Maytag Centennial Washing Machine Clicking Sound? (Solved)

A washing machine can make different noises. Sometimes sound coming from the machine is normal or sometimes it is produced by faulty components. 

However, users should know what type of sound is normal to hear from the washer and which is unusual.

If you hear a clicking sound from the Maytag Centennial washing machine when you close the lid, this is the normal sound of the lid lock working. If the washer also stops working when it makes a clicking sound, you will need to replace the lid lock. when it works, no need to worry.

Let’s understand what you should do to fix the issue if your Maytag washer stops working when it makes a clicking sound.

Maytag Centennial Washing Machine Clicking Sound? (Solved)

Maytag Washer Clicking Noise won’t Start?

No error code in the Maytag washer makes noise. If the noise comes and the machine fails to start, it is a sign that something in the mechanism is damaged or dealing with a problem.

Technically, the Maytag washer makes a clicking noise and won’t start when its lid assembly malfunctions. This happens when the lid lock switch is not working. 

The lid has a switch, it informs the control board that the lid is open or closed. If this switch doesn’t work, the control board won’t detect the lid is closed. 

As washers do not start until the door is closed, your Maytag washer makes a noise when the lid is closed but as its switch is faulty, it will not start working.

In addition, Users have to manually check which part of the lid lock assembly is damaged. For instance, sometimes the lid switch works but it has broken wiring. 

It means the user has to know if the switch is faulty or if its power connection is faulty.

Here’s how you can fix a Maytag washer that makes noise and won’t start:

  1. Unplug the washing machine.
  2. Open the control panel situated at the top of the machine. Disconnect the wire from the lid lock button from the control panel.
  3. Now, have a screwdriver and disassemble the upper cover where the lid lock switch is.
  4. Disconnect the wiring and remove the faulty lid switch, or lid assembly if the entire assembly is bad.
  5. Fit a new lid switch or assembly there.
  6. Connect all the wiring back and assemble the covers back. All done.

Maytag Washer Clicking Noise when Agitating?

There could be several reasons behind the noise sound when the Maytag washer agitates. If the washer doesn’t have a transmission and it shifters the shit mode from agitate to spin, it can cause clicking noise. 

However, if this is the case, it is not a fault. As we cannot just guess, users have to manually investigate the cause behind it. 

Sometimes the clicking sound during agitation is not normal, it may be a sign of weak agitation, something stuck in the agitator or the issue of an internal part.

If this happens in your washing machine, you must remove the load and empty the drum. See if there are some particles stuck inside the agitator’s bottom side.

At times some users forget to remove small metal particles from washing clothes, and they put those loads in the machine. 

When the machine runs the metal particle gets stuck in the agitator bottom where it is connected to the drum.

In addition, you must check the load quantity and make sure you’re not making the drum overload. Overload can affect agitation and agitator status and can create noises from the machine. 

If you’re new to the Maytag washer must read the user manual given with the unit. If the load is underweight, and nothing stocks inside the drum, check the drive tumbler. 

Tip the washer back and put blocks or jack under the machine. This proves you access underneath where the tumbler and drive belts are assembled. 

If the tumbler looks damaged, replace it. This stops the clicking noise when the washer agitates. 

You can also take help from an electronic technician to solve this issue if you want help from anyone during the fix.

Maytag Washer Making Clicking Noise when Off?

Some users get surprised when they find they turned off the Maytag washer makes clicking noises. If the same occurred in your washer, don’t worry. Washers usually make clicking sounds when they are off and reset themself.

Your washing machine is just shifting back to the default working. Sometimes a power cut turns off the appliance randomly – this stops the program in the mid of the cycle. 

Thus, the washer has been back to the normal program, it resets itself and it makes a clicking sound when reset.

Its timer goes back to zero and creates a click-and-tick-tick sound. It is not my fault, it is necessary to work in a washing machine.

Don’t think its control board or motor has any issue. Just take your washer clean, and maintain it when needed.

You can also hear a clicking sound whether the machine is plugged in or unplugged. This sound has no connection to electric power. However, not all Maytag washing machines create clicking sounds. 

If you used another Maytag washer in which you never experienced the same sounds and working, don’t assume the current model is faulty.

Reading product manuals will be good for you to know what type of technology your washing machine follows and which types of sounds are normal to hear.


Hearing a clicking sound when you close or open the Maytag washer’s lid is normal. However, if the clicking is audible randomly from the device, you must investigate the cause. You may have to look underneath the appliance if the noise comes from the bottom.