Washing Machine Goes Straight To End? (Here’s Why)

The washing machine must be in good working order to wash the load. But this is a serious problem with the hardware when the washing machine goes directly to the end. 

Unfortunately, the display will not show an error when this problem occurs. So the user of the washer has to manually check where the fault is.

However, you can fix a washing machine that goes straight to the end if done correctly. In this guide, we have described all the important information about this issue that you should know to fix it.

Usually, when the door switch or printed circuit board components are damaged, the washing machine will shut down within the initial few seconds. If any of the resistors, capacitors, transistors or sensors, etc. burn out, the program you dialed will stop without completion.

Let’s understand more about the cause and fix for a washing machine that stops straight to the end.

Washing Machine Goes Straight to End?

Why Does the Washing Machine Go Straight To the End?

Most of the time when a washing machine deals with any fault in its component, it displays an error code on the LCD. but, problems related to circuit boards have no fixed error codes. When this malfunction occurs, the machine goes shutdown randomly. 

We’ve fixed some washing machines which were stopping after a few seconds when the cycle started, most were stopping when the drum just started to fill with water. 

However, it doesn’t mean when the washing machine stops. For example, If it is stopping without completing the cycle or program, the cause and its fix are the same. It means time doesn’t decide about cause and fix. Users have to investigate the faulty problem. 

Here’s why a washing machine goes straight to the end:

The problem is in the internal parts. You have to disassemble the back cover of your washing machine to find the faulty part. In case a burning smell is coming, this is a sign that indicates something is burning in the machine.

Usually, a Burnt or bad capacitor on its circuit board cause program failures. This means you have to check the components on the circuit board that is located inside the machine. 

If the door switch is damaged, this can also happen. A damaged door switch did not let the circuit board of that door is closed. 

The Circuit board can stop the dialed program if it detects that the door is open because an open door can leak water and clothes will not wash.

How to Fix a Washing Machine that goes Straight to End?

If you’re not an electronic technician, fixing this issue may not look easy for you. Fixing this requires some electronic technician skills. However, you can still fix it by following the below steps carefully. 

A digital multimeter, screwdriver, a desoldering station, a new component that is faulty, and soldering tools are required. This will take 20 – 40 minutes to complete this fix. Don’t try to do the fixing procedure fastly if you never had done it before.

Here’re Steps to fix a Washing Machine that goes Straight to the End:

  1. You must turn off the appliance and unplug the appliance from the outlet. It is necessary for your safety.
  2. Slide the machine forward to access its backside.
  3. Have a screwdriver and open the back panel known as the back cover of your washing machine. Consider placing the back cover in a safe place.
  4. You should check the door lock and switch first, but chances are higher the fault is in the control panel.
  5. If anything is loose or damaged on the door system, replace or repair that part. If not, follow the next steps.
  6. Find the printed circuit board that might be on the front panel side. Take a picture of it so you cannot forget which wire was connected to which connection on the circuit board.
  7. Remove all the wiring and remove the circuit board from the appliance and place it on a counter space.
  8. Look carefully and instigate which part looks faulty. Any of the Capacitors might be faulty as we experienced in our recent fixes.
  9. Have a desoldering station and remove the faulty component from the circuit board. Remove all other capacitors also for replacement. You can test the capacitor with the use of a digital multimeter if you want.
  10. Now, fit new exact specifications having capacitors where you have disconnected faulty ones.
  11. Use the soldering tool to permanently fix the capacitor on board.  
  12. You must take care of the positive and negative sides of the capacitor and fit them according to the + and – Poles. The large wire on the capacitor is its positive wire connection side.
  13. Reconnect all the wires back with a printed circuit board as you captured the picture before.
  14. Assemble the back cover and turn on the device. Now the test is working. 99% chances are it is working.

What You Should Do When the Washing machine on washing starts goes straight on to the end cycle for about a minute and then stops?

In our study, we found that this random shutdown issue can be found in old and even new washing machines. Usually, people think they need to repair their appliance but a repair can fix their device.

You should also check the power cord of your deceit and must check the plug. Sometimes a loose plug fails to provide sufficient power and leads the device to shut down. If the power cord cuts and is burnt, this will also fail to supply the power and do the same.

If both cases are not the reason, you have no choice but to investigate the problem aside from accessing the circuit board and fixing it. Mostly this problem was caused by old units as their circuit board components faced a lot of usages.

You can find replacement components from online or offline electronic repair stores. We hope this will help you.

You can approach an electronic technician if you don’t want to fix it yourself, otherwise, follow this guide. And if you have any questions or further queries, feel free to describe them in the comment sections.