Ninja Air Fryer Overheating? Here’s Why + Fix

The Ninja air fryers should be under their maximum temperature range. If it is overheated, it won’t work until it recovers for further use. 

If you experienced the same with your unit, you must know what is causing your NInja air fryer to overheat.

Using too much oil, overfilling ingredients, or lack of ventilation are some common causes of Ninja Air Fryer overheating. However, using oil as needed, not overfilling the material, and keeping the equipment in a well-ventilated area can prevent this problem.

Let’s dive deeper into the Ninja Air Fryer overheating causes and fix the guide, so you don’t have to face this problem with your unit again.

Ninja Air Fryer Overheating? Here’s Why + Fix

Why is Ninja Air Fryer Overheating?

You should take care of your ninja air fryer if it is overheating. If this situation comes off frequently, it can develop hardware-related issues in the unit. 

If your ninja air fryer is overheating often, it doesn’t mean there is any faulty component in the appliance. It is only caused because of incorrect usage. In simple words, you’re not using this appliance as required. 

Below we’ve described some probable causes that you should check if your air fryer overheats:

  • Overfilling ingredients: Air fryers are famous for their cooking advantages, and the way they fry the food. Some users overfill the cooking basket of the air fryers, so they can cook more food at a single time. But, this is not recommended. 

The basket of your appliance is capable to store food, but the problem comes off when you overfill it with ingredients. When the basket is overloaded and you have put it inside the appliance, the heating element gets a lot closer to food. 

And when the machine runs, the food closer to the heating element makes the heating element overheated as the food coins some oil on it. This causes overheating in the appliance. Sometimes the appliance turns off by itself when it gets overheated.

  • Too much oil in the basket: No doubt, some amount of oil is necessary to fry the items in an air fryer. But, sometimes users use extra oil and fill their appliances with too much oil. 

When the heat gets generated in the basket, the oil inside the basket gets hot, and the heat from the heating element and oil gets combined and makes the appliance overheated. You should avoid putting too much oil in the cooking drawer. 

Air fryers are made for frying food without the use of oil, which is why they are called air fryers. They circulate the hot air around the food to fry it.

  • Poor ventilation: Choosing the right place for the air fryer is necessary. Air fryers have a fan inside them that requires a proper place for ventilation. Lack of ventilation can also overheat the air fryers. 

The fan inside this appliance runs through hot air on the food placed in the basket. As it runs fastly, it needs more air to flow. It also has a heating element fitted down to it which helps it to make the air hot. 

You should always take care of choosing a great place for your air prayer. Avoid closed cabinets and pantry spaces to use there. Counterspace is a great source of proper ventilation for this type of appliance.

How to fix the Ninja Air Fryer Overheating Issue?

As we discussed above all the probable causes of ninja air fryer overheating. Now you have to check for each cause with your unit. 

See if you’re doing something wrong or not. Maybe you don’t overfill the basket of your appliance. But maybe the place is not perfect where you have placed it.

The following are best practices to prevent overheating issues in air fryers:

  • Choose the best place for your appliance, ventilation is the number one requirement for every air fryer whether it is made by ninja or Breville. Sometimes we think the place we have chosen is right. But mistakenly we forgot to check the ventilation. 

You can place your unit on counter space where it gets enough access to air. If the unit is placed in the pantry or cabinets then remove it from there. As you wanna stop overheating, a decent space like a worktop is suitable for air pryer placement.

  • Be sure the basket is not overfilled with food. Sometimes the dish we want to prepare is big and fills the air fryer basket fully. If this happens to you, be sure the dish doesn’t come close to the heating element. 

However, the basket is big and you can put enough food inside it. You can also go with the large size basket having an air fryer, or cook the food in batches to overcome the overfilling.

  • Make sure every time you use the air fryer, use a little amount of oil. Consider checking the recipe oil requirement. Don’t use the instructions given for stove pans for specific recipes. 

For example. If the dish needs 10ml oil in a pan of gas to get fried, it doesn’t mean that you should use the same amount of oil in the air fryer. So always use less possible oil in the basket, thus oil cannot cause overheating again.

What Happens When an Air Fryer Overheats?

Overheating can affect the performance of the air fryer. Sometimes it stops the entire working and the device shuts down randomly when this comes off. However, as you’re using ninja’s appliance they cannot cause fire when they get overheated. 

Users should consider taking care of their appliances when this happens often. If you don’t take care of this appliance, it can cause hardware failure, the heating element can also burn when the device reached enough high-temperature range. 

Just take care of the things described above to prevent the problem with your unit.

Ninja Air Fryer Highest Temperature?

The highest temperature you can set in the ninja air fryer is 450℉. Some latest models offer 500℉ maximum temperature range. The lowest temperature you set is 105℉.

Must understand the requirement of the temperature range for the dish. Don’t always set the highest temp range for every dish as it can burn the dish if you overcook them.

The display represents the temperature range. You can use the temp buttons to adjust the temperature. Every function given on the control panel has its default temperature range.

Ninja Air Fryer Plug gets Hot?

Your Ninja Air Fryer’s plug has a loose connection to the socket which is the main reason why it gets hot. 

A loose connection generates heat and heat, increasing the resistance of the connection, and resulting in more heat. Use a cord extension where the appliance plugs in tightly.

It affects their design as some of their metal is loose. If the plug prongs loose metal from them, they will not get tightly fit inside the sockets. However, if the socket is old, you must try to plug the Ninja air fryer into another outlet or socket.

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