Speed Queen Washer Beeps 3 Times Won’t Start? (Solved)

A beep sound from a washer is an indication of malfunctioning in any component. 

Users must intentionally note when the machine beeps and how many times it beeps. However, this sound is helpful to alert the user about the fault.

If a Speed ​​Queen washer beeps 3 times and does not turn on, the lid lock assembly may have failed to function or the drain filter is clogged. The user has to check both these components to find out the actual cause and correct it. Also, one must check that the lid is properly closed.

Let’s understand what you should do to fix your speed queen washer so it can stop beeping and start working again.

Speed Queen Washer Beeps 3 Times Won't Start? (Solved)

Why does the Speed ​​Queen Washer Beep 3 times and not Start?

Speed queen washers can beep in various situations, but the sound generates only when it deals with the problem.

It beeps when the washer detects something wrong with working. If it beeps 3 times and won’t start, the system detects the lid is not locked, the drain system is clogged, or water is insufficient to wash the load.

Here are some possible faults to check when the speed queen washer beeps 3 times and won’t run:

  • The lid is Not Locked: 

Some washing machines run even though their drum door is open. But, smart washing machines like speed queen use advanced technology and won’t start when their lid is open. Sometimes we think the lid is closed but why does the machine detect the lid is open? It happens when the lid is not locked whether or not it looks closed. 

So be sure the lid is locked properly. When the machine beeps when the lid is unblocked, don’t think the machine has any fault. It is just a safety feature.

  • Lid Lock Assembly is Damaged:

If the lid is not getting locked, its door latch lock assembly is damaged. Every washing machine has a lid lock assembly that holds the door and locks it. 

It also informs the control board of the washing machine that the door is locked. If this component is damaged, the washer will not detect whether the lid is locked or not and will start beeping. 

As washers do not start until the door is closed, your speed queen washer makes a noise when the lid is closed but as its switch is faulty, it will not start working.

 In addition, Users have to manually check which part of the lid lock assembly is damaged. For instance, sometimes the lid switch works but it has broken wiring.

  • Clogged Drain Filter:

You can find a drain filter on the front on the bottom right side of your washing machine. This filter stops particles and solid dirt from going inside the drain pump. 

If you often wash dirty and sandy clothes in your washing machine, this filter can quickly clog. 

The drain filter should be cleaned properly to start any washing cycle in the machine because the machine will not fill with clean water until the drum throws the dirty water away. 

If the drain filter is clogged, it will not allow the water to go inside the drain pump and hose and become a blockage.

  • Maybe Lid Lock Switch is damaged:

Washers have a lid lock switch that informs the washer that the lid is closed. If this switch has broken wires or is damaged. You have to remove the panel from the drum front where the switch is located.

Remove the switch and fit a new one there if the switch is damaged. If you see black marks and get a burning smell from the switch, the switch needs to be replaced.

How to fix Speed ​​Queen washer that won’t start after beeping three times?

As it depends on cause types, you have to take a unique approach to fix each cause. First, you must know which part is causing the issue. 

Once you know whether the clogged drain hose or lid assembly causes the issue, you can follow the below steps according to the cause type. 

It would take 15 to 30 minutes to complete the fixing procedure. A screwdriver is required for both types of repair procedures.

Here’s how you can unclog the drain filter:

  1. Unplug your washing machine.
  2. Open the drain filter cap and look if it is clogged or not, you can find it in the front bottom right side. 
  3. Remove all the dirt from the filter and make it clean.
  4. Put the cap again on the filter.

Here’s how you can replace the lid lock assembly and switch of a washer:

  1. Unplug the washing machine.
  2. Open the control panel situated at the top of the machine. Disconnect the wire from the lid lock button from the control panel.
  3. Now, have a screwdriver and disassemble the upper cover where the lid lock switch is.
  4. Disconnect the wiring and remove the faulty lid switch, or lid assembly if the entire assembly is bad.
  5. Fit a new lid switch or assembly there.
  6. Connect all the wiring back and assemble the covers back. All done.

What to do when the Speed Queen Washer keeps Beeping?

As a user of the Speed queen washers, you must know why your appliance is beeping. Typically, this can only beep when your washing machine shows an error. 

As every error has a solution, you can fix it after reading the user manual. However, if it continuously beeps and shows no error, you have to check the control board. 

Maybe the control board is faulty. If your speed queen washer is new and under warranty, you must contact the company support, they will send you repairman and repair at no cost.