Indesit Washing Machine Filter Leaking? Here’s How to Fix

One of the necessary components of an Indesit Washing Machine is a filter. It is also necessary to have a clean and perfect drain pump filter to use this appliance without a draining issue. However, it requires a manual check-up of the root cause when your Indesit Washing Machine filter leaks. 

Typically, the Indesit Washing Machine has no hatch as other brand washers have, but instead of the hatch, Indesit engineered a filter behind the bottom panel in the front exterior. If the water is coming from the bottom, chances are higher that there is something wrong with the pump filter.

Practically, improperly installed pump filters, broken seals, and cracked coin traps are common reasons behind a leaking Indesit Washing Machine filter. Try to reinstall the filter, if it still leaks. Make sure the bottom notch of the filter is lined up with the housing’s inside tab. In case anything is broken, replace it.

Along with causes, this guide described how to fix leaking Indesit Washing Machine filters.

Indesit Washing Machine Filter Leaking?

Where is the Filter on an Indesit Washing Machine?

Indest washing machines look similar in design to other brands’ washers, but there is a difference in filter location.

Mostly, we can see a small hatch in the front of the front loader which it’s behind is a pump filter, but in Indesit Washing Machine, they have designed a separate bottom panel instead of a small hatch.

As we know, we have to clean the drain filter of a washing machine at least once a month, thus, it is necessary to know how and where to access the filter.

To access the filter of the Indesit Washing Machine, you’ve to remove the bottom panel of the washer’s front exterior. 

The bottom panel is connected to the unit with the help of three slots. However, it depends on the model of the washer that how many slots its bottom panel has. However, most models only have 3 slots.

Put a screwdriver inside the gap between the bottom and upper pane to disengage the bottom panel. Once the bottom panel is removed, you get access to the pump filter of the Indesit Washing Machine. 

Be sure you don’t apply too much force while removing the bottom panel to protect it from breaking.  

The filter of the Indesit Washing Machine looks round and cylindrical and is black from the coin trap. The color of the filter could vary on the washer model, but the shape of the filter is similar in each model.

Reasons Indesit Washing Machine Filter Leaking?

Is your Indesit Washing Machine filter leaking? That’s the reason you landed on this page. Next, we have described all the possible and proven causes of the leaking Indesit Washing Machine filters which you should know when the same occurs in your Indesit unit. However, you will require to check the filter manually to understand each cause.

Here are the Causes of the Indesit Washing Machine Filter Leaking:

  • Contaminated Seal on Filter: Each filter in Indesit Washing Machine traps dirt and particles and filters the clean wastewater. Its pump filter has a seal on it that tightly fits the filter inside the housing and seals the gap. 

But, most of the time, the filter seal becomes contaminated with fine particles and grit. When the filter seal is contaminated, this causes a leaking issue as the seal creates a loose connection between the filter and the unit. 

If the seal is contaminated, the user needs to clean it to reuse it without any issues.

  • Improper Filter Installation: Sometimes we clean the filter and then install it back, and we find it is leaking. This happens when we incorrectly install the filter. If the same situation you’re facing, you have to reinstall the filter. 

To do this, first, remove the filter. If the washer contains water in the drum, removing the water first is important before you remove the filter. 

There is a small emergency pipe located closer to the pump filter, using that hose to make the drum water-free. Follow the next section to properly install the Indesit Washing Machine filter.

  • Broken/Cracked Filter: Indest washing machine pump filter is made of plastic material. Its round cylindrical body is engineered with strong plastic, but as it is made of plastic, this can break when someone installs the filter with too hard a push force. 

You have to remove it to check the status of your washer’s filter. Once it is removed, keep an eye on every side of the filter. 

You must notify the coin trap area as it is the main front of the filter. If the filter is fine, reinstall it after cleaning it. In case it is broken or cracked, get the same part for the Indesit Washing Machine filter replacement.

  • Damaged Filter Seal: There is a black colored rubber seal on the filter behind its coin trap. This seal fills any probable gap that gets created while installing the pump filter. 

Sometimes, this seal just gets contaminated, but sometimes it gets damaged when the filter traps a sharp component. 

When you have removed the filter, you must check the condition of the seal. If it is loose and needs to be replaced, get a new same-size seal for the filter.

  • Clogged Filter: Typically, Indesit Washing Machines have three to four filters. Each filter traps dirt and particles from the laundry. The drain pump filter prevents and traps dirt and particles from entering the drain pump. 

This filter gets clogged when we don’t clean it for more than one month. When the filter is blocked, the water in the drum puts excessive pressure on it. 

Too much pressure weakens the seal and connection between a very old filter and the unit. It is recommended to keep the filter clean.

How to Fix Leaking Indesit Washing Machine Filter?

If your Indesit Washing Machine filter is leaking, this is necessary to fix it as soon as possible, so the water doesn’t get wasted. 

Fixing a leaked filter is simple if done correctly. As this can happen due to several reasons, check for each. A towel, bowl, and screwdriver are required to follow the next procedure.

Here’s how to fix the Indesit Washing Machine filter leakage:

  1. First of all, you must isolate your washer from the mains. This is important to unplug the unit before fixing any hardware-related issue.
  1. Take a screwdriver and insert it into the slots from where the bottom panel is connected. There are three slots, disengage the bottom panel from each slot one by one.
  1. Once the bottom panel in the front is removed, you get access to the pump filter. Now, put the towel on the floor to filter the location. And remove the water from the emergency hose located close to the coin trap and use a bowl to store the water.
  1. Rotate the coin trap counterclockwise to remove it. Once the filter is removed, check its material and verify that there are no cracks. Also check the seal, if it is contaminated with grit, then clean it with a piece of clean cloth.
  1. If the filter or its seal is broken or cracked, replace it. Read the model number given on the unit and find the same spare part for replacement.
  1. Now it’s time to install the filter: make sure the filter is clean before installing it. First, line up the filter bottom notch with a small tab inside the housing and insert the filter. Push the filter while rotating it clockwise. Verify that the filter is securely locked to the unit.
  1. Run a drain cycle to verify if the leakage stops or not. It has probably stopped. Assemble the bottom panel back into the unit. Hold the bottom panel from the bottom, and insert it in the given slots on the unit body. Just apply little pressure to securely install the bottom panel of your Indesit Washing Machine.