Why Air Fryer Is Only 200 Degrees? (Solved)

As there are certain brands offering air fryers, you can find different temperature ranges of air fryers. You may get surprised by how each model is different as some have an extra maximum temperature. 

This guide described why an air fryer is only 200 degrees, as you can find units having higher temperature numbers than 200°.

The air fryer has a maximum temperature of 200 degrees Celsius (℃). That means it’s equivalent to a 392-degree Fahrenheit heat range. For example, (200°C × 9/5) + 32 = 392°F. Thus, the only difference is in calculation, but the unit is producing the same heat as other air fryers.

We’ve described important information regarding the air fryer 200 degrees limit that you should know to use it.

Why Air Fryer Is Only 200 Degrees? (Solved)

Why Does My Air Fryer Only Goes to 200 Degrees?

The first thing you should know when comparing your air fryer with other companies’ air fryers is that all companies have their approaches to developing their units. 

As there is written 200 degrees only, you should know if the written degree is in celsius or Fahrenheit.

No air fryer only goes to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, the degree you’re seeing is in Celsius and if we calculate 200 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit, the answer is 392°F

The temperature range of any air fryer is above 300℉ if you want to use the air fry function.

However, if the screen shows a high temperature but less is generated, must check the heating element. Otherwise, you must see which option you have selected on the panel.

For example, If you’re using a ninja air fryer, its dehydrate option only goes between 105℉ to 195℉ temperature range.

Before using any air fryer, you must consider reading its user manual, so you can know what temperature ability is and how you can set that much temperature with the unit.

Sometimes some air fryers have no Fahrenheit or celsius degree sign, here the user manual and product description become necessary to read to know about the temperature range.

Units without display mostly have 200 degrees celsius.

Do Air Fryers Go Above 200 Degrees?

Before answering this question we have to identify what is the degree form, which means first we have to consider whether some air fryers have a 200 range in ℉ or some have in ℃.

Whether the degree range is in ℉ or ℃, the Air fryer can go above 200 degrees. You can select the temperature according to the dish which you want to prepare. 

However, you should only set the temperature range above 200 degrees when the dish requires that much heat.

The thing you must consider before setting the temperature above 200 degrees is ℉ and ℃ with the number. 

For example, if the dish requires only a 200℉ range, be sure you don’t set the  200℃ temperature. Otherwise, the item might burn with extra heat.

The following are formulas that you must consider before setting the air fryer temperature above 200 degrees:

  • (200°C × 9/5) + 32 = 392°F         (It means 200°C = 392°F)
  • (200°F − 32) × 5/9 = 93.333°C       (It means°F 200 = 93.333°C) 

Is 200 Degrees Hot Enough for an Air Fryer?

400°F is hot enough for an air fryer. Even so, you must set the temperature range for air frying according to dish type. For example, almost all Air fryers allow the user to set the temperature between 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most digital air fryers provide you with an extra feature that makes it easier to set the temperature range between 105 degrees to 450 degrees. 

Users have to select the air fry option on the control panel to set the highest heat level. According to the air fryer, you may get knobs or buttons on your unit to set the temperature range.

All the functions you get on an air fryer are developed after testing and those generate heat according to the user’s declared range. 

Sometimes we have used an old unit where the temperature range was above 400 degrees, such as 450 degrees. And we think the new unit has less ability to produce heat as it only has a maximum 200-degree celsius range. 

So, don’t think this is not enough. Every company tests its unit before launch, so just use and test.

What is the Highest Temp for an Air Fryer?

400°F highest temperature for an air fryer. However, you can find more than 400°F temperature range on some air fryers. For example, some air fryer toaster ovens can set temperature from 200°F up to 450°F. 

But if you just want to air fry something, you just have to set the range only up to 400°F, not higher than that. If the air fryer toaster oven provides you with a 450°F range option, that is only for toast/ broil.

Users must know what temperature their recipe requires before setting any temperature range. If the 400°F is the highest range, that does not mean you always use this range for every item. 

Sometimes new air fryer users get confused when they find their unit only goes up to 200 degrees, not 400 degrees. But, the noticing thing, in this case, is whether the degree is written in celsius or Fahrenheit.

If the temperature is not going highest, you must see which option you have selected on the control panel. 

As not all air fryers are the same in design and working, users always have to read the manual given with the unit. Some Air fryers are digital and some look similar to compact toaster ovens.

How to Set Above 200 Degrees in an Air Fryer?

Not all air fryers are the same in design, working, and functions, so the steps we described below are for the most common units. If you just purchased the new unit, you must read the user manual given with it. 

You may get a touch panel, button panel, or knobs to set degrees on your unit.

Here’re steps to set above 200 degrees in an air fryer:

  1. Plug in the device, if it is already, so make sure the switch from the outlet is turned on.
  2. Press the power button and start the device.
  3. Remove the basket and put the item inside it.
  4. Fit the basket back inside the air fryer.
  5. Select the Air Fry option on the panel.
  6. Now press the temperature button, this will show you the default temp level which is already above 200 degrees, and select the range you want.
  7. Set time and once the time is set, the device will start running at above 200-degree temperature.