Breville Toaster Oven Suddenly Stops Working? (Simple Fix)

Several Breville oven users’ feedback and reviews show some drawbacks regarding the working of the appliance. If your Breville toaster oven suddenly stops working, you may experience the same as other users.

This fault can be caused by a single or many hardware-related issues. However, fixing an unworking Breville toaster oven is possible if done properly.

It could be a normal fault that prevents the device from working or a part should be replaced because of a major issue. 

Usually, Breville toaster ovens stop working suddenly due to single or multiple internal faults such as a dead circuit board, unavailable power, weak cord, faulty heating element, etc. However, it may not die, if repaired properly. done with, the device will start working again.

Let’s understand why your Breville toaster oven suddenly stops working and what you should do to fix it!

Breville Toaster Oven Suddenly Stops Working?

Why Did the Breville Toaster Oven Suddenly Stop Working?

It feels really sad when you’re cooking your meal in the toaster oven, but it suddenly stops working. Generally, people don’t know the true cause of this situation at the moment when it happens. 

If you have faced the same, don’t worry, just follow the below described possible causes to know why your Breville oven stops working. 

We have seen many people think their oven will not work permanently if it suddenly stops due to a fault, but it’s not true. We have done many oven repairs and restarted almost dead toaster ovens.

Here’re the reasons the Breville toaster oven stops working suddenly:

Dead circuit board:

Every toaster oven has a painted circuit board also known as a control board. This part is responsible for operating all the elements in the system and getting things done. 

Its color is green and every input and output part of the Breville toaster oven is connected to it. Typically, circuit boards become faulty when they get overheated or if their components get sparked. 

As a high-wattage device, it requires a consistent voltage. If by chance voltage drops or gets increased, the circuit board may get sparked. In case the circuit board has a spark during the cycle, your device will stop working.

Unavailable power:

If the device is working well, it will start once you power it. But, if you have plugged in the device and it’s not working it means, you also have to check if the circuit has power or not. To check, you need a power tester. 

This task requires enough safety to perform. It means you have to ensure your safety while wearing gloves that protect you from electric shock. 

Use the power tester carefully on all the parts of the oven. If you find any part that is not passing power, repair that part. Test the device again after repairing it. 

If you don’t have a power test and don’t want to test the appliance yourself, take the device to an electronic repair shop.

The power Cord may have been cut:

If you have an aged Breville toaster oven that has a repaired cord, its cut joint connection may be broken. It is common to see broken wire cut joints when the device continuously works on high power. 

High power flow in repaired cuts causes heat on repaired joints and heat can break the connection between jointed cords. Furthermore, we have seen that when a cord is old and weak, it may have a cut due to heat automatically. 

Using any appliance for a long time on too high a voltage flow causes resistance in its wire.  You should unplug the device immediately whenever you find a spark on the repaired cord.

Faulty heating element:

If the Breville toaster oven is on but it is not heating, it means its heating element is not working. When heating elements won’t work, the toaster oven won’t cook. 

The healing element usually stops due to overheating. Many people reported their oven’s heating element is broken due to overheating. 

In case the Breville toaster oven suddenly stops heating up, it means its element system has a fault. Heating elements are visible inside the oven, check if it is broken or looks okay. 

If it is broken, replace it and run the appliance again and check its working status. If still you think there is also another fault, check other causes that we have described in this article.

Element Sparking:

If you have noticed sparking from your Breville toaster oven at the time when it stopped working, something is burnt in the device. 

It’s a direct sign, your device needs to be repaired. Sparking can happen by short circuits or overheating. You have to replace the burner part. 

Sparking may be minor or sometimes it will be maximum. However, you should unplug the device immediately whenever the oven has a spark or burning smell. If smoke is also coming, there is a serious hardware loss.

Power Cut:

May it be a simple power cut! Please check if your house outlets have power available or not. Maybe it is a power cut in your area and you’re thinking why your Breville toaster suddenly stops working. 

Check the light by switching on the lighting or keep an eye on the inverter of your house to see the electricity symbol. As this is an electric-powered appliance, it must require power to complete the cycle. 

In case it is a power cut in your area, your device has no fault. Wait until the power comes into your area to restart it again.

If the cord unplugs automatically:

Be sure the device is plugged perfectly into a working outlet. If the cord of your oven fits loosely in the outlet, maybe it is not in its place and is unplugged during the cycle automatically as it is not tightly fitted to the outlet. 

However, it is a rare case that anybody may face. Be sure to check for other possible causes to secure your device from unworking.

How To Fix a Breville Toaster Oven that Suddenly Stop Working?

Fixing an un-working toaster oven is easy, inexpensive, and quick. You just need to know the true fault inside the toaster oven to repair it. Once you know the faulty part, it makes it easy to fix that. In simple words, first, know what is causing the problem, then troubleshoot that part. You must have electrician skills and experience to repair the device carefully. 

Here’re steps to troubleshoot the Breville toaster oven that stopped working suddenly:

  1. Unplug the appliance device, and be sure the device has no electricity.
  2. Keep an eye on healing elements, and check if the elements are fine or not. In case it is broken, replace it.
  3. In case the heating element is fine, dismantle the toaster oven body.
  4. Open the back of the toaster oven to see all internal parts. If there is any burnet wire, change it or fix it by creating a joint connection.
  5. If you find any part burnt or unworking, replace that part.
  6. Now, Reassemble every part of your toaster oven.
  7. Once it is perfectly assembled, plugin it and start it.
  8. The device is started successfully! 


It’s an internal hardware problem in your Breville toaster oven when it stops working suddenly or randomly. You have to repair the device. First, understand possible causes, then dismantle the back cover to look at internal parts. Repair or replace the faulty part, and start using the appliance again.