Breville Toaster Oven Keep Beeping? (Why + Fix)

Breville toaster ovens are famous for cooking delicious dishes, but they also have some drawbacks. 

Many users of this brand have reported that their Breville toaster oven keeps beeping but don’t know the reason for that sound. 

Sometimes the beeping sound may be normal, but if it is really loud it can disturb all the house members.

The Breville toaster oven usually beeps in certain cases for users to remember such as when it reaches the end of cycle, while being preheated, displays error codes, and temperature warnings. However, if it keeps beeping for no reason, there might be something wrong with its hardware. 

Let’s briefly understand why your Breville toaster oven beeps and what you should know about it.

why does my breville toaster oven keep beeping

Why Does the Breville Toaster Oven Keep Beeping?

There may be a certain reason for the beep sound from your Breville oven. Sometimes the sound is just an alert about a certain task, or it may be caused because of malfunctioning. 

The period and style in which it produces sound describe the true purpose behind the beeping. 

As a user of the oven, you need to know what it means when you hear the beep from the device in a specific situation.

Here’re some reasons your Breville toaster oven keeps beeping:

While being preheated:

As we all know, a toaster oven must be preheated for cooking, toasting, or baking anything into it. 

Sometimes some people usually miss checking the heating status of the oven when they multitask in the kitchen. 

If by chance the user doesn’t turn off the device and does not set a new temperature while the oven is being preheated, it might overheat the elements and damage them. 

This is the reason some Breville toaster oven models keep beeping when they get preheated. 

Besides if you have set the new temperature at the right time and it beeps after it, there would be some different faults.

When Food is Ready: 

Many ovens have a built-in timer to show the cooking time. As technology in electronics is developing year after year, ovens also come with timer alert sounds, such as they also include buzzers. 

If you have a smart Breville toaster oven, hearing beeping once food inside the oven gets ready as usual. The countdown on the timer is always 00.00 when it sounds. 

First-time users often think about this sound when they hear it from the Breville toaster oven’s first use. 

The volume of this beep alert is typically medium to spread the sound outside the kitchen area. 

You don’t need to worry about this type of beeping as it is not a problem, it’s just a reminder or a notification for you.

Temperature alert:

Many users have reported that their device stops working due to overheating. 

Breville toaster ovens use 1800 wattage power which is high power. If a user doesn’t set the temperature or does not turn off the power when the oven temperature touches the highest number, it can damage the heating elements due to overheating. 

The oven manual clearly shows we don’t overheat the appliance to avoid any issues between the parts. 

This temperature alert is a notification for the user to turn off the device. If you hear the beeping sound randomly in your Breville toaster oven when it is turned on, your device is giving you a temperature alert. 

Turning off and restarting the toaster oven will stop the beeping if it was caused by overheating. 

Normal working sound:

Review and feedback of the Breville toaster oven from verified customers represent that this appliance generates a sound when it runs. 

In case all the previously described possible causes are not the reason for normal volume beeping from your toaster oven, it is a normal device running sound. 

Smart toaster ovens by Breville have conventional features too. Sometimes you hear the sound from the device as the sound of a conventional fan. 

When the fan runs, it may produce a beep sound but this sound is not a normal working sound. You should repair the conventional fan if you hear the beep when you turn on it.

Unworking sensor:

Typically toaster ovens have several sensors to automate the functionality. Some sensors work to control the temperature by providing heat level reports to the thermostat. 

Furthermore, if the device has a buzzer sensor that informs the buzzer when to start and stop, the sensor should be fine all the time. 

In case this sensor is faulty and fails to turn off the buzzer, the toaster oven will continuously keep beeping. 

Unfortunately, you cannot fix this sensor if you’re not an electronic repairman. You may have to contact company support to get help with it. 

But in the meantime, you can try to find other causes of this sound if you’re not sure about the sensor case.

Faulty control board:

Every toaster oven has a control board, also known as the circuit board. This part is responsible for operating all the functionality to get the cooking done. 

Any software or hardware issue affects the control board. If all the other parts are fine aside from the control board, you may have to replace the control board. 

Unfortunately, if it is a software-related problem, you cannot fix it, but replacement is a possible left option for you. 

Control boards are inexpensive. Moreover, you can replace them yourself without taking the help of anyone. You just need electrician skills. 

How To Fix a Breville Toaster Oven That Keeps Beeping?

Most people go with the Breville toaster oven reset when they hear any loud noise or beeping sound. 

The truth is that, if you fail to silence the beeping from the oven, you have to replace the appliance and contact the support. 

In many cases, you may have to pay a similar cost as a new toaster oven when you repair the old toaster oven. 

That’s the reason people usually go with a replacement. You may also find that the Breville toaster oven beeps when off, but you must try these steps.

Here’s how to fix a beeping Breville toaster oven:

  1. Check the device where the beep sound is coming from. Detect the beeping part.
  2. If the sound looks normal, there is no fault. But if it is loud and continuous, something is wrong.
  3. Turn off the device immediately.
  4. Reset the appliance and see if the sound is silent or not. 
  5. If it is still adorable, check the control board. Unplug the device before touching its parts.
  6. If there is a smell from the board and it also has black burned spots, you need to replace the board.
  7. After getting the replacement done, restart the device.
  8. In case, the sound is still there and all parts seem to be fine, contact company support.

Final Thought!

In case the LCD shows an error code and beeps, it means any part of your toaster oven requires repair. Faults and normal alerts are responsible for the beeping sound from the appliance. 

Must read the user manual for additional information about the working system of Breville’s ovens. 

If the display has E01, E02, E03, E04, and E05 errors, and the device beeps, fixing the error code will silence this sound