Breville Toaster Oven Function Knob Not Working? (Why + Fix)

Breville toaster ovens have several functioning knobs to set temperature, time, or turn on the conventional fan and cooking function. 

However, you cannot put input when the Breville toaster oven knob is not working. Whether it’s a single or more inoperative dial, you have to fix it to cook anything.

Fortunately, troubleshooting the knob is an easy task and inexpensive. But it should be done at the right time.

If the function knob of the Breville toaster oven is not working, there is an internal issue within its Printed Control Board. This can be fixed by replacing or repairing the PCB after dismantling the appliance. It requires a PCB repair kit to fix this error if you don’t replace the faulty part.

Let’s briefly understand why your Breville toaster oven function knob is not working and how to fix it.

Breville Toaster Oven Function Knob Not Working?

Why Does the Breville Toaster Oven Function Knob Stop Working?

There may be one or more faults in your toaster oven behind the unworking knob. Sometimes it’s just a broken connection between the knob worn and the circuit board, or sometimes it’s a software error that usually prevents any input and output from the toaster oven.

However, the cause and its fix for an unworking knob also depend on its type as there are a timer, temperature, and function dials.

Furthermore, whether it’s a temperature, timer, or function knob, you have to check the circuit board first before going for further investigation.

Here’re some reasons your Breville toaster oven keeps beeping:

Faulty Motherboard:

The most common cause we have ever found behind a not working Breville toaster oven’s knob is a fault within its printed circuit board. 

This circuit board, also known as the control board, is responsible for taking input from knobs and operating all output devices like heating elements and light. 

Sometimes a minor spark on PCB connections affects its working. You may see black burning spots on the knob connection on the circuit board when you will dismantle the device for repair. 

Sometimes knob faults on the motherboard can be done easily, but if it is not fixed, the user might have to replace the circuit board. 

Generally, knobs send the user command and measurement to the motherboard(PCB) and for further procedure, the control is responsible.

Broken Connection Between Knob and PCB:

Knobs or dails have a physical connection with the control board to get power and send commands to the device’s operating system. 

Sometimes, overheating in internal parts, melt the wires and connection of electrical parts. 

Breville toaster ovens have several knobs that are wire connected to the circuit board. 

If by chance any of the wires lose their connection with the motherboard, the knob will fail to operate functions. 

Moreover, you have to dismantle the device for checking the connection between PCB and the knobs. 

It is inexpensive and easy to remake the connection, you just require a PCB repair kit and electric power available.

Software Problem:

Usually, Breville uses smart functionality in their smart toaster ovens, including the latest technology in hardware and updated software as an operating system. 

Technically, the function knob sets the cook function on the toaster oven, the function could be a grill, bake, toast, or another. 

First, learn the role of software in the Breville toaster oven working. When you rotate the knob, it provides a command to the motherboard. 

The command passed through the knob to PCB, PCB to output Elements, such as the heating element, and LCD. 

To complete this command, the control board uses software that operates all the parts accurately as per the user’s command. 

In case the software has malware and errors, the knobs on the oven might also stop working. 

If the software is the problem, you will find that when you select the function it will automatically change to another. To fix software problems, motherboard replacement is the only solution.

Knob Fails to Process Input:

If the knob itself has an unworking shaft or command transferring connection, it will fail to process the input. 

And once it doesn’t operate the command, the control board will not know the user input to the device and you will see no working on your device. 

Every time you operate the function knob, you see function options on the display, but if the knob is not working you will not see function changes on the LCD. 

You can only decide to change the knob when all the previous possible causes are not the real reason behind the not working knob on the Breville toaster oven.

How to Fix the Knob of Breville Toaster Oven?

All the fixes described in this section can be used for fixing any knob of the Breville toaster oven, whether it is a function, timer, or temperature knob. 

Be sure the divide is turned off and unplugged. Tools required for this task are a screwdriver, PCB kit, and table to dismantle the device. 

It will take less than an hour to complete the knob repair.

Here’s how to fix a not working knob on a Breville toaster oven:

  1. Unplug the device and be sure there is no power available to the device. 
  2. First, dismantle the back cover of the oven with the help of a Phillips screwdriver. Open all the cover screws.
  3. Now, remove the top case of the toaster oven which may have 5 screws.
  4. You will see the control panel there, you have to unplug all its 9 red, blue and yellow wires.
  5. Remove the printed control board and see if there are burning marks or unusual spots. If it seems to be faulty after testing, repair it. If it can’t be repaired, consider replacing it.
  6. Now do all the steps in reverse, connect all the wires, fix all the parts, and cover back as you opened them previously.
  7. Plugin the device and check if it is working or not. If it is working then congrats, if not, contact company support for help regarding the issues.

Can you Replace or Repair a Not Working Knob on a Breville Toaster Oven?

As there are certain cases when the Breville toaster oven’s knob does not work, you may have to repair or replace the faulty part. 

First, you have to find the true faulty part to know what further steps you should take.

Consider replacing the circuit board If the entire circuit board is sparked or dead and you don’t see any functionality aside from unworking knobs in your oven. After replacing it, check if it is working or not.

If a part like a circuit board has lost connection, you just repair it to fix a not working knob on the Breville toaster oven.

You can also take the help of an electrician to know about the circuit board’s real-time repair or replacement requirements. On the other hand, you can also explore the topic online.

Final Thought!

We have repaired many unworking knobs of toaster ovens. In the majority of not working oven knob repair cases, we found that reaping the control board or replacing it solved this issue. 

First, unplug the appliance before dismantling it to check the status of the PCB. 

If the repair cost is high in your local region and costs are similar to the price of a new oven, repairing it from the company support team may be worth it.

Contacting company support is the last option for you if you have tried a lot to fix it but it hasn’t been fixed.