Can You Do Small Loads In A Front Load Washer?

It happens many times that we just have a small load left to wash. A person has to take care of some useful and simple points whenever they wash a small load. 

Some people new to laundry mostly don’t know; if they can do small loads in a front-load washer or not.

Small loads are suitable to wash in a front load washer, users just have to make sure the water level is set to low and they’re not using an excessive amount of detergent. However, doing ½ load is the best choice as water wastage chances are high and the machine will be unbalanced in ⅓ load.

Let’s dive into the guide to learn more about washing small loads in a front loader washer.

Can You Do Small Loads In A Front Load Washer?

Does Putting a Small Load of Clothes in a Washing Machine Damage It?

Sometimes we don’t know what to avoid when using a washer since making mistakes can damage the device.

Putting a small load of clothes in a washing machine doesn’t damage the washing machine. However, if you put in more detergent and less water than required, it can affect the quality of the drum and also unbalance the device.

Make sure you are using a suitable amount of water and detergent according to the load requirement. 

If you set the water level to lower, it is important to put the water level back to the previous point for an upcoming big load of clothes.

Generally, people ruin their small clothes when they do small loads in washers, and they mostly think it’s their washer’s mistake. 

In fact, their washing method worsens the condition of clothes. When some put an unwanted amount of detergent for small loads directly on the clothes, an excessive amount takes effect on the fabric, and sometimes it also fades clothes.

A small load covers ⅓ of the washing drum space and it requires a low water level in the drum. 

We often found that people blame their washers when their small load’s clothes lose quality because most individuals add less than the necessary water level.

How Much Should You Load in a Front Loader?

A variety of washing machines are available in this modern world, including different sizes, designs, technologies, and features. It is easy to know how many clothes you can put in a front washer based on your model.

Typically, front loader washers have a 15 – 18 pounds maximum load washing capability. Every washer comes with a user manual where companies clearly describe how much load their device can accommodate. 

Before putting the garments into your new washer, check its specification. Some machines have load labels in the form of stickers close to the drum But if you don’t find the load capacity label, take a look at the product details.

Avoiding overload in the drum is a necessary task during washing clothes in any washer. Every washer has limited power to handle cloth load weight and capacity. If someone overloads the tub of the washing machine, it can put pressure on the motor and that pressure might damage the motor as well. Moreover, overloading is also poor cleaning.

Before operating a front load washer, read its user manual where you can learn a lot about the capability of your front loader model. 

Don’t copy the load size of someone since not all people have the same-sized font loaders, which means it is not necessary that your washer can also accommodate an 18 pounds load if someone’s front loader does.

How to Properly Load a Front Load Washer?

You can get better washing results when you properly do loads in a washing machine, whether the appliance is a front load or a top load.

First, It’s necessary to sort laundry according to color and fabric type, and to do this, take three containers to keep sorted clothes. 

Next, open the door of the drum and place sorted clothes in the washer one by one. Prevent overload and clothes tightness. 

Don’t put a single item in the washing tub such as a towel, shirt, or jeans because it wastes a lot of water during the cycle and also affects the balance inside the machine due to less load weight.

Tip: A wash cycle might not stop and unbalance in the washer will happen when you only put a single piece of cloth to wash inside the drum. So don’t put a single item in the drum.

Advantages and Disadvantages of doing Small Loads in a Front Load Washer?

As some works have positive and negative points, washing small loads in a front load washer also has advantages and disadvantages. 

By reading and learning about both sides, it will become easier to decide what load size is suitable for your washer and you can also learn about the best time to put your clothes in your washing machine. 

Let’s take a look at this topic!

You can wash what clothes you require fresh immediately.It can ruin clothes if you put in more quantity of detergent than required.
Clean clothes more effectively since you can test the different quantities of detergent on load.It wastes more water as the load is small.
Make your clothes fresh with high efficiency.Drum quality can be affected by excessive quantity of detergent and less level of water.
It doesn’t create clothes tightness inside the drum.Waste more power because if you can wait for big loads, you will do much work with a single cycle.

However, it has fewer advantages than benefits. So you should avoid doing small loads in your washer frequently to protect the lifespan of your device, and the electric power and prevent water wastage.


To get better results from a small load wash, take care of the clothes cleaner amount and the water level inside the drum. Moreover, washing fewer clothes doesn’t affect the washer state if you take care of these points. A Small load should be ⅓ in the tub, so you can prevent water wastage and unbalance in the washer.