Gourmia Air Fryer Error Code E1, E2, E6, E7? (Explained + Fixes)

Being a user, you must know all the Gourmia air fryer error codes, thus you can easily fix them when any code displays on your unit.

Whenever the Gourmia air fryer displays any error, this means the unit has encountered malfunctioning in the system. Sometimes the appliance remains working or sometimes it won’t work until the error gets fixed.

A Gourmia air fryer can show several error codes, such as E1, E2, E6, and E7. Each code is a sign of fault and users have to apply a unique solution to each fault. However, addressing the root cause is necessary to remove the error codes. 

Gourmia Air Fryer Error Code E1, E2, E6, E7? (Explained + Fixes)

Below is the List of Gourmia Air Fryer Error Codes along with their Causes and Fix:

No doubt, Gourmia air fryers make cooking easy, but it will be a problem when any error displays on the LCD. 

If the unit is new, you can replace it, but as errors are mostly caused in old units, users should be aware of all error causes and their fixes.

Error CodePossible ReasonsPossible Solutions
E1Some wire on the printed circuit board is disconnected (probably blue) – loose connection.
Faulty temperature sensors can also cause an E1 code.
Connect the disconnected wire back. If the temperature sensor is faulty, replace it.
E2Open thermal sensor damaged temperature sensorReplacing the fault sensor will fix the issue.
E6Overheating Overfilled BasketTurn off the appliance and let it cool.
Don’t overfill the food and use less oil
E7There is no pan in the basket.
Pan is not adequate
Remove the basket and set the pan.
If the pan is not added, put it in the basket.
list of Gourmia Air Fryer error codes

What does E1 Error mean on Gourmia Air Fryer?

A loose wiring connection inside the unit is a proven cause of the E1 error on the Gourmia air fryer. Sometimes when we place the unit from one to another place, it gets shaken. And when it gets shaken, it also shakes the internal components. 

This can cause a loose connection in the system. A loose connection causes overheating and the device will immediately start displaying the error to inform the user that there is something wrong with the wiring. 

In addition, if the temperature sensor fails to work or provides incorrect sensations to the printed circuit board, this can also cause the Gourmia air fryer e1 error.


If this error is in your unit, you have to address which wire has a loose connection. As wiring is located inside the appliance, users have to remove the top cover of the appliance to know which wire needs to be connected properly. 

Gourmia air fryers have a blue color wire which has a connection with another blue wire. This connection is made with the help of a plastic connector. 

Must check this connection since we’ve fixed this error by connecting the blue wire connections properly.

What does E2 Error mean on Gourmia Air Fryer?

E2 on the Gourmia air fryer is an indication of a temperature sensor malfunctioning. It will happen when the thermal or temperature sensor is open. Open means when it is damaged and needs to be replaced. 

The thermal sensor also provides voltage to the fan motor. It can also prevent the fan from running if the thermal fuse is open. 

The temperature sensor is responsible to turn off the appliance automatically when it detects the device is overheating and it senses the temperature level inside the unit. It cannot be repaired, only replacement is the solution.


You have to replace the temperature sensor to fix the E2 error on your air fryer. To do this, first, read the model number of your unit and find the exact same temperature sensor according to the model number. 

Remove the top cover first then the entire body covers to access the competent. Access the faulty sensor and replace it. 

Assemble all the opened components and cover them back in their position where they were. Make sure every part is tight that was opened. Turn on the appliance and now the error will go away.

What does E6 Error mean on Gourmia Air Fryer?

If the temperature sensor detects that the main unit is overheating, the LCD will display an E6 error code. Your devices will automatically stop working when it gets overheated. 

Overheating can cause damage to electrical components that’s why the unit stops working. It’s a safety feature that protects the appliance from damage. 

Don’t worry if the unit turns off by itself, just let it rest. Overheating can be caused by using a lot of oil, overfilling the device, and lack of ventilation.


The solution to the E6 error is making the device cool. It means turning off the appliance immediately when it gets overheated. Let the unit cool. Don’t use too much oil for cooking further dishes. 

Don’t use the air fryer where it has poor ventilation. It has a fan which should need proper air access. Choose a space for the worktops to place and use the air fryer there. 

This will prevent the air fryer from overheating. Make Sure you don’t overfill the basket as it can also overheat the appliance. So if the food is much to prepare, cook it in batches.

What does E7 Error mean on Gourmia Air Fryer?

Using a pan in an air fryer is necessary for cooking properly and getting the best results. Air fryers have sensors to detect whether the pan is placed in a basket or not. 

If the pan is placed but still E7 is displaying, this means the pan is not adequate.


If your Gourmia air fryer is displaying an E7 error code, make sure the pan is added to the basket. If there is no pan, remove the basket from the air fryer and put the food in a container. 

Make the basket empty and put the pan inside the basket. Now add food to the pan. This will fix this error.


Gourmia air fryer error codes can come off in old and even new units. First, address the root cause of the error which is displayed, then apply the possible solutions. 

This will probably fix the errors. In case the appliance is still showing the error, get help from a professional technician.