How to Use Tide Pods in Samsung Washer

When it comes to using tide pods in a Samsung washing machine, the user needs to take care of some essential points. Clean, and fresh clothes are a choice for almost everyone, but it is important to take care of garments and washers. It means we can’t use every detergent in the Samsung washer as the company officially mentioned that using the wrong cleaning solution can damage the device. 

How to Use Tide Pods in Samsung Washer

In this post, we’ll define the right type of tide pods to use, the right method to use tide pods in a Samsung washer, and important things that you should do before using this detergent.

What are Tide Pods, and Is it Okay to Use in Samsung Washers?

Tide pods are a cloth cleaning detergent that comes in round packs, and contains Stain Remover, Color Protector, and HE Detergent. It gains popularity after 2017. But, when it comes to using them in a Samsung washer, Consider that Tide pods must contain HE (High Efficiency) Detergent. Using a non-HE detergent and natural detergent is not recommended.

How to Use Tide Pods in Samsung Washer:

Next, I’m going to describe to you the right way to use tide pods in your Samsung washer, so you can avoid common mistakes that beginners typically make. As we know this detergent is in pod form, so we have to care about fewer things that are described below.

Step 1: Get the Right Type of Tide Pods to Use.

You must consider that we can’t use every detergent in Samsung washing machines. If the detergent pod contains natural, regular, organic, and natural HE detergent, don’t use that pod. 

Actually, tide pods come in different variants and each contains different types of ingredients. However, all types of pods look similar, but the important thing is to know the ingredients and specifications of the item. In simple words, Make sure the tide pod you want to use has HE (High Efficiency) Detergent. 

Using the wrong cleaning solution can damage the washing machine. You can get tide pods online and at the nearest store. Consider reading the details given on the packaging. If there is written that they are compatible with washers, don’t directly use them in your samsung washer. Must see if they contain HE detergent or not.

Step 2: Select the Right Dose According to the Load Size.

Once you’ve bought the right type of tide pods, the next is to choose the right dose(quantity). Typically, you can find multiple pods in a pack, but in actuality, we need a specific amount of detergent to wash out a load. 

First, know which load size you’re going to wash in the washing machine, and then choose the dose. For example, use 1 tide pod pac for regular loads, 2pac’s for large loads, and 3 pacs for extra large loads. 

Don’t use extra pods as they can produce excessive form and residue, which would result in drain issues in the unit. That’s why using the right amount of detergent is necessary to maintain the working of the washer. 

The more pods you put out, the more form will be produced. Some people think, if they use more pods, they can wash their clothes fastly and more effectively, but in reality, the results come out the contrary. Use that much is required.

Step 3: Place Required Pacs Directly into the Washer Drum.

As we know this detergent is in pod form, we cannot put it in a fabric detergent or softener drawer. It is recommended to place the tide pods pacs directly into the washing machine drum. Don’t add clothes before adding the pacs to the drum. This is a simple task. 

To get better results, Just make sure the drum is clean and has clean water whenever you do laundry with tide pods. 

Practically, tide pods release the detergent slowly during the cycle and produce detergent form in the same manner. Don’t add extra pods after adding clothes to the drum.

Step 4: Add clothes to the drum and run the Cycle.

Now, add the selected load to the drum. Make sure you add the load according to the packet dose placed in the washing drum. In this case now your mind has changed and you want to wash more clothes, then add more pacs according to load size. 

Using the right dose is important to properly clean the load, otherwise, stains will remain on clothes with fewer pacs use. Once clothes are added, select the cycle and set the water temperature. 

The best thing is that you can use the tide pods in normal, cold, and hot water. However, using detergent in hot water washes the load faster than washing them in cold water.

Step 5: Store the Detergent Package After Use.

Once you have used the detergent, you should close the tide pods package and store it for further use. This is an important step that everyone should follow whether they are using tide pods or other detergents. 

Some tide pods come in polythene packing and some variants come in round plastic containers.


Can I use tide pods in my Samsung front-load washer?

Practically, using tide pods in any samsung washer is fine, whether the model is a front load or top load. The thing that matters is using HE detergent containing tide pods. Do not tidy tops if it contains regular, organic, natural, or HE detergents containing natural ingredients, such as vinegar or baking soda because using these detergents can cause damage to the unit.

Whether it’s a front loader or a top loader samsung washer, always use detergent dose according to load size. Only consider analyzing the load size, not the washer type when it comes to using pacs.

Its packaging contains specifications about ingredients and usage, so if you still have any doubts ask us and read the details given on the packaging.

Where to Put Tide Pods in Samsung Washers?

Samsung washers typically come with a fabric softener dispenser to add a softener solution there. But, you can’t put tide pods there, you should only put them into the Samsung washing machine drum before adding clothes.

This is quite simple to do. Just get some pacs from the package and put the right pac dose according to load size in the drum. It will dissolve in the water automatically at a slow speed.