What is a Hand Wash Setting on Indesit Washing Machine? + Tips

Some Indesit washing machine models come with a cycle called “handwash”. Practically, this setting is a specialized washing cycle designed for delicate or hand-wash-only items, such as lace, silk, wool, and other fragile fabrics. 

This is a hand wash item-friendly feature that uses a gentler washing action, lower water temperature, and reduced spin speed to minimize the risk of damaging the clothing.

Before using the Hand wash cycle on the washer, the user must know what clothes they can wash with it and how to correctly utilize this setting. Let’s dive in to understand more!

Hand Wash Setting on an Indesit Washing Machine

Do All Indesit Washing Machine Models Have a Hand Wash Setting?

Unfortunately, not all Indesit washing machine models come with a Hand Wash setting. This feature can vary depending on the model and year of production. 

It is useful to refer to the user manual or check the control panel on your machine to find out if your Indesit washing machine has a Hand Wash setting. 

If your machine has this feature, there will be a “HAND WASH” written title on the front control panel.

Here is a list of some Indesit washing machine models that have a hand wash setting:

  • Indesit BWA81485 1400 Spin 8Kg Washing Machine
  • Indesit BWE91485 9Kg 1400 Spin Washing Machine
  • Indesit IWDC6125S Washer Dryer
  • Indesit IWC61453 7Kg Washing Machine
  • Indesit IWB5065 5Kg Washing Machine
  • Indesit Innex XWA 71451 W Washing Machine
  • Indesit Innex BDE1071682XWUKN Washer Dryer

Note: It is always best to consult the product manual or manufacturer’s website to confirm the features of a specific model.

When to Use Hand Wash Setting on an Indesit Washing Machine?

We hope you got the idea of what this cycle does. It’s time to know when you should use it for best results. You can use this Hand Wash setting for delicate fabrics that require special care. Here are some situations when you should consider using it:

  • Delicate Fabrics: If you have clothing made from delicate materials like silk, lace, or wool, the Hand Wash setting is ideal. These fabrics can be easily damaged in a regular wash cycle, so washing them at slow agitation in the hand wash setting is the right choice.
  • Small Loads: We have noticed that the Hand Wash setting can provide a gentler wash When we have a small load of laundry that doesn’t fill the drum. However, this is totally optional.
  • Stains and Spills: If you have garments with specific stains or spills that need extra attention, the Hand Wash setting could target these areas without subjecting the entire load to an intensive wash.

How to Use Hand Wash Settings on an Indesit Washing Machine?

Using a hand wash setting on an Indesit washing machine is as easy as washing clothes with other regular cycles. However, you can follow the below listed step-by-step guide on how to use the Hand Wash setting:

  1. First, you must sort your laundry. Separate delicate items from regular laundry. Make sure you only include items that are safe for hand washing in this load.
  2. Also, Check the Garment Labels. Reading the care labels on clothes helps to ensure that hand washing is recommended or not.
  3. Now, Place the delicate items into the washing machine by making sure not to overcrowd the drum.
  4. It’s time to select the cycle/setting. Find the Hand Wash setting on your Indesit washing machine’s control panel. This setting is usually represented by a hand or basin symbol. Select it.
  5. Next, Select the appropriate options for your specific items If your machine allows you to adjust temperature and spin speed. For example, a cold or lukewarm wash and a low spin speed are ideal for most delicate fabrics.
  6. Use a mild, specially formulated detergent for hand wash cycles. Follow the detergent manufacturer’s guidelines for the correct amount. The Indesit company recommended using liquid detergent only for hand wash settings.
  7. Once you’ve made your selections, start the washing machine. Your machine will run a gentle cycle along with ensuring your delicate items are well cared for.
  8. After the Hand Wash cycle is complete, remove your delicate items and either hang them or lay them flat to dry. Avoid wringing out or hanging them in direct sunlight.

All the steps mentioned above can be used for every model of washing machine that has a hand wash setting available.

When not to use Hand Wash Setting?

Above, We’ve discussed when to use this setting, but it is also important to know when this setting will not be useful and should be avoided.

You should avoid using this setting when you have to wash Washing Sturdy, Heavily Soiled, and Bulky Items. Moreover, if you want Faster Cleaning, this function is not for that. Always remember to read the given care tag on the garments if available.

The hand wash setting is too gentle for tough stains and heavily soiled items. If your have these items, using a regular or heavy-duty cycle will be helpful to get your clothes clean.

On the other hand, Large and bulky items like blankets and pillows might not get clean enough on the hand wash setting. These times are best to wash with a larger load or bedding cycle.

If your clothes have care labels that recommend another washing method, like “machine wash,” “gentle cycle,” or “dry clean only,” it’s best to follow those instructions instead.

Typically, Hand wash cycles are longer, which means it takes more time to wash your clothes. If you’re in a hurry, choose a faster cycle. This cycle/setting is best for small loads. In case you need to wash a big pile of laundry, it’s more efficient to use a regular cycle.

To summarize, one should avoid using the hand wash setting when dealing with tough stains, bulky items, specific care label recommendations, when you’re in a hurry, or when washing a lot of clothes. Choose a different washing machine setting that suits your needs better for those situations.

Bottom Line

The Hand Wash setting on your Indesit washing machine is a fantastic feature for preserving delicate garments and fabrics. It can extend the life of your favorite clothing items, only when used correctly. 

You just have to remember to check the garment labels, use a gentle detergent, and avoid overloading the machine to use it. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep your delicate clothes looking their best for longer.

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