Ninja Air Fryer Plug Gets Hot? (Explained + Solved)

It is normal for an appliance plug to get warmer, but it is not fine if your Ninja air fryer plug gets hot as it can cause some issues with the cord and outlet. You should first address the issue and then reuse the device.

Your Ninja Air Fryer’s plug has a loose connection to the socket which is the main reason why it gets hot. A loose connection generates heat and heat, increasing the resistance of the connection, and resulting in more heat. Use a cord extension where the appliance plugs in tightly.

We’ve gathered important information regarding the Ninja air fryer plug getting hot that will help you to prevent this issue. Let’s dive in.

Ninja Air Fryer Plug Gets Hot? (Explained + Solved)

Why is My Ninja Air Fryer Plug Getting Hot?

Your Ninja fryer plug should be cool or warm when the appliance is running, but if it is getting hot often, you have to prevent it from getting hot as this can cause a spark in the outlet. In fact, you can only prevent it from getting hot when you know the actual cause.

The main reason behind the Ninja air fryer plug getting hot is its loose connection with the socket. This is a common problem with old units. When the plug or the socket where we plugin it gets overused for a long period, over time, their metal gets rubbed and loses some metal from them. 

It affects their design as some of their metal is loose. If the plug prongs loose metal from them, they will not get tightly fit inside the sockets. However, if the socket is old, you must try to plug the Ninja air fryer into another outlet or socket. 

Some sockets have wider holes where we insert the plug prongs. If the plug has a loose connection with the correct socket, this is the reason your air fryer plug is getting hot. 

When the plug is not tightly connected to the socket, it creates resistance, and when there is high resistance, more heat gets generated in the plug and socket. In fact, not only the plug, but the socket is also getting hot. 

You don’t need to change the plug of your Ninja air fryer as getting hot is not its fault. You just have to choose the correct socket for it.

How do you Stop a Ninja Air Fryer Plug from Overheating?

You have to follow some best practices to stop your ninja air fryer plug from getting hot. First, you must know that it is not plugged fault if it is overheating. You have to address another issue as the connection with the plug mainly causes this problem.

The following are some necessary steps you should take to stop your air fryer plug from overheating.

  • Check if the outlet: Sometimes the poor wiring causes more resistance into the outlets, indirectly it also causes heat inside the outlet metal connections. Poor wiring can overload the outlet and cause heat with normal current flow. 

So if the outlet is not well from the inside, this can overheat the connected plugs to it. Disassemble the cover of the outlet and look at the wiring, if any wire is capable only to flow less voltage, consider replacing it. 

Air fryers usually consume high voltage, and if the wire is not capable of high voltage, it gets overheated with high voltage flow within seconds. And when the wiring is hot, it transmits the heat to other metal connections also.

  • Test the connection: Hold the plug and try to shake the connected plug. If the plug is easily shaking, this means the connection between the plug and the outlet is loose. 

You have to choose the right outlet or socket where the Ninja air fryer plug will fit tightly. Thus it will get properly connected to the socket. 

If you’re using it in the kitchen, where there is only one outlet available, you have to choose another outlet whether you have to use the appliance in another room.

  • Use a Cord Extension: In case you don’t want to use your appliance in another room because of one outlet in the kitchen, you can use an extension cord.

Plugin the cord extension to the same socket where the appliance was connected. Now, plug in your air fryer to the extension cord. 

You must see the extension cord socket must have a tight and proper connection with the plug. If the plug is still shaking in the extension cord’s socket, try another extension cord. 

Is it Normal for the Prongs on a Plug to Get Hot?

No, it is not normal for the prongs on a plug to get hot. But it is normal for it to get warm. If it is getting hot, it means it is not connecting correctly to the outlet. In case you’re using the appliance continuously for many hours, the prongs on a plug can get hot.

This happens because the continuous flow of high voltage current causes resistance in supply. High resistance causes the high temperature inside the prongs. However, In case the prongs are shaking inside the socket holes, the plug will probably get hot easily and fastly.

You can use an extension code for the plug to make the connection perfect. You should also check the outlet. Because when the sockets themselves get hot, it also makes the plug prongs hot. 

Sockets and plug prongs are made of metal, and when the heat gets generated into any of one component, it transmits to another instantly and automatically.

Does Ninja Food Get Hot on the Outside?

Ninja food typically gets warm and hot on the outside when it is running and cooking something. But the control panel and the basket handle still remain cool and touchable. 

It doesn’t get extremely hot, but you can notice the changes outside easily. You should always leave the Ninja foodi alone until the countdown is running on the display. 

Once it completes the program and times get turned off, you can touch it. When its timer countdown gets completed, the internal heating elements automatically stop working.

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