Do Kitchen Islands Require Electricity? (Explained)

We need some essential helping objects to make your kitchen work more accessible. This article is for you if you’re thinking of adding an electrical outlet to your kitchen island.

Adding additional helping things supports us in doing work well. You will make it easier with electric connection outlet boards on the kitchen island or worktops.

Let’s discuss why and how to add an electric outlet! 

Here’s Should Kitchen Island Needs Electricity Outlet:

Electric outlets on kitchen islands make our work easier. You will use a coffee grinder, coffee machines, popcorn maker, mixer, etc., on the island when you have an electrical outlet code available on the kitchen island. That’s why most people add electricity outlets. If there is no outlet added, you can also add it manually.

Do Kitchen Islands Require Electricity?
Do Kitchen Islands Require Electricity?

Why Do Kitchen Islands Need Electrical?

Doing work in the kitchen is our routine where we need more help and facilities to do work as soon as possible. No one wants to miss an opportunity to make their kitchen work easier by just adding an electric circuit into the kitchen island.

A person can use coffee machines, mixers, grinder electronic devices when they have an electrical outlet available on their kitchen island. There is no need to take steps towards kitchen wall outlets by adding an electric connection. It saves your time, energy, and effort and makes your kitchen work more accessible than before.

On the other hand, it’s not necessary if you don’t want to add it to your kitchen’s island worktop. It’s a facility object which helps others in many ways.

A busy person has the maximum advantage of having electricity available on their kitchen island, so they will save time by just doing coffee, etc., and working on the kitchen worktop.

Care is the most important thing to take when you have an electric outlet on an island. In some cases, we have toddlers who are unaware of electric shocks. Toddlers may play and touch the outlet when it’s on the bottom of the island body. 

How To Get Electricity To A Kitchen Island?

Some kitchen island cabinets come with wire connections for outlets. Still, if your island cabinet doesn’t have any electrical outlet, you can manually add an electricity connection on its cabinet side. All the steps are simple and easy to follow. Follow them perfectly to get the best result. The best point is that you don’t need to have advanced technical skills to follow these steps.

Three tools are required to install an electrical outlet to the island cabinet – drill for screw holes, oscillator for cutting cabinet area, a screwdriver for attaching outlet with cabinet body. Time needed maximum 60 – 80 minutes.

Here are Steps to Get Electricity to a Kitchen Island:

  1. First, you need to check your kitchen island side and pick the right side to install the outlet.
  2. Check their overhang on the top island. Avoid the overhang side. Always pick that side with no overhang so you can use it without any issue.
  3. Mark the outlet’s design on the end of the side where you can approach the outlet easily.
  4. We need an Oscillator tool to cut the cabinet area to fix the electricity outlet board. 
  5. Cut the area the same as the length of the outlet box.
  6. Find the wire connection from the floor into the bottom of the island’s cabinet.
  7. Use a wire and connect it with an external floor electricity wire for providing electricity to the outlet.
  8. Use a box to provide a fixing area for the outlet. You can find this box at Home Depot or an electrical store.
  9. Now fix the outlet in the cut area with a screw by making a hole with a drill. 
  10. Clean the cabinet and the floor and enjoy the electricity facility on your kitchen island cabinet.

Hope these steps help you a lot. Ask for additional information in the comment section. 

Can You Put An Outlet Manually On A Kitchen Island?

Long story short, you can manually put an outlet on a kitchen island. It takes a good guide and 60 – 80 minutes to complete all the work. Just follow our described steps for learning how to put an electrical outlet on a kitchen island.

Every house owner wants to get fresh juice coffee ready in no time more space to use for work, and this will become true by just doing all this work on an island cabinet shelf.

If you are facing fewer space problems by using electronic gadgets in other kitchen areas, then adding just outlet code makes work easier. 

It makes you satisfied by using islands for making coffee with a coffee maker, cooking popcorn in a popcorn machine, etc.

What Circuits Are Required In A Kitchen Island?

Two dedicated 20-amp, 120/125-volt circuits to run your small appliance loads, including devices such toasters, electric grills, coffee pots, blenders, etc.

The circuit requirements in a kitchen island vary depending on the size and count of appliances. On average, it requires two dedicated 20-Amp, 120-125 circuits to run small kitchen appliances loads. The small appliances include electronic griddles, coffee pots, blenders, toasters, mixers, etc.

Kitchen islands are beneficial for adding additional counter space in a kitchen. It helps every single one to complete its kitchen work easier and faster. Adding an electric circuit to it will increase the usage and facility of the island cabinet.

It also decreases the electric loads on the wall outlets, and it’s the best way to separate the usage of electric outlets board, which makes them last longer and is perfect for maintaining the overall load in the kitchen circuit.

Does A Kitchen Island Need A Dedicated Circuit?

A dedicated circuit for a kitchen island is functional and needed if you want to operate many appliances on the island countertop. The National Electrical Code (NEC) circuit is required for small appliances.

Electric water heater, cooktop, oven, Microwave and washer, etc., appliances need a dedicated circuit for running if you are going to use any of these appliances on island counter space, then a dedicated circuit is required.

Generally, a kitchen island would require four receptacle outlets. There must be at least two dedicated circuits for island countertops. Otherwise, you can also add additional dedicated circuits based on your requirements.

A dedicated circuit makes work easy, and it provides electricity separately to all electronic appliances. You can install them on the side of your kitchen island. You’ll need at least one outlet for that island that is more significant than 12 inches by 24 inches and uninterrupted.


Kitchen island cabinets need electricity to run electronic gadgets. They need to provide electric power to a coffee maker if you’re using it on the island countertop. So adding outlets is a beneficial decision. Use at least two dedicated outlets for operating various appliances on its cabinet workspace.

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