s not an issue, this red light is designed to indicate to the user that the device is running well. Don’t try to do any repairs with the red light.


Don’t think there is a problem with your Breville toaster oven if its LCD light won’t turn off for a few minutes after you complete cooking. 

If you found it unusual, test the device control board where the display is connected to the system. If it’s a software glitch, brightness can also stay on for longer. 

In case all parts seem fine, but still, there is a light problem, contact the Breville company support.