Toaster Oven Makes Clicking Noise? (Cause & Fix)

You may be surprised to hear popping, ticking, or clicking sounds from your kitchen appliances when you first hear these sounds. After knowing the actual working, you will know the causes of the toaster oven clicking noise.

Don’t think that this is a major fault in your device, in fact, it can occur not only in older units but also in newer ones. Let’s understand why it’s occurring!

A clicking sound can be heard from a toaster oven due to the control relays cycling the bake and broil elements on/off to maintain the internal temperature properly. However, this is only an indication of a fault, not a problem.

We’ve described all the information that helps you to understand why the clicking sound is coming from the toaster oven and how you can fix it.

Toaster Oven Makes Clicking Noise?

Why is a Toaster Oven Making a Clicking Noise?

If your toaster oven makes a clicking noise, it’s a sign of malfunction in internal parts. You may hear a click sound when heating up or preheating the oven. 

Technically, not a single fault in the electric oven can only generate click-and-click noise, there could be more than one fault in the device. 

This noise is not a usual sound that every oven makes, so you have to analyze the fault within the oven and should fix it at the right time.

As we described earlier, sometimes toaster ovens’ temperatures reach extremely high or low which doesn’t meet the valid temperature requirements. 

The sensor in devices runs relays cycling the broil and bake elements off and on to take temperature accurately to perfect levels. This process creates some clicking noise.

In another case, an electric toaster oven can also make a clicking noise when its heating elements get faulty. 

Overheating and long-term use are two main points that can affect the performance of heating elements and can break or malfunction high resistance wire that creates heat in the oven. 

If you have noticed, your toaster oven won’t heat up, then you should check the heating elements. If the heating elements are faulty, you can only replace them as they cannot be repaired.

Common Causes of a Clicking Noise Toaster Oven:

Toaster Oven Makes a Clicking Noise when Heating Up

Sometimes the clicking noise you hear from an electric oven is a normal sound but when it is loud, it is not normal. 

In case you just started the toaster oven and it starts preheating but causes a clicking noise, there will be a fault in the heating element. 

If the device is new, contacting customer support may solve the issue on your side. It will be beneficial to also check the fuse.

In another case, it is not a problem, your oven is just moving between cycles. 

As the toaster oven has two elements called bake and broil, you could hear normal clicking sounds when you set one to another cycle.

Heating Elements are Near Burned Out

Toaster ovens commonly have heating elements made of Quartz, Kanthal, Nichrome, and Ceramic materials. 

All these materials are high resistance that can handle high temperatures and current flow, but they can also break if they face extreme heat for a long time.

These elements can burn out when they have to work hard. Overheating can break or break elements. 

Be sure your device is not overheating and its temperature is working correctly.

Control panel Fault

Every toaster oven or electric oven has a circuit board known as a control board. This control panel provides commands to other parts of the device to run on the accurate input commands of the user.

Every electric part works after getting the input from the control panel. If the heating element is okay but still the oven produces a clicking noise, must check the control panel. Any hardware or software fault could cause noise when the control panel goes bad.

The Control panel can only be accessed by dismantling the device as it is fixed inside the body. In case you see black burned spots on the board, it indicates a spark had happened.

Relay is Broken, or Loose Connection

Generally, a relay controls the elements and burners in the oven. It changes cycles to change the temperature of the oven.  

If by chance, the toaster oven faces a loose connection or broken relay, it creates a clicking noise when the device heats up or runs ordinarily.

Temperature controller faults could affect the relay cycle changing and create unusually loud noises in a toaster oven. 

As there are a variety of reasons that can cause a toaster oven to make a clicking noise, their fixes or solutions are different as per fault type.

How to Fix a Clicking Toaster Oven?

A toaster oven is a famous appliance in American kitchens, but it feels bad when this dish-preparing tool has some noise because of faults.

Whether it is a loud humming noise or a clicking noise, it should be fixed at the right time to avoid other possible faults.

The first step you should take is to check which part of your toaster oven is faulty and needs repair or replacement.

As some parts of ovens only can be replaced as they cannot be repaired.  When you know the actual fault behind the click noise, you can say how much it cost you to get the oven repaired.

Replacing the faulty part can fix a clicking toaster oven. Just detect the faulty part and do the replacement of that part.

Final Thought

A faulty heating element, cycle change, or bad control panel could cause a clicking noise in a toaster oven. If the device only makes this sound during cycle change, it is normal to hear that noise. However, if you found any part faulty, replacement or repair of that part are left ways to fix the issue.