Should Kitchen Island Have Seating? (Solved)

A kitchen island has many advantages for doing work in kitchen space. New island users may have many doubts about its function and facilities, including seating guidelines.

If you’re a new owner of a new kitchen and don’t know space per person for seating at the kitchen island and want to know about island seating, then this article is for you. This guide also contains overhang size details.

As we know, seating is a great way to provide rest and space to work for yourself; the proper guidelines make our work easier to set seating space in our kitchen. 

Let’s dive into the guide!

Here’s Why You Need To Have Seating At A Kitchen Island:

The kitchen island is a social hub for the kitchen. Adding seating is beneficial for working on the island worktop by seating on the chair or stand. Adding an overhang is a great way to add seating. Thus Kitchen island should have seating if you want to work or enjoy eating dishes by getting your knees under the island. It’s an advantage to have chairs with it.

should kitchen island have seating
should kitchen island have seating?

How Much Overhang Should A Kitchen Island Seating Have?

The comfortable seating is only possible with the perfect overhang, which means you need to consider adding the right overhang size for your private island. We cannot sit properly on an island without having the perfect overhang size for putting knees under the island.

The standard minimum overhang is 20 to 23 centimetres for sitting properly by taking knees under the island overhang. The maximum overhang is 30 centimetres for the kitchen island. However, a person can also select 25 centimetres for its aim overhang size.

It also depends on the person’s requirement for space using the kitchen island. But don’t use a 10 – 15 centimetre overhang because it’s not a recommended size by experts. At least go with a minimum 20-centimetre size or more up to 30 centimetres.

As we know, we want to add overhangs to make our seating comfortable. That’s why kitchen owners need to know how much overhang a kitchen island seating should have. We will easily use the space for seating when we have the right size on the kitchen island.

Every sitter wants to acquire comfortable space for seating, which means the right-sized equipment or space will complete the expectation for comfort while seating.

Can You Sit At An Island With No Overhang?

A kitchen island with no overhang has its pros and cons. A person can sit on an island with no overhang, but it is not comfortable to eat a meal/do work. It becomes difficult to eat a meal by sitting on an island with no overhang, and sometimes a person needs to have a separate table for eating and doing work.

First, identify your need regarding seating at the island and then decide on the overhang. Ask yourself some questions:- “do you want to eat a meal while seated at the island or not” or “why do you want to have seating at the island”. You will get the answer automatically in mind after asking these questions to yourself. If you want to sit for work or eat food, don’t go to an overhang island. Otherwise, choosing an island is your personal choice.

Islands with no overhang are less comfortable for seating. Pulling a stool up for a bit would be okay for sitting on an island without an overhang. 

It is all about the comfort of the seating, as we described overhand essential for convenience at the island. You will not be able to put your knees under the island if it has no overhang. You need to pull a stool up for a bit and make it close to the island while sitting on the chair. This way may be uncomfortable for many, but it’s required on an island with no overhang.

How Many Chairs Should Be In A Kitchen Island?

The size of the kitchen island depends on how many chairs should be in a kitchen island. Here we need to know the space per person for seating.

Follow the good general role, at least allow 60 centimetres space per person. It will enable a person to sit comfortably without disturbing another person while sitting on a chair or stool. If you need four chairs, multiply four by 60 and check the total centimetre to know how to use four chairs at your kitchen island.

Use the following simple formula to know how many chairs you should use on a kitchen island: 

The size of the island is divided by 60 centimetres = how many chairs you can use in a kitchen island.


If you don’t have an island and just going to purchase one, then use the following formula to know how big your island should be for X number of chairs:

The number of chairs multiplied by 60 centimetres = the size of the island.

These formulas are straightforward to follow. 60-centimetre space is recommended by experts who don’t go more or less than 60 centimetres.

It becomes easier to identify things available according to mathematics calculations. You need to have a big or large-sized island if you want to use more chairs, and it also needs to have more space to install a kitchen island in your kitchen.

Benefits Of Kitchen Island Seating:

The popularity of using kitchen islands is growing consistently in most regions. You may want to have seating on the kitchen island after reading this section because, in this section, we will describe the advantages of seating on the island.

The Following are Benefits Of Kitchen Island Have Seating:

  • Comfort: Seating is the best way to relax; it also reduces the tiredness of work. Standing for a long time may become more brutal if we use a chair on an island and place things on an overhang. It gives a comfortable feeling for work consistently without any problem.
  • Improve Experience: You can do more work while sitting comfortably, by doing a lot of work efficiently and comfortably improves our cooking experience. Experience includes the activities like cutting vegetables doing other kitchen work.
  • Explore More: It will provide you with an opportunity to explore more things while doing work without tiredness. As we know, some people can’t stand for a long time, so sitting on an island chair makes the job easier than doing work by standing for a long time.
  • Improve Productivity: No one wants to invest more time doing simple work in the kitchen like cutting vegetables etc. Seating improves our focus which means when you focus on your work, your productivity level will increase automatically.
  • Space: The kitchen islands chair is a space for rest, work, and enjoyment. You can do a lot more than you expect by sitting on the chair and working on the island overhang. It’s a space where you can meet with your partner while enjoying drinks and meals.

How Many Inches Island Overhang Enough?

While purchasing a new island, we need to remember some crucial points, including overhang size. You can select the size of the overhang according to your need. Overhang size is part of kitchen island size guidelines.

A 30 centimetre or 11.811 inches island overhang is enough for a kitchen island. The type of countertop material and thickness you choose will also determine the overhang limit. Use minimum and maximum inches requirements for overhand to get better results using the island. 7.87402 inches is minimum, and 11.811 inches in full for island overhang. You can also use mid 9.84252 inches for it. 

Choose the size of the overhang based on your need or requirements. The island is handy for meeting and eating in the kitchen with our partners. We need to ensure having perfect space for seating on the island, so our partners and we enjoy eating or meeting. It is a space for cooking, hanging out while eating and doing other kitchen work.

Some island sellers have suitable Sizes of overhang based on customer requirements. If you want to follow experts’ choices, use maximum or minimum overhang size limits.