What Does E1 Mean on Gourmia Air Fryer? (Causes + Fixes)

Gourmia air fryers are helpful to cook food easily, however, still sometimes errors get displayed on the unit LCD. 

As a user, you should know what the E1 error on Gormia Air Fryer means, so you can fix it if it displays on your unit. However, correcting this error still requires effort and proper knowledge about the cause and solution of these errors.

If your Gourmia air fryer is displaying an E1 error code, this means any wire has a loose connection inside the device. The main unit has encountered a wiring-related problem and the device will not run until the cause gets fixed.

Let’s understand what you should do to fix the Gourmia air fryer e1 error.

What Does E1 Mean on Gourmia Air Fryer?

Why Gourmia Air Fryer Error Code E1?

Every error code on the Gourmia air fryer display informs the user that there is a malfunction in the main unit’s electrical components.

Generally, the E1 error code on your Gourmia air fryer is a sign of wiring failure. It means any connection is loose and needs to be reconnected properly. It is not a software glitch, even resetting the unit will not fix the error as the problem is related to the voltage supply.

Sometimes overheating can affect the connectivity between wires. There is blue wire in the air fryer which has a plastic build connector. With this connector, two blue wires are connected to each other. 

Shaking the device for preventing food from sticking to the basket also shakes the electrical components in the appliance. 

Sometimes the connection just requires a little shake to get loose. If the wiring has loose connections, this can cause sharks along with heating the connections. 

When the printed circuit board detects that the connections are overheating and loose, it displays an E1 error on the screen. 

You must consider each company’s air fryer is different in manufacturing and their error codes seem equal but all have unique meanings behind each error.

Every error on Gourmia air is made for the safety of appliances. When the E1 displays, the unit also stops working as it requires a checkup by the user.

If your appliance is brand new if you prefer you can contact the manufacturer’s support contact. However, fixing this error is simple, but it does require effort and proper knowledge.

How to Fix Error Code E1 on Gourmia Air Fryer?

Gourmia e1 error code fix is simple to do. You just need a screwdriver to fix the malfunctioning unit. However, if the wire needs to be replaced, you might also have to replace it.

For now, first, you’ve to access the wiring connection to address the root cause. In case you’ve no time or experience to fix it yourself, you can also take the help of a professional to do this work for you.

The following are steps to fix the E1 error on Goormia Air Fryer:

  • Unplug the device from the unit. (it is necessary to unplug the air fryer before fixing any issue, don’t skip)
  • Place it on a worktop, thus repair becomes easy.
  • Take a screwdriver and open the top screws. Doing this, the top cover will open.
  • Remove the top cover to access the internal components.
  • Now, look at blue colored wires, there is a connection between blue wires, check it.
  • Disconnect the wires that are connected with a connector, and reconnect them properly.
  • Now, make sure the connection is secured.
  • Assemble the top cover back and tighten all the screws properly.
  • Plugin the unit and test, probably E1 error is gone.

In case the error is still there, get assistance from a professional technician. If the unit is under warranty, contact the company for a repair claim.

If any electric component has black marks and seems burnt, you have to know how you can replace it as it is required to be replaced.

Note: If you have a Gourmia Air Fryer Oven and it is showing an e001 error code, the pan is not placed correctly. Thus remove the pan from the rack and insert it back correctly. Once you do this, the E001 error on the unit will go away.

Gourmia Air Fryer Error Codes:

There are several types of error codes that a Gourmia air fryer can show. Each error has a unique cause and solution according to reason. In addition to the E1 code, E2, E6, and E7 are other common errors you can find with this unit.

The following are Gourmia Air Fryer Error Codes along with their reasons:

  • E1: Some wire on the printed circuit board is disconnected (probably blue) – loose connection. Faulty temperature sensors can also cause an E1 code
  • E2: Open thermal sensor. Or Damaged temperature sensor
  • E6: Overheating. Or Overfilled Basket
  • E7: There is no pan in the basket. Or Pan is not adequate

Note: All the above-described error code descriptions are possible reasons, which means there could be another reason behind them. We’ve listed the error reasons based on our research and testing. As each unit is unique, you must manually investigate the cause.


Turn off the appliance immediately when the E1 error displays. Then let the appliance cool before touching it for repair. Once the appliance is cool and unplugged, remove the top cover to address the loose connection.

In case an electrical component is burnt, consider replacing it. However, don’t replace any component before testing it.