Miele Oven Display Not Working? Why + Fix

Every model of Miele oven comes with a digital display. This is an important part that should be working fine to operate this appliance. However, if your Miele oven display is not working, it leaves your food uncooked as you can’t select any function on the panel until the display gets fixed.

This is possible to fix and get the display back working on its track, but only when you know the actual cause behind its blackness. It means, first we’ll need to find the real cause which is preventing the display of the Miele oven from working. 

Practically, if a Miele oven display is not working, it could be caused by no power access to the unit, a faulty display itself, or an issue in internal wiring or electrical components. Additionally, if the Miele oven control panel is not working, this can also make its display blank.

Let’s dive into the guide to know the fixing process in-depth.

Miele Oven Display Not Working

Reasons Miele oven display is not working?

If you found your Miele oven display not working, you will need to check for the causes described in this section. So, you can identify the actual cause behind this issue in your unit. Make sure you should check each thing carefully, and properly, so you can’t miss something.

Check the following possible causes in your Miele oven if its display is not working:

  • Power outage: first of all, you should ensure that an electrical supply is available to the appliance. If there is a power outage, or the device is not turned on, its display will not get active. A broken power cord and no power available in wall outlet sockets are the two main causes of power outages in ovens.
  • Display fault: If your Miele oven is turned on and you can see it is working, but still its display is blank, it could be due to a faulty display itself. However, you must check all other possible causes before thinking of replacing the display. If the display is defective, it will need to be replaced.
  • Control board issue: Miele ovens are digital and high-tech appliances, they typically get controlled by the touch panel of their display. But it also has a control board inside it, which operates and controls all the parts of this appliance. You may need the help of a technician to inspect the control board as it requires repair skills and experience.
  • Electrical damage: If any electrical element inside the oven is not working due to damage or any other problem, this can also make its display blank. Most of the elements inside the Miele oven are interdependent. It means if anyone stops working, it will affect the working of another part. Wires and circuit boards are two interlinked elements of the display.
  • Oven power switch failure: on the assumption the oven has power access and its power cord is supplying the electrical power correctly, but the oven display is not blinked, this can happen when the power switch is not working. If the power switch is faulty, it will not allow the electrical power to go inside all the electrical parts of the Miele oven, which results in a not working display.

How to fix the Miele oven display that’s not working?

Now you know all the possible causes behind a not working Miele oven display, it is time to fix it. You will need to first keep your oven unplugged before proceeding to the fixing procedure.

  1. First, check the power code of your Miele oven. We know that it is a wall oven, and you find it tough to check the power cord, but you must do this. Just look at the power cord and make sure there is no damage or cut on any part. If the power cord is damaged, get a new power code according to the model number to replace it.
  1. In case the power cord is fine, make sure the socket has power access. Plugin other appliances there to make sure there is electric power available. If there is no power, wait until the power comes back.
  1. If these are not the cause, you will need to check the display and other internal components’ conditions. Get help from a technician to help you with this work. Don’t do it until you’re not sure.
  1. The technician will disassemble the oven panels and will inspect the control board, switches, and display with a digital multimeter. Once they encounter the real cause, such as a broken wire, defective display, or circuit board element issue, they will repair that. It requires technical skills and tools to repair these parts.

When to call a professional

We know that not everyone has experience in fixing technical issues. Sometimes we need help from someone who can help us in diagnosing the problem. So, If you are not comfortable troubleshooting the problem yourself, you should call a professional.

However, if the issue is not technical, such as a power outage, you should wait until the power comes. In this case, you don’t need to call a professional. 

However, if the power outage is due to a damaged power cord, replacing it is necessary. If you’re not sure how to replace it, get help from a qualified technician.


Make sure your Miele oven has power access and its power switch and power cord are working if its display is not working. Additionally, an inspection of the control board and other internal components is required to address the cause. Once the real issue gets fixed, the display will start working again.