Can You Put Oven Mitts In The Dryer? (Must Read)

It’s necessary to dry oven mitts before using them. It needs a perfect method to dry any type of mitts. You have to avoid some common mistakes when it’s your first time drying oven mitts.

Yes, you can dry oven mitts in the dryer, but not all of them. Silicone Oven mitts are not suitable for dryers. So you have to check the material of the mitts before thinking about drying them in the dryer. If your mitts are made of fabric-type material then put them in the dryer. 

Operating an oven without mitts may cause a few issues. If you recently washed them and If you’re thinking to dry your oven mitts in the right way then this guide will help you a lot.

Can You Put Oven Mitts In The Dryer

Can You Dry Oven Mitts In The Dryer?

There is a variety of materials to make the oven mitts. You should check the material of the mitts before putting them in the dryer. Unfortunately, some materials are not suitable to dry in the heat.

Silicon, rubber, and plastic oven mitts will be harmed by heat. Dryer destroys their supporting abilities. As we know, the washing machine dryer produces heat to dry the clothes. Dryer heat harms the chemical substance which is only dry in the air.

If you have no dryer to dry fiber mitts, you can dry them in an open area. Put your clothes on the clothesline. After some time take off them when you realize the clothes are dry.

There are a few advantages for you If we talk about those mitts which can be dry in a dryer. Fabric oven mitts also dry in a dryer, they just need a dry cycle to dry completely. If you think your mitts are not dry completely, take them in bright sunlight.

It takes less time to dry out things in the dryer, you will save hours when you put oven mitts in the dryer, so if your oven mitts are made of fabric then try to use a dryer.

What Happens With Oven Mitts When We Put Them In The Dryer?

Every oven owner likes to wash and dry their oven mitts faster. As we know, we use the dryer to dry clothes faster. Most of the time we think we could use the dryer to dry oven mitts.

A dryer uses an electric or gas burner element as a heat source. When we put oven mitts in the dryer, they start losing the wetness and start drying by facing heat in the mitts fabric. Make sure your oven mitts are dryer suitable.

We have to open the dryer top to put mitts in the dryer drum. After that, we have to set the dryer time or cycle. 

Machine fuel starts producing heat after setting the cycle or time. The dryer produces heat inside the oven mitts fabric and the fabric starts losing the water and wetness. In the end, we get dry oven mitts.

Make sure the oven mitts are wet and cleaner before putting them in the dryer. We recommend you learn what things you can’t put in the dryer.

Can You Put Silicone Oven Mitts In The Dryer?

No, you shouldn’t put silicone-made oven mitts in the dryer. Silicon is a type of material that has less efficacy to face heat.  It’s not a heat-resistant product. Silicon mitts will melt or damage in a dryer. So don’t take them in the dryer of your machine.

Silicon particles lose their strength and shape in heat, this type of material needs special treatment to dry. Silicone oven mitts only dry in the air, just put them in an open environment to dry them at a natural temperature.

A clothesline is the best place to put silicone oven mitts. The natural temperature in the air will dry your clothes on the clothesline. 

A clothesline is a wire or rope which we use to dry clothes. Keep in mind oven mitts can take 1 to 2 hours to dry on a clothesline. Every cloth takes time to dry in an open-air environment. If there is a high temperature in the air then the cloth will dry faster. Low-heated environments dry clothes slowly which takes more time.

Experts also said “you can’t wash or dry silicon mitts in a washing machine, use a dishwasher to clean and wash”. These types of oven mitts are dishwasher safe.

If you don’t have a dishwasher then try to wash them with your hands. Every soft and hard material made things wash properly with handwash, so try it out.

What Type Of Oven Mitts You Cannot Put In The Dryer?

There are four primary types of kitchen mitts popularly used in the kitchen, including aramid fabric, cotton, silicone, and neoprene (a type of synthetic rubber). Not all types of oven mitts can be put in the dryer.

The material of the mitts matters most when we have to decide to wash them in the dryer. Fabric-made mitts are suitable to dry out in the dryer, but silicon and synthetic rubber-made mitts are not suitable to dry out in a dryer.

The heat inside the dryer damages and melts the silicon and rubber mitts, but it cannot affect the fabric. So you can only dry out fabric-made oven mitts with heat.

Always use different methods on different mitts to wash and dry them because sometimes we don’t know the material abilities which results in future problems. If you think you only want to wash and dry on a clothesline, go for it.

How Do You Dry Oven Mitts?

There are natural and artificial ways to dry oven mitts. Naturally, we use clotheslines and we artificially use dryers. As we discussed earlier, we can only dry some types of oven mitts in a dryer that are made of fiber-type material.

If your oven mitts are not suitable, you can only go the natural way. Naturally, we put oven mitts on a rope or wire which we use as a clothesline. It will take more time to dry out mitts and clothes in a natural way.

If your oven mitts are suitable to dry in a dryer, you can go with natural and artificial ways. Put your oven mitts in the dryer and set the timer. When you feel it’s enough dry cycle to remove wet from them, take them off from the dryer.

A dryer is a less time-consuming way to dry out clothes and oven mitts etc. Air dry is a very time-consuming method. When you dry your clothes and mitts by air circulation then clothes approximately require 24 hours to dry out mitts.

Use a pin to hang mitts on the clothesline in the laundry and leave mitts on a clothesline for at least one day. Take off the mitts when you think they are fully dry.


Always check the material of oven mitts before putting them in the dryer because some material-made mitts will damage or melt inside dryer heat. Silicon and rubber mitts can’t dry out in the heat, so they need natural air circulation to become dry.

A wet fabric cloth can be dried out in the dryer, you save your hours of time and become able to reuse faster when you use a dryer instead of natural dry-out methods.