Toaster Oven Makes Lights Flicker? (Cause & Fix)

It baffles us when we don’t know the real reason for dimming or flashing lights. If you just turn on the device and think the toaster oven makes lights flicker, this guide is for you and provides you with proven fixes.

This lighting issue commonly occurs when we run heat-producing and large appliances since they require high voltage for running. Although, solving it is simple, try to fix it as soon as possible so nothing can go bad. 

If your toaster oven makes lights flicker, this is due to a voltage drop in the wiring, known as brownout. This appliance works on 1000 – 1300 wattage. Bulbs usually blink when there is less voltage than required. However, this issue can be resolved by a dedicated outlet for the device or an increase in voltage supply.

Let’s understand common causes and their fixes of flickering lights when the toaster oven is on.

Toaster Oven Makes Lights Flicker?

Common Causes Lights Flicker When Toaster Oven Turns On:

Low Voltage Power Supply: 

As a heat-generating appliance, a toaster oven uses high voltage when we use functions like bake, toast, and keep-warm functions. 

In case the room wiring is distributing high voltage electric power to outlets, it makes lights flicker when we run a high voltage using electronics. 

In simple words, suppose we have 1000 voltage power in kitchen wiring, and as we run the toaster oven, which uses 1000 1300 wattage, lights will flick because doing this causes a voltage drop.

No Dedicated Outlet: 

If the wiring of lights is collecting electrical power for lights and you plugged the toaster oven into the same outlet, power will be distributed to both devices. 

You will need to have a dedicated outlet for the toaster oven if it causes a drop in the voltage of power distribution for other devices. 

Be sure you have a newer dedicated outlet connected to the main wiring of the house, not connected to an older outlet. 

Do not run the device for a long time if the lights are flickering because it can blow the lights and may cause faults in the wiring.

Fault in Heating Element: 

Assuming that the wiring is okay and no need to have a dedicated outlet, you should check how much voltage your toaster oven is using. 

Several people reported that faulty or broken heating elements of their devices use more voltage than the company described. 

A fault in the toaster oven can increase your electric bill because it leads the device to use more power. As a result, faults cause voltage drops in wiring.

Unplanned Distribution of Electric Energy: 

Most houses have custom electrical wiring to distribute electrical power to all appliances. 

When a house has unplanned electrical wiring for all rooms, it may lead to a voltage drop when the user uses high voltage or more than one appliance in a single room. 

If the same case is with you, contacting the nearest electrician might solve the issue. 

Wires come in different specifications such as thin and thick wires for different levels of supply. 

If the room where you’re using the appliance has low voltage supply wiring, the light will flicker when you run the electric toaster oven. 

The Outlet may have Broken Wire: 

If any wire has been cut and has a broken part, it lowers the current supply to the next outlet. 

When you run the high-wattage device, broken wire causes a drop in power and its voltage numbers. And as a result, lights flicker. 

This is a rare case we have reported from our users, trying to focus on the first and second described causes.

How to FIx IF Toaster Oven Makes Kitchen Lights Flicker?

It requires an electrician to fix flicker lights when you run any high-wattage using an appliance. 

If you cannot DIY, then hire a licensed electrician who can resolve the electrical issue of your house. but you should know how to fix it when the toaster oven makes kitchen lights flicker. Let’s see how the process works! 

Temporary fix for light flickers: It is typical we all have many electrical appliances in kitchens. But if this issue is happening in your space. It is best to only use or operate one item at a time when there are other items on the circuit.

Permanent fix for light flickers: Having a dedicated electrical circuit for the toaster oven and other high-power draw electronics can prevent light flicker. 

Most circuits are responsible for voltage drop in the house when the circuit system fails to supply the required high power supply in a room. 

A dedicated circuit allows power to run for a single appliance to maintain and control the load on the overall circuit.

Breville Toaster Oven Flickering Lights:

Whether it is made by Breville or another company, it does not feel good to see Lights Flicker When the Toaster Oven is On. technically, the Breville toaster oven draws a lot of power but the problem is not with your oven. 

The power circuits have dropped in voltage and fail to provide the required amount of power to both devices. 

So you have to check the circuits and wires fitting of your kitchen to know why there is an electric drop when you run both things at the same time. 

Keep the circuit dedicated to a toaster oven, so that you don’t face any difficulty when you use the device.

Faulty electrical panels can also flicker the lights when there is excessive electricity demand, malfunction, or error in monitoring systems. 

However, our electronic experts recommend having a dedicated circuit that can handle the minimum 15 amps load.

In electrician education, this situation is called brownout when the circuit of your kitchen has some power drops during the use of some electrical devices at the same time. 

Sometimes a building’s electrical wiring can only fully fill the power needs of a single high-power drawing appliance which does not provide power to other appliances. The Breville toaster oven can flicker lights if the circuit has power drops.

In another case, there might be some poor connection that is not passing full current to the power panel. 

If any wire connection is super hot, it might be a poor connection. Moreover, you have to locate and repair a poor connection. 

If you don’t have electrician skills and don’t have the confidence to do it yourself, contact an electrician for help. A licensed electrician can troubleshoot and resolve the problem for you.

To Summarize

You have to pay attention to voltage distribution in your rooms or house electrical wiring. Be sure when you run the device, the voltage does not drop and wiring provides the needed amount of electrical power to all the devices you have in your house.