Indesit Washing Machine Door Won’t Open? Here’s How to Fix

Whether it’s a new or old Indesit washing machine, you can see door-related issues with it. They should be closing and opening perfectly, so you can put and remove clothes from the drum. 

If your Indesit washing machine door won’t open, this guide is for you. Not only you, but some more people have also faced this issue with their units as reviews show.

If power interruption or malfunction occurs randomly, an Indesit washing machine door won’t open. To fix this issue, you will need to manually pull the green tab down that is located inside the bottom panel of your washer. Doing this will open the door instantly.

Along with causes, we’ve described how to release the door on an Indesit washing machine. Let’s dive into the guide.

Indesit Washing Machine Door Won't Open?

Indesit Washing Machine Door Won’t Open After Wash?

If your Indesit washing machine has just finished its wash cycle and now its door won’t open, you can also see a red lock light blinking on the display. This happens when the safety feature gets activated in the washer, and due to this its door doesn’t release. 

If there is still water in the machine, the door may be locked as a safety feature to prevent water from spilling out. Try running a drain cycle to remove any excess water.

Sometimes the drain hose of the washer gets clogged, and due to this, the water remains in the washing drum. If the water doesn’t go out after activating the drain cycle on your Indesit washing machine, check if the drain hose or pump is clogged. 

You can remove the water from the emergency hose which is located under the bottom front panel. However, you can still open the door by manual method. First of all, you should try to reset it. 

Simply isolate the unit from the mains, then plug it in back after a few minutes. If the issue was due to a software glitch, the red light will be clear on the LCD of your washer, and the door will unlock.

New Indesit Washing Machine Door Won’t Open?

Most Indesit washing machines follow the same features whether it’s an old or new model. Technically, we can find some safety features in them. First, we need to understand why the washer is not allowing us to open the door, there are two possible reasons – due to safety purposes or when it has malfunctioned.

The following are reasons why a new Indesit washing machine door won’t open:

The safety feature is ON: 

Some Indesit washing machines come with a child lock feature. When this is activated, it prevents the door from opening. Moreover, there is another feature that gets activated when there is still water in the machine. 

This gets activated because these safety features help to prevent water from spilling out. However, we can see on display which safety feature is on, and then we can turn off the feature according to instructions.

Due to malfunctioning: 

As we discussed before, it is important to have no water in the drum to open the door of the washer. Indesit front load washers don’t allow you to open the door when there is water in the drum. 

So if you have run the drain cycle but still water is in the drum, the drain filter is blocked. When this happens, the machine is not able to drain properly, which can cause the door to remain locked. 

Moreover, if all lights are flashing on an Indesit washing machine, this is a sign that your unit has an internal fault that needs to be addressed.

What do you do If your Indesit Washing Machine Door Won’t Open?

There is a manual method to release a stuck Indesit washer door. This will take 5 – 10 minutes to release the door with the below-described steps. You will need a flat screwdriver or an object like a kitchen knife during the process.

Follow the below steps to release your Indesit washer door when it doesn’t open:

  1. First of all, you should make sure that your washing machine is unplugged from the power outlet.  
  1. Now, Locate the bottom panel on the front exterior of the washing machine. It is usually at the bottom of every Indesit machine and can be removed with the help of a flat object like a knife or a flat screwdriver.
  1. Use the flat object to carefully remove the front bottom panel. Insert that object inside the space between the bottom and its upper panel, and remove it from the slots. Be gentle and avoid using excessive force to prevent any damage to the machine.  
  1. Once you have removed the front bottom panel, look for a small green color tab under it. This tab is used to release the door in an emergency.
  1. Now, Pull down the green tab gently but firmly, and you will hear a click sound. This means that the door has been released successfully.
  1. Finally, the door will automatically open. You can now access the inside of the washing machine to remove your clothes or any other items. Remember to replace the front bottom panel of the washing machine before using it again. Just attach the slots where you have removed them.

How to Open a Locked Indesit Washing Machine?

If you find yourself in a situation where your Indesit washing machine is locked and you cannot open it, there are a few things you can try before calling a repair technician. 

Firstly, see what type of error code or light is showing on the display. If you don’t know about the symbol that is showing, then check if there is any residual water left in the machine. If so, try running a drain and spin cycle to remove the water. 

Sometimes, most washers may lock themself as a safety measure when there is still water inside. Next, isolate the unit for a few minutes and then plug it back in. This can sometimes reset the machine’s control panel and helps in cleaning errors. 

If neither of these options works, you probably have to pull down the green tab that especially works for releasing washer doors in an emergency.