ILVE Oven Won’t Turn Off? (Why + Fix)

It may make you wonder when your ILVE oven won’t turn off. This could happen due to malfunctioning in its electrical components. 

You have manually checked for possible faulted elements. However, this issue can’t be caused by any software glitch. 

If an ILVE oven is not turning off and its display still lights up, there might be a problem with its circuit board, relay element, or switch failure. Whatever the faulty component is, you have to remove the back panel to detect and fix this issue.

Let’s understand more about how you can fix an ILVE oven that won’t turn off.

ILVE Oven Won't Turn Off? (Why + Fix)

Why won’t ILVE Oven Turn off?

Every oven has a printed circuit board, which is an electrical green color plate. It contains different types of small components on it. 

In simple words, it operates all the electrical elements of the oven, sends and receives commands, and follows the user-declared command. 

When the oven is powered on, the circuit board detects it and when the user presses the off button, the circuit board immediately stops working on all components and shuts down the device. 

It still has power access while the device is off, but not unplugged. If the user presses the turn off the oven but the oven remains on, the control board may be faulty and fails to complete the command. 

If some elements on the oven face an electrical short circuit, it can make the power direct without any resistance, this device system bypasses the power and the oven stays On. 

In addition, you must check the relay element, as it controls the power flow and completes the electric connectivity in the oven, it can continuously flow current when it is faulted. 

Sometimes, the wiring system may also result in this issue. It means if the power switch connector on the control board is broken, this will not let the circuit board complete the command and the oven doesn’t know that the user wants to turn off the device. 

Eventually, you have to manually check which component is faulty which creates this issue.

What to do If Your Oven won’t Turn Off?

If your oven won’t turn off, you have to know that something is malfunctioning in the internal parts. You have to repair or replace the faulted component to fix this issue. 

You need some tools to get the fix done, such as a screwdriver and the new part that is faulted.

User can unplug it when it doesn’t turn off to turn it off immediately. However, it is a temporary fix, so you should have to fix the problem, so it will turn off without unplugging it.

Don’t take any guess that this or that component is faulted. As there could be one or more faults that can cause this issue. You have to remove the panels of the oven to access the internal parts. 

Once you will detect which part is faulty, you will be able to know and fix the bad component.

If you don’t have experience in electrical techniques work, it may not be easy for you to replace the internal parts. However, you can do it yourself if you follow the procedure carefully.

How to fix ILVE Oven that won’t Turn Off?

First, you have to know which part is not working well which prevents the oven from being turned off. Once you know which part needs to be repaired or replaced, you will easily fix the issue. 

It takes 15 to 25 minutes to complete the fixing procedure. A screwdriver is required to open the panels and components. 

You can only know which new part you require after detecting the cause. Make sure you take care of your and your appliance’s safety when going to repair.

Here’re steps to fix an ILVE oven that won’t turn off:

  1. You must unplug the oven before going ahead. It is necessary for safety reasons, so don’t skip this step.
  1. Take an oven in a vacant space so you can fix it without any place limitations.
  1. Have a screwdriver and open the back panel of the oven. There are some screws, open them and consider collecting all opened crews in one container, thus they can’t be lost.
  1. Find a printed circuit board, it is green in color and has some small plastic and metal components on it. Remove the PCB from the oven. First, disconnect all the wiring and then take out the printed circuit board.
  1. Keep an eye on the circuit board and see what looks burnt or defective. There are two plastic box-type components called relays. If this part has a burning smell and black marks, you have to replace that component only. But if the control board is not working well, you have to replace the printed circuit board. You can also test the PCB with a digital multimeter. If you don’t have these tools, you can replace the circuit board.
  1. Connect all the wiring on the circuit board and fit it back inside the oven. Assemble the back panels and be sure the screws are tight.
  1. Plug in the oven and test if it is working now.

ILVE Oven Fan won’t Turn off?

Not in ilve ovens, but you can also find fan problems in other companies’ ovens. Sometimes the fan fails to run or sometimes it won’t stop.

If the ILVE oven fan is not turning off, its control board or thermostat may be faulty. You have to open the panels of the oven, so you can access the control board and thermostat and know which part is faulty.

A thermostat control voltage flows to the heating element and fan. When the thermostat gets defective it fails to detect the oven temperature, and if the thermostat is faulty, the oven will not know that the oven is cool and run the fan continuously to cool the oven.

On the other hand, if the control board relays are damaged, this can also run the fan continuously and don’t turn off the fan until the device gets shut down. 

The fan is only to cool down the oven and regulate air to maintain internal temperature. It should be fine to use the oven without any issues.