Should You Tile Under Kitchen Island? (Solved)

Installation of kitchen island requires every essential aspect to know if you’re going to remodel your kitchen or model it. The first thing you need to know is whether or not you tile under the kitchen island. In this guide, we described the tile floor under the island cabinets.

Let’s Discuss what to do or avoid while installing island cabinets.

Here’s Can You Put Tile Under Kitchen Island:

The tile floor under the kitchen island cabinets is unnecessary, but if the place is not on the flat level, you should use floor tiles. On the other hand, the cabinet’s weight needs a firm floor. If the tiles are not well strong, then avoid using them. Also, you need to ensure the level and height for doing all this process.

Should You Tile Under Kitchen Island?
Should You Tile Under Kitchen Island?

Does The kitchen Island Go On Top Of Tile?

There is no restriction to the kitchen island going on top of the tile, but then the quality of tile matters most in this case. If the floor tile cannot face the weight of the island cabinet, then the chances of tile damage go high. So using suitable material and quality tiles is compulsory to have island cabinets go on the top of the tile.

Tile is most reasonable to provide an equal level floor for any object. Furthermore, the proper installation of tile is needed to experience the flat-level dimension.

Sometimes we want to remove the island and every cabinet from the kitchen for any matter. It makes the kitchen look great and easy to clean maintain if there are tiles under every cabinet.

The model and type of cabinet also play a role in making choices for tile under cabinets. As we the market have many options in the model of cabinets that are different in dimensions, designs, and usage, so if the island cabinet is freestanding type, tiles are essential because the floor is visible in freestanding and cabinets with toe kicks. If you use the same type of cabinet, then tiles are necessary.

Why Do You Tile Under Kitchen Island?

The model of a kitchen island cabinet is responsible for using tile under it, and the floor is always visible if the design of the island cabinet is freestanding. That’s why you tile under the kitchen island. Most under-budget kitchen remodelling services avoid using tiles under cabinets because they have a limited amount to spend on remodelling.

It’s all about our personal choice. It’s unnecessary to spend money on those areas where the tiles will not be visible after installing cabinets on them. The unit models have their specifications. Some units of the cabinet are not covered from the bottom finishes. 

Most experts advise using tiles to make the floor level equal; the plane level is fundamental to fixing the cabinet on the floor so the kitchen owner will not face any disturbance while storing things on cabinets.

As we all know well, an object will not stand if the floor is not stable for standing, and that’s the main reason most professionals guide us to using tiles under the kitchen island cabinets.

Can You Replace the Kitchen Floor Without Removing Cabinets?

We often see people want to replace the kitchen floor without removing cabinets, and they get confused about what they can do or not. If you are in this case, don’t worry. We have a reasonable answer for it in the below section.

A person can successfully replace the kitchen floor without removing cabinets. Just the primary need is to do this process perfectly. First, you need to make sure the flooring is cleanly cut with a tile saw, and you need to make sure the cabinet base level is aligned with it. The plus point is that it also saves your time, money, and effort by just not replacing necessary flooring under cabinets.

Some people have tile flooring under cabinets, but some owners do not. So this matter is the same for both peoples. This step is only for remodelling cases. Otherwise, a tile fixer contractor makes this work easy for you.

No one wants to change tiles under the cabinet where they are not visible. If you’re going to replace the flooring, first note what you expect after replacing floor tiles. 

What Flooring Is Best For Kitchen Island?

The market has many options in flooring, but you can select the best for your kitchen island. The area, its climate, and its usage decide what flooring may be best for that specific area. Otherwise, vinyl and white tiles are best for easy cleaning. 

Just consider the durability while choosing the high-quality best flooring tiles so you can decide which type of flooring is highly durable and high-quality finished. Let’s discuss!

Wood flooring is the first choice of experts for kitchen islands which is highly durable and perfect for workflow. Wood is a material that is best for an authentic and warm finish to the kitchen and working areas. 

The only wood flooring is the heightened price; it costs you more than other flooring options. But always remember that you’re looking for quality, durability, and a suitable match that brings the best possible experience for you.

Personal choice with the right decision makes significant changes. Check the quality and durability before checking the design of a floor tile.

Do hardwood floors go under kitchen cabinets?

If you want to install floating hardwood floors, always remember to install the floor after installing the kitchen cabinets. It means hardwood flooring doesn’t go under the kitchen cabinets. Glued and hardwood floors are different in installation. The floor should install a glued or nailed floor before installing cabinets. A floor that is floated should be installed after the cabinet is installed.


The House owners need to tile under the kitchen island if the floor is visible after installing the island cabinet or if there is a need to provide a plane floor under installation. It also depends on the personal choice of the owner. Using tiles is an unprecedented decision that helps you provide the best flooring bond.

Feel free to use tiles if you want to install them for your satisfaction. We hope you like this guide on tile under the kitchen island. Ask us for additional information in the comment section if you have more queries related to the kitchen.

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