Ninja Air Fryer Leaking Grease? (Solved)

Ninja air fryers can make food preparation easier by saving time, but what if you have some issues with this appliance? Some users reported that their ninja air fryer is leaking grease which is not a good thing. 

Furthermore, this also extends the work in kitchens as it makes the surface dirty with oil. To stop this, users have to address the issue first.

A ninja air fryer could leak grease due to several reasons, such as cracked basket bottom, too much use of oil, and if the unit is new there may be manufacturing flaws. In addition, if the unit is not cleaned for many weeks, it can probably happen.

Let’s dive deeper into the guide to fix the grease leakage from the ninja air fryer.

Here's Why Your Ninja Air Fryer Leaking Grease!

Why is Ninja Air Fryer Leaking Grease?

Finding grease underneath the air fryer makes us wonder when it’s a new unit. It can also generate odor when this happens. 

Users of that appliance have to address the issue first before seeking a solution. Yes, it is important because if they know the actual cause, it becomes easier to find the real solution.

The following are some proven causes of the ninja air fryer leaking grease issues:

Cracked basket bottom:

When something leaks, the first thing you have to check is if the container where the item was poured or put is fine. For example, Air fryers have a cooking basket where we put food and apply oil to the food. 

If unfortunately, the bottom of that basket is cracked and broken, the internal material or grease can go away from the open cracked part of the basket. And when this happens, you can find oil in a few minutes on the surface underneath the appliance.

Using too much oil:

Air fryers are famous because they can fry food without the use of oil/grease. Their baskets are only designed to contain food for preparation in them. These baskets are not specially designed to hold oil in them as there is no need for oil in the basket. 

However, you can still use some amount of oil on the food that is inside the cooking drawer. So if you mistakenly loaded the basket with oil, don’t repeat this. If the oil is too much, it can leak from the front and bottom sides of the appliance.

Maybe there are manufacturing flaws: 

If your unit is brand new, first understand the user manual given to it. Sometimes new users make mistakes as they leave to read the user manual. There could be a manufacturing flaw if your brand-new ninja air fryer is leaking grease. 

Must check whether there are cracks on the container or if something else is wrong with the basket. If the new unit has cracks, you should contact the manufacturer and describe the matter. 

New appliances can also brake during shipment, so you have to contact their support for a free solution.

Unit is not cleaned for a longer period: 

Care from your side for your air fryer is a must. Furthermore, it is necessary for owners to maintain the cleanliness of their appliances. Sometimes frequently used for a long time, air fryer cooking drawers become dirty. 

They can have grease stuck on their sides. When the user doesn’t clean that side grease, the grease goes to the bottom side and makes the surface dirty. If you’ve not cleaned your air fryer for a long time, you should clean it.

How to Stop Ninja Air Fryer from leaking Grease?

Once the user addresses the cause, the next step is to fix it according to instructions. You must notice from which part it leaks. Before we dive into the fix procedure, you must know that if the unit is brand new and is leaking, contact the manufacturer as they will deal with you with the best possible solution due to your product warranty.

The following are best practices to fix a grease-leaking air fryer:

  • You should clean the appliance first. Remove the basket and remove the frying pan from it. Place each item on the counter space, use a clean piece of cloth and wipe it on every part of the air fryer.
  • Don’t use any chemical solution to clean out the appliance. Be sure everything is clean. put all parts back into the air fryer.
  • Reuse the appliance and see where it is leaking. If it stops leaking, the lack of cleaning was the problem. But if it is still leaking, address the part from where it spread the oil. If grease is leaking from the screws, tighten the screws.
  • If the unit is old and its cooking basket is broken or cracked, you can use a sealant that is compatible with broken plastic fixing. You must read the instructions given on sealant and check whether it is safe for use on food preparation appliances.

How to Clean Grease from the Ninja Air Fryer?

You can use a homemade cleaning solution to clean grease from the Ninja air fryer. Have a bowl, put 3 part baking soda and mix it into 1 part water. Mix the solution well. Now remove the basket from the air fryer. 

Apply the cleaning solution all over the basket. Let the solution sit for at least 30 minutes in the basket. Wash the basket with warm water. Scrub the greasy parts with a toothbrush and rinse. 

Let the basket dry before inserting it back into the air fryer. For the upper body of the appliance, only use a dry cloth to clean it.

The Ninja Air Fryer Does it Need Oil?

Technically, a ninja air fryer doesn’t need oil as air fryers are invented to fry items without the use of any oil. However, you can use a little bit of oil on the food according to the recipe. It circulates hot air around the food placed in its cooking drawer. 

Users can set their preferred time and temperature on the control panel. If you want to use oil in the ninja air fryer, you have to use a little amount. 

Remove the drawer from the appliance, now dip the oil brush into the oil and apply a thin coat of oil on the frying pan of the drawer. 

Put the item into the drawer and insert it into the air fryer. If you have never used those appliances before, you should understand the user manual first. You can get the best results doing this.

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