Toaster Oven Making Loud Humming Noise? (Cause & Fix)

Hearing loud humming noise from a toaster oven is not a typical sound. You may also not like this noise and want to fix it. As we know, most people don’t like these noises from devices while cooking their meals.

In fact, it can also make the working of the appliance worse, you should fix this to prevent other possible faults caused by it.

A toaster oven usually makes a loud humming noise when the conventional fan or its motor goes bad. However, this can also happen if some food grease or oil gets stuck in the fan blades or on the motor shaft. Keep an eye on this air circulation tool and make sure it is clean and tight.

Toaster Oven Making Loud Humming Noise?

Why Does My Oven Make a Humming Noise?

Humming noise is not any indication or an alert built-in toaster oven that tells something to the user, it’s a sign of some possible faults in the working of the device. The sound you heard depends on the model and type of oven as noises might be different in different models with similar faults.

First, you have to understand what type of toaster oven you have. For instance, some toaster ovens have conventional oven features built-in. And when the fan of built-in these ovens has some issues, they typically produce a humming sound. 

Conventional fans are built-in tools in the appliance for air circulation. This tool should be cleaned and must be prevented from dust and rust.

Kitchen workers and moms usually toast and prepare dishes in toaster ovens, and sometimes the oil of those dishes is stuck on the motor of the device. 

When oil residue gets stuck on the motor shaft and its fan blades, it creates some resistance and slows the rotational motion. This case sometimes produces loud or humming noises when the device runs. 

Moreover, not only residue of oil or dust can affect performance and make a sound, but motor malfunction can also tend to produce unusual noises. 

You should check the overall condition and be sure you often clean the pans, racks, and dust inside and outside of the device. You may not listen to humming noises in a regular toaster oven as it doesn’t have conventional oven features.

However, if you regularly or often clean your toaster oven after some use, it prevents humming or any type of unusual noises from being produced by the device.

In simple terms, you must take time to care about the appliance to stable the high performance of elements.

Common Cause of a Humming Noise Oven?

Oil or Residue on Cooling Fan:

It is common to have oily dishes to prepare in a toaster oven. However, we cannot say that it left some oil or residue on the cooling fan whenever we cook something oily on the toaster oven rack. 

But we must check the shaft of the cooling fan motor to check if there is something stuck. Most ovens have fans to cool down the parts after use to keep the device working well. 

If you see some grease, oil, or dusty black liquid outside the motor, or on the fan, you must clean it. A Neat and clean motor and its fan do make a sound when operating or running but do not produce a loud humming noise. That is the reason you keep the parts clean and oil-free.

Dust gets Stuck On Fan Blades:

Some individuals don’t pay much attention to cleaning away ordinary dust from their regular-use appliances. 

As we know, we cannot see some tiny dust particles in the kitchen surroundings. And when we don’t pay much attention to cleaning the oven or any appliance that we carry, those invisible dust particles get stuck on parts of appliances. 

Like this when dust gets stuck on fan blades, toaster ovens generate a humming sound during conventional fan rotation. 

If the blades of the fan have some dust and the fan is on, that dust creates unusual noise in high rotation mode.

Faulty Motor:

Electric conventional toaster ovens have a motor built-in for cooling fans as other ovens do. This motor is used to operate and run a small fan after preparing the food to cool the device. 

If by chance, the motor goes bad or is not working well, I produce some humming and stocking noises. When will you click the cooling feature? Low resistance and low voltage can make the motor faulty. 

You will find a small motor in this type of oven as this is only used for a fan. Fault, dust, or oil residue can increase the weight of blades. 

Increased weight creates overload and a burden on the motor which creates pressure on the motor. The size and specification of the motor describe how much load it can handle.

Something Thing is not Tighten Well:

Be sure every part of the device is tightened before running it. If it has some rotating parts, keep an eye on the fitting of every part. 

Loosen locks of parts or loosen screws create noise when something rotates and vibrates. However, this is a rare case we found in toaster oven repair cases.

How To Fix a Humming Noise In Toaster Oven?

Firstly, be sure the toaster oven is unplugged or it is turned off. Don’t dismantle or repair an electrically powered appliance without unplugging its cord from the outlet. You can only fix the issue when you know why the toaster oven is making a loud humming noise.

Toaster ovens always produce little humming noise after preparing the food to cool the parts. If the noise is loud, you should detect the actual cause behind the loud humming noise.

If the motor is working slower, check if there is grease or oil residue stuck on the motor shaft. Keep the motor shaft clean. If the motor goes bad, you have to replace it.

In case you see fan blades are dusty, take a cloth or paper and clean them. Run the device after cleaning the fan and check if the noise decreases or not. If you have no confidence or electrician skills to check the cause or fix it yourself, reach the nearest licensed electrician to solve the issue.

When a Toaster Oven Is Plugged in it Making a Humming?

It is easy to understand the fact that when something gets in motion it generates some sound and shows movement. You will not hear any humming or other noise from the device when power is not on and the device is unplugged.

When you plugged the toaster oven, it gives power to the system to run. When the fan and its motor built-in oven run, they generate loud sounds when something is not on the point. 

This means you must check the possible faults in the motor and fan whenever you hear a loud humming noise. 


Running a conventional or cooling fan is the reason your toaster oven makes a humming noise. Blades connected to the motor should be cleaned to prevent extra load on the motor. In case the motor gets faulty, you might also hear humming noises when the device is running.