Margaritaville Machine Red Light Flashing? (Why + Fix)

Margaritaville machine has a light in the front that tells the user when to use it or when not. In simple words, this small light turns green and red in some situations. 

But as we know it should be green, then you can use it. If your Margaritaville machine’s red light flashes, this guide describes what it is and what you should do.

Margaritaville machine flashes a red light when Ice Reservoir, Ice Reservoir Lid, and blending jar are not properly installed and unlocked. It’s a safety feature that indicates a fault. Once the unlocked part is locked, this light will turn green and you can use the appliance again.

Let’s understand when your Margaritaville machine flashes a red light and how you can reset it.

Margaritaville Machine Red Light Flashing?

What does the Flashing Red Light on Margaritaville Machine Mean?

Margarita machines use high technology to make the use easy and proper. It has a small round-shaped light in the front that indicates to the user when the machine is ready to use. 

As this machine gas some parts that we usually disengage to clean them, such as Ice Reservoir, Ice Reservoir Lid, and blending jar. 

Each of these parts should be installed properly and must be locked after engaging with the machine. You will see a red light flashing when any part is not installed properly and is unlocked. 

As we are humans, we often forget to do things when we are busy and multitasking. Margaritaville Engineered their machine especially to avoid mistakes and make the work easier for users. 

Light turning red and green is only for the user’s safety. However, when you properly install an Ice Reservoir, Ice Reservoir Lid, and blending jar and lock them, this red light will stop flashing. 

When the red flashing stops, a green light appears, which indicates to the user every part is locked and now, you can use the machine. 

Many of their users appreciate this advanced safety feature as feedback represents. Once the green light is lit up, the machine will allow you to pour ingredients and ice to shave and blend.

How to Fix Red Light Flashing on Margaritaville Machine?

You don’t need any tool to fix the flashing red light. This will only take 2 – 5 minutes to turn the red into a green flash. If you’re new to this machine, you may get worried about it, but in fact, you don’t need to worry. 

Consider checking the user manual given with the new unit. In case the manual is not available, try the steps described below.

Here’s How to fix the red light flashing on a Margaritaville Machine:

  1. Make sure the device is connected to power and is turned ON.
  2. Check all the accessories such as Ice Reservoir, Ice Reservoir Lid, and blending jar.
  3. Hold each part and make sure it is installed properly and locked.
  4. Whatever part you noticed was improperly installed, remove that and reinstall it. Be sure now that part is locked.
  5. Now, the red light stops flashing and turns green.

In case you don’t know how to install those parts, follow the following lines. All these accessories get locked and installed when we fit them into their positions and rotate them. Rotating them anticlockwise can lock them and rotate clockwise can unlock them.

Don’t lock them too hard, it can break any of these parts. These parts are made of plastic which is not a super strong material.

Here’s What You Should Know Regarding Margaritaville Machine Blinking Red Light:

There are some important points on which you should keep an eye and remember whenever you see a Margaritaville machine flashing a red light. 

As we described before, red light flashing is a safety and fault-informing feature.  

First of all, don’t think that your appliance requires repair when a red light is flashing. 

Secondly, don’t try to use the machine when the red lights in ON. As this is a fault indication, using a machine with a fault may create an issue with the appliance. 

If the Ice Reservoir, Ice Reservoir Lid, and blending jar, any of them are loose and unlocked, something can break when the machine runs. 

So always take care of your and your machine’s safety. Otherwise, once the light turns green, you can use the machine without any problem.

Margaritaville machine blinking red light is not any hardware-related problem. You will not see any red light until accessories are installed and locked perfectly.

If you think all things are installed and locked perfectly, disengage all those items. Clean the machine and positions where you connect all those parts. 

This machine uses small hardware that sends the command to the machine control board that the item is locked or unlocked. 

If this thing has some dirt on it, it will fail to detect the installation of accessories. So must take care of these points to fix the red light flashing on your Margaritaville machine.