Common Cuisinart Toa-65 Problems and Troubleshooting

When it comes to smart toaster ovens, Cuisinart is a popular and leading manufacturer. Like other reputable and famous brands, their household appliances also show issues sometimes. Some of their customers have reported issues with their Toa-65 model unit as reviews on third-party sites represent. This is a list of the most common Cuisinart toa-65 problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Cuisinart Toa-65 Problems

Dial Not Working

This model has a selector dial on the top front exterior to select a smart function. This is a necessary component as the user needs to rotate it all the time to operate the unit. Sometimes this kitchen knob stops working due to damage and internal power issues.

If the dial is not working, users have to replace it as it is damaged from the inside. However, still manually checking is important to address the root cause. You can find a similar dial from the manufacturer’s store.

In case it is becoming harder to get a new part for replacement, contacting the manufacturer for assistance would be a great idea. Unfortunately, you can’t use your unit until its dial is fixed.

Fan Noise

If you want to use a Cuisinart toa-65 smart air fryer toaster oven, you have to consider cleaning it frequently. If this unit is not cleaned after several uses, it becomes noisy due to fan noise. When we don’t clean the unit from the inside, oil and residue build-up on the fan blades and create loud and unusual noise.

If you’re noticing the same with your unit, check its fan. To clean the fan, you need a clean piece of cloth. Don’t use water to clean any component of your unit. Wipe the cloth over the blades until they shiners. In addition, if the fan is clean but still making noise, loose blades are the root cause. Yes, sometimes manufacturing flaws, lack of care, and overuse can lose the fan blades.

Every loose object makes a noise when it rotates at some speed. However, it is necessary to keep the fan blades tightened to prevent damage to appliances. So checking the blade status makes it easier to keep the unit silent and free from fan-related problems. If any fan blade is broken, replace it.

Oven Stopped Working

When there is a Damaged power cord, no power, and an issue in the printed circuit board, Cuisinart Toa-65 will stop working. If your Cuisinart toa-65 is working and just stopped working, ensure that the unit is plugged into a socket and the outlet has power.

If power is available to the device but still is unresponsive, there might be an internal issue. To detect the actual cause, you have to remove the cover of the appliance. However, if you have no experience in fixing an air fryer toaster oven, you probably need the help of a technician who can fit it for you.

Moreover, If the Cuisinart toa-65 stopped working by making a pop sound, it means a circuit short happened in the unit. This is a sign that any electrical component is burnt. So, keep an eye on each electrical component and replace the shorted element.

Sometimes it Stopped Toasting

Some users reported that their culinary toa-65 smart oven stops toasting. This means they are unable to prepare any toasting recipe with their device. First of all, to fix this Cuisinart toa-65 problem, the user needs to understand what is the cause.

Technically, a broken heating element and a faulty circuit board are two reasons why an air fryer toaster oven stops toasting. There are two heating elements in the unit, one on top and the second on the bottom. When the toast function is selected, this turns on the heating element.

If the heating coil is damaged, the unit will not toast and the food remains uncooked. However, replacing the heating element fixes this issue. In case the coil is fine, test the printed circuit board. Unfortunately, if any side of the PCB is non-working, we’ll have to replace it.

The unit was not Turning On

Cuisinart toa-65 is an electrical powered device. If the power cord of your appliance is not plugged into an outlet, it will not turn on. However, this is also important to make sure that outlet has power before plugging any appliance into it.

Technically, a damaged power cord, a loose plug connection with the socket, and a faulty printed circuit board are common reasons why a Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven does not turn on. If the cord is broken or burnt at any point, replacing it will fix the issue. Each unit has a wattage usage specification, and whenever you need to replace the power cord, you must check if the new cord is capable of flowing that much voltage.

If your brand-new unit is not turning on, there could be a manufacturing flaw, and in this case, contacting the manufacturer for a solution is the free and right way to fix the issue. Furthermore, it is not a secret that when someone is new to any gadget, they are required to learn how to use it. So, ensure that you’re turning on your Cuisinart device correctly.

There is a Smelling Issue

If you’re going to get a New Cuisinart toa-65 smart air fryer toaster oven, you need to know that it typically smells like burning plastic during some first uses. However, the plastic smell goes away after using the device several times.

TIP: if you want to remove the smell fastly, set it to the highest temperature range and run it several times a day. In addition, After using this device for several days, we noticed that when you fully fill it with food and set a higher temperature, it starts smoking and smelling.

No doubt lack of cleaning is the most common reason for the smell. Practically, you can’t overfill this device, if you do, ready for smoke and a burning smell. It is recommended and best to clean this unit after each use to keep it odor and smoke-free.

Requires Often Cleaning

If you’re a busy person and usually don’t take time to clean out your appliances, this habit would be an issue for you when you use this appliance regularly. It has a crumb tray that carries and stores food residue. If it is not cleaned after several usages, it smells and you will notice an odor from the oven area.

Thus, if you want to use this device, you will need to maintain its cleanliness. Remove the crumb tray and remove all the residue and hand wash it. Once it is dry, put it back inside the unit. Make sure the appliance is cool before you clean its heating element, or inside corners.