Can You Put Dettol In Washing Machine With Clothes?

Sanitizing and cleaning washing machines and clothes disinfected is fruitful for every washer user. 

If you want to use Dettol in the washing machine with clothes, this guide will teach you everything you need to consider during the process.

Sure, we can put Dettol in the washing machine with clothes whether you want to disinfect clothes or just want to cleanse the drum. Use at least two cups of liquid solution to use for both; the device and garments. Make sure the Dettol form is liquid so that it can dissolve in water easily.

Let’s learn more about the topic of Dettol’s use in washers with clothes!

can you put dettol in washing machine with clothes

Where do you put Dettol in Washing Machine?

It prevents mishappening when we use things according to their usage guidelines. Like a fabric softener, you should also have to know where to put Dettol in your washing machine.

A fabric softener dispenser is the best place to put Dettol in a washing machine for drum and clothes sanitization. However, not all washing machines have fabric softener dispensers. If there’s no dispenser for the cleaner in your owned washer, you can directly through Dettol in the washing drum or tub.

If your goal is to clean or sanitize the washing machine drum, you can directly put Dettol inside the drum, but if you want to use Dettol in the washing machine with clothes, put it after placing garments in the drum.

Don’t use it in excessive quantities, if you’re going to sanitize a drum filled with clothes, 2 – 3 cups of Dettol would be enough. 1 – 2 cups will be enough if the goal is only to cleanse and sanitize the drum of the washer.

How to Use a Dettol for Washing Clothes?

If you never have used Dettol in your washer to wash clothes, you are missing the chance to sanitize your clothes. There are some methods to wash clothes by Dettol use, including easy and hard. We are going to describe the easiest.

The following are steps to use Dettol for washing clothes:

Hand wash with Dettol: 

  1. Fill ½ water in a bucket.
  2. Through 2 – 3 capfuls in the bucket.
  3. Dissolve the liquid in water by shaking water with your hands.
  4. Next, put your clothes in the bucket and hand wash them.
  5. After taking clothes from Dettol water, put them in another clean water-filled bucket. 
  6. Rewash clothes in clean water and after it, dry them on a clothesline.

Machine wash with Dettol:

  1. Fill the washing drum with water.
  2. Add 2 – 3 capfuls direct to the drum or fabric softener dispenser.
  3. Put your clothes into the washing machine.
  4. Set the rinse cycle and start washing clothes with Dettol.
  5. Once the cycle is complete, take out the clothes.
  6. Rewash clothes with a Dettol-free waster.
  7. Dry your clothes. All done!

Washing clothes with Dettol with both methods is easy and simple. You just need water, a Dettol, a bucket or washer, and time for laundry. You can use your preferred method to wash clothes with Dettol. However, how well your clothes will wash depends on your cloth-washing skills and experience. 

Does Dettol Stain Clothes?

Sometimes we wash our clothes and stains develop because of unsuitable detergent ingredients. It’s crucial to know about the effect of Dettol on clothes if you are going to use it for the first time.

No, Dettol doesn’t stain clothes, it’s a good quality cleaner with non-harmful sides. You can use it as a detergent and cleaner for removing dust and sanitizing garments. It comes in many forms, but liquid form is suitable for cloth and device washing purposes.

Stain forms when a liquid is dribbled onto a texture and the molecules are trapped inside the fibers and pores of the fabric. Fortunately, Dettol molecules don’t trap inside the fibers and pores of any fabric. 

If you still have a doubt about staining, do a test. Take one piece of cloth and put it in the washing drum. Next, add a suitable quantity of Dettol to the drum or dispenser. Make a cycle and wait until the cleaning cycle is complete. Take out the cloth and look at every side of the fabric to check if there’s any stain developed on it.

Dettol has no stain-causing ingredients, it’s a safe sanitizing solution. In simple words, don’t worry about stains if you want to use Dettol for sanitizing or cleaning your clothes.

Can we use Dettol in Front Load Washing Machine?

It is common to think a lot before using a unique thing or solution for an appliance. 

As few rules are not the same between top load washers and front load models, users often get confused when it comes to using a similar item for both. 

There is no restriction to avoid the use of Dettol in front-load washing machines. Many experiments show the benefits of disinfectant use in front-load models. It can be used for protecting the device and serves multiple benefits, including proper cleanses, providing a security shield to the body, killing bacteria, and preventing infections.

If you notice a smell in the tub or drum of the device, you should use a cleaner that has the power to kill bacteria during cleaning. 

Dettol is a proven item in the recently described requirements as it provides a cleaning and disinfecting facility in a single use. In other words, you’ll kill two birds with one stone if you use an item like Dettol.

Top-loader washing machine serves the same purpose as the Front-loader, and manufacturers mostly use the same material to build up load drums for both washer kinds. The cleaning and disinfectant solutions can be used for top loader models, you can also use it for front loader once.


You just need to use the proper quantity of Dettol if you’re going to use it in your washing machine with clothes since an empty drum requires a few cups of cleaner. It is suitable for both washer types; front-load and top-load. It sanitizes machine parts and clothes and also kills germs and bacteria.

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